b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSPLIERS & SNIPS HAND TOOLSEND CUTTING PLIERS INSULATED PLIERSChannellock 35250 ConcreteStanley 0-89-875 Fatmax EndHilka VDE Side Cutter Pliers 6 Stanley 0-84-009 VDE Nipper 10 Cut Pliers Narrow PliersPLIERS & SNIPSLaser heat-treated cutting edges last longer Bi-material handle with secureBi-material handle with secureKnife and anvil style cutting edgegrip grooving. Heat treated highgrip grooving. Heat treated highto ensure perfect mating andchrome steel forging for long life andVDE/GS approved. Chrome vanadiumchrome steel forging for long life superior cutting edge life durability. steel. Soft grip handle. Certified toand durability. Safe live line workingHigh-carbon C1080 steel forEN60900, insulated to 1000v AC. to 1,000v.Code Size Unitsuperior performance on the jobSTA089875 160mm Each Code Unit Code Size Unitand electronic coating for ultimate rust prevention HIL26950006 Each STA084009 160mm EachCode Unit INSULATED PLIERSHilka VDE Wire Stripper PliersStanley 0-84-016 VDE End CHACHL35-250 Each Dickie Dyer (757199) VDE6 CuttersSide Cutters 150mm / 6 - Channellock CHL357 End18.073Cutters 7Bi-material handle with secure VDE/GS approved. Chrome vanadiumgrip grooving. Heat treated high Drop-forged chrome vanadiumsteel. Soft grip handle. Certified tochrome steel forging for long lifeLaser heat-treated cutting edgessteel. Expert VDE, for live workingEN60900, insulated to 1000v AC. and durability. Safe live line workinglast longer up to 1000V AC. Double hardenedto 1,000v. Knife and anvil style cutting edgejaws. Soft grip ergonomic handles.Code UnitCertified to DIN EN 60900 (VDECode Size Unitto ensure perfect mating andHIL26980006 Eachsuperior cutting edge life 0682-201):2013-04; EN 60900:2012. STA084016 160mm Each High-carbon C1080 steel forCode Unit Silverline VDE Expert Sidesuperior performance on the jobSIL757199 Each Cutting Pliers Stanley VDE Combi Pliersand electronic coating for ultimate rust preventionHilka VDE Long Nose Pliers 8Code UnitCHACHL357 EachSilverline 763572 Expert End Cutting Pliers 150mmBi-material handle with secure grip grooving. Heat treated high High-quality drop-forged chromechrome steel forging for long life vanadium. 2-tone soft-grip handlesand durability. Safe live line working with slip guards. Individually testedto 1,000v.to 10,000V. Conforms to DINCode Length UnitVDE/GS approved. Chrome vanadiumEN60900 (VDE4000 9659). STA084001 160mm EachHeavy duty chrome vanadiumsteel. Soft grip handle. Certified toCode Size Unit STA084002 200mm Eachsteel. Hardened and tempered withEN60900, insulated to 1000v AC.induction-hardened cutting edges.SIL675148 160mm EachSoft-grip handles with slip guards. Code Unit Stanley VDE Diagonal PliersCode Unit HIL26960008 Each Stanley 0-84-008 VDE Bent SIL763572 Each Nose PliersSilverline 783107 VDE Expert Silverline PL14 End CuttingWaterpump Pliers 240mmPliers 150mmBi-material handle with secure High-quality drop-forged chromeBi-material handle with securegrip grooving. Heat treated high Hardened and tempered steel jawsvanadium. Soft-grip 2-tone handlesgrip grooving. Heat treated highchrome steel forging for long life with induction-hardened cuttingwith slip guards. Individually testedchrome steel forging for long lifeand durability. Safe live line working edges. Moulded plastic handles withto 10,000V. Conforms to DINand durability. Safe live line workingto 1,000v.slip guards. EN60900 (VDE4000 9659). to 1,000v. Code Length UnitCode Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit STA084003 160mm EachSILPL14 Each SIL783107 Each STA084008 160mm Each STA084004 180mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 263'