b'HAND TOOLSWRENCHESHAND TOOLSWRENCHESDickie Dyer (288533) HeavyDickie Dyer (565166) OffsetDickie Dyer SlantingHilka 19153507 Curved Jaw Duty Basin Wrench 1/2 &Pipe Wrench 450mm / 18 Aluminium Pipe Wrench Locking Wrench 73/4 - 11.027WRENCHESHigh-grade aluminium alloy for Heavy duty cast iron spanner.Heavy duty drop-forged steel withmaximum weight advantage whilst Durable, torsion-resistantknurled thumbwheel adjustment.maintaining tensile strength of construction. Double-ended boneCorrosion-resistant, rippled powderconventional cast iron or steel format reaches nuts in tight places.coating. Hardened, ground andhandles. Knurled thumbwheel Corrosion-resistant powder coating.polished jaws. For use on pipeworkadjustment. Corrosion-resistant,Professional quality chrome Fits 1/2 and 3/4 tap back nuts. and fittings in awkward positions. rippled powder coating. Firm, fastvanadium steel. In phosphate finish self-clamping secures hold on thewith 2 component soft grip handles. Code Unit Code Unit smoothest pipework. For parallelWith blister packaging.SIL288533 Each SIL565166 Each pipes near corner or closely lined. Code Size UnitCode Size Unit HIL19153507 7 (180mm) EachDickie Dyer (450733)Dickie Dyer (568812) StillsonSIL913513 250mm / 10 EachTelescopic Basin Wrench 280Wrench 250mm / 10 - 18.080 SIL726708 355mm / 14 Each HIL19153510 Each- 455mm / 11 - 17.5SIL636793 450mm / 18 Each Hilka 20808011 Adjustable Basin Wrench 11Dickie Dyer Slanting Pipe WrenchChrome vanadium steel withHeavy duty drop-forged steel with matte chrome finish for use on tapknurled thumbwheel adjustment. backnuts. Spring-action jaws forHardened jaws and teeth. Corrosion-secure grip. Extendable telescopicresistant rippled powder coating. handle for hard-to-reach places.Firm, fast self-clamping secures hold Head size 9 - 32mm. Heavy duty drop-forged steel with on the smoothest pipework. For useknurled thumbwheel adjustment.Easy to reach bath and basin tap Code Unit on pipework & fittings. Corrosion-resistant, rippled powdernuts. Fits 1/2 and 3/4 nuts.SIL450733 Each Code Unit coating. Firm, fast self-clampingCode Size Unitsecures hold on the smoothest Dickie Dyer Aluminium PipeSIL568812 Each pipework. For parallel pipes nearHIL20808011 11 (280mm) EachWrench corner or closely lined.Dickie Dyer (949049)Hilka 4 Way Wheel Wrench 15Telescopic Basin Wrench 280- Code Size Unit455mm / 11-17.5 - 18.040 SIL300886 250mm / 10 EachSIL488360 450mm / 18 EachSIL645591 355mm / 14 EachHigh-grade aluminium alloy for maximum weight advantage whilstFootprint 1987Z Pipe Wrench maintaining tensile strength of9 (698W)conventional cast iron or steel handles. Knurled thumbwheel adjustment. Corrosion-resistant rippled powder coating. Firm andCarbon steel wrench with matte fast self-clamping secures hold onchrome finish for use on tap the smoothest pipework. For use onbacknuts. Spring-action jaws forCarbon steel, drop forged and fully pipework and fittings. secure grip. Extendable telescopicheat treated. Fully polished sockets handle for hard-to-reach places.that are suitable for most vehicles. Code Size Unit Head size 32-64mm. Socket sizes: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, All steel construction the Original23mm.SIL747435 250mm / 10 Each Code Unit Footprint wrench grips the SIL971721 355mm / 14 Each workpiece tighter as more pressureCode UnitSIL949049 Each is exerted. 1987Z 225x64mm Jaw. HIL11100440 EachSIL909397 450mm / 18 EachSIL472781 610mm / 24 Each Dickie Dyer Heavy Duty PipeCode UnitWrench MON1987Z Each Hilka Dual Function Pipe & Dickie Dyer (540523) StrapAdjustable WrenchWrench 300mm / 12 Hilka 19150210 Locking Wrenches 10Heavy duty drop-forged steel with Durable aluminium constructionknurled thumbwheel adjustment. with nylon strap. Corrosion-resistant,Corrosion-resistant, rippled powder rippled powder coating. Firm,coating. Firm, fast self-clamping fast self-clamping secures holdsecures hold on the smoothestHigh quality carbon steel. Phosphate without causing damage. For use onpipework. For use on pipework andfinish and laser marked graduations.pipework, fittings and automotivefittings. Heavy duty steel with drop forged applications such as oil filterhardened and tempered jaws. SlidingCode Unitchanges. Code Size Unit blister packed. HIL18152160 1 (25mm) EachCode Unit SIL466707 355mm / 14 Each Code Size Unit HIL18158201 1.5 (38mm) EachSIL540523 Each SIL560943 610mm / 24 Each HIL19150210 10 (250mm) Each HIL18158254 2 (52mm) Each368 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'