b'HAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESSAWS & BLADES HAND TOOLSHACKSAW BLADES HACKSAWSEclipse 71-424R 12 HacksawHilka 43909002 HacksawSilverline 456789 CarbonDisston Heavy Duty Hacksaw Blade Blade Pack 2 Steel Hacksaw Blade 300mm12 22524 tpi Pack-24SAWS & BLADESA virtually unbreakable bimetal blade for superb cutting performance, wear resistance and safety. Pack Of 2 12 x 24 TPI. Flexible carbon steel hacksaw bladesCode Size UnitCode Unit for cutting mild steel or soft non- DISD225 12 (300mm) Each12 (300mm) Blades in 2 colourferrous metals. Suitable for 300mm NEI71-424R Each design display carded. frame.Monument 1921D Hacksaw 12Eclipse Low Alloy HacksawCode Unit Code UnitBlade HIL43909002 Each SIL456789 EachIrwin 10504530 JuniorSilverline 456985 Cobalt Hacksaw Blades WoodHacksaw BladesA virtually unbreakable blade6x14tpi Pack-10suitable for DIY use. ManufacturedDie-Cast aluminium handle and square from low alloy silicon steel this bladesection tubular steel frame combine is ideal for general purpose sawingto give a lightweight tool with great of mild steel, brass, aluminium,tensile strength. Adjusts to give 45 copper and other soft metals degree angle for flush cutting. Supplied High speed steel M42 5% cobalt.with 1 x 12/300mm blade 24TPI.Code Size Unit Long-lasting and hard wearing. Will NEIAM45W 18tpi Each cut any metals including alloys, steelsCode UnitNEIAM46B 24tpi Each and stainless steels. 18 tpi Pack-2. MON1921D EachImproved cutting performanceCode Size UnitEclipse Plus 30 All Hard HSSwith the use of IRWIN high-qualitySIL456985 24tpi Each Hacksaw 300mmHacksaw Blades hacksaw blades. Wood 6x14tpi.Code Unit Silverline Bi-Metal Hacksaw BladesNEW10504530 Pk 10A rigid, all hard ground blade, forIrwin Bi-Metal Hacksaw highly accurate cutting and long life. Blades 30% more cutting power Square section carbon steel frameSharper first cut with wing-nut blade tensioner. Size 425 x 143 x 21mm. Hi-vis polypropyleneLonger life 300mm bi-metal flexible hacksawhandle. Compatible with 300mm blade.Code Size Unit blades. Precision ground high-speedCode Unitsteel teeth.NEIAE3045B 18tpi Each SIL196854 EachNEIAE3046X 24tpi Each Code Size UnitNEIAE3047K 32tpi Each SIL793740 300mm x 18tpi Pk 2 Hilka 43800012 Hacksaw Improved cutting performanceSILSW38 300mm x 24tpi Pk 2 Plastic Handle 12Eclipse Plus 30 Bi-Metalwith the use of IRWIN high-quality Hacksaw Blades 300mm hacksaw blades. Silverline SW37 Junior Hacksaw Blades 150mm Pack-10Code Size UnitNEW10504520 12 x 18tpi EachNEW10504521 12 x 24tpi EachA virtually unbreakable bimetalNEW10504522 12 x 32tpi Each Ergonomically designed hacksaw frame blade for superb cuttingwith 24 teeth per inch blade. Tensioned performance, wear resistance andfor straight, accurate cuts. Hardened safety. Blades 12 x 1/2 x 0.025. Monument 1120U Juniorand tempered steel construction with Hacksaw Blade 6 Strong, flexible long life carbon steelhigh quality ABS handle.Code Size Unit junior hacksaw blades. Code Size UnitNEIAA3045E 18tpi Each Code Unit HIL43800012 12 (300mm) EachNEIAA3046V 24tpi EachNEIAA3047R 32tpi Each SILSW37 Pk 10 Hilka 43900010 Heavy Duty Stanley 0-15-801 FlexibleHacksaw 12Hilka 43908006 JuniorHacksaw Blades Pack 5Hacksaw Blades 6pcDisplay pack of Monument spare blades to fit junior hacksaws. Blade length: 150mmBlade width: 6mm General purpose 300mm carbon12 ( 300mm) with easy adjustmentsBlade thickness: 0.38mmSix flexible blades 6 (150mm). Suitablesteel blade for changing blades and tensionTPI: 32for metal, plastic and woodwork. Fits all Ideal for mild steel, brass,and with 90 degree and 45 degreeHilka junior hacksaw frames. Pack size: 10 blades aluminium and copper angles.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitHIL43908006 Each MON1120U Each STA015801 Pk 5 HIL43900010 12 (300mm) EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 291'