b'HAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESCLAMPS & VICES HAND TOOLSJAWS SASH CLAMPSSilverline 273221 Soft ViceHilka Quick Release Bar Clamp Irwin Extension Bar Silverline 675203 Cramp Jaws 100mm Head Set 40mmCLAMPS & VICESHeavy duty clamps with a bar section of 32mm x 6mm (11/4 x Heavy duty clamps with ratchet1/4). Malleable iron cramp heads that adjustments. Can be used as aCode Size Unit allow a bar cramp of almost any Use with 100mm engineers vice.spreader also. With display sleeve. length to be made, utilising 25mm Soft rubber grips for protecting softNEWTL1354 36 (900mm) Each battens.materials. Magnetic base for easyCode Size Unit NEWTL1366 48 (1219mm) Each Code Unitpositioning on vice. HIL64020706 6 (150mm) EachSIL675203 EachCode Unit HIL64020712 12 (300mm) Each Silverline T-Bar Sash CrampSIL273221 Each HIL64020718 18 (457mm) Each Silverline Aluminium Sash HIL64020724 24 (600mm) Each ClampTriton (327323) SuperJawsHIL64020736 36 (900mm) EachPortable Clamping System SJA100E Silverline 589683 Band Clamp 4mMade from T-section bar withMade from U section, extruded painted finish. Cast iron heads andaluminium with cast head and foot. feet. For exerting high pressure. Spring-loaded rapid adjustment Code Size Unit mechanism sets foot to correct SIL738743 600mm Each position on bar. Deep-cut Acme thread enables final tightening and SIL452646 900mm Each application of clamping pressure.SIL613111 1200mm Each Code Size UnitAdjustable band clamp, idealSIL576241 1500mm Eachfor clamping irregular-shapedSILVC62 24 (600mm) Eachworkpieces without marring. 4m xSILVC63 36 (900mm) Each25mm. Length 300mm. Silverline Expert Sash CrampSILVC64 48 (1200mm) EachCode Unit SILVC65 60 (1500mm) EachRobust, powder-coated, all-steelSIL589683 Eachconstruction for long-lasting serviceSWIVEL BASE VICElife. Powerful 1000kg clamping forceIrwin Sash Clampfor controlled clamping pressure.Silverline Engineers Vice Clamping range 0-955mm / 0-37Bright drawn serrated steel barSwivel Base1/2. Foot-operated clamping allowswith strong, cast-iron cramp heads. hands-free operation. Extra-wideQuickly adjusts to size.tripod base maximises stability for large workpieces. Code Size UnitHeavy duty clamps with a bar section Code Unit of 32mm x 6mm (11/4 x 1/4). SIL633632 600mm EachSIL327323 Each Code Size Unit SIL633633 900mm EachNEWT1352 24 (600mm) Each SIL675132 1200mm EachTriton (799226) SuperJawsSIL282463 1500mm EachXXL Portable ClampingNEWT1353 30 (750mm) Each Swivel base. Iron casting resists System SJA100XL NEWT1354 36 (900mm) Each SIL868627 1800mm Each distortion under high pressure.NEWT1355 42 (1066mm) Each Code Size UnitSilverline 675056 GuideSIL580468 4 (100mm) EachNEWT1356 48 (1219mm) Each Clamp 1270mmNEWT1359 66 (1676mm) Each SIL656618 6 (150mm) EachIrwin T-Bar Clamp TABLE VICEIrwin V75B Box Table Vice 3 These clamps resist twisting and distortion under clamping Robust, powder-coated, all-steelpressures which can be as high as construction for long-lasting service1.9 tons Dual-purpose clamp and rail. Clamp life. Powerful 1000kg clamping forceBoth the head and slide areacross boards for firm straight edge for controlled clamping pressure.guaranteed unbreakable to guide jigsaw, router or circular Clamping range 0-1000mm / 0-39.Code Size Unit saw. Can also be used to provide Foot-operated clamping allowslight pressure whilst gluing multi-hands-free operation. Extra-wideNEWT1365 42 (1066mm) Each panel boards. Clamps can be boltedHome workshop table vise. This is an tripod base maximises stability forNEWT1366 48 (1219mm) Each back to back to secure to workbenchideal portable vise for the amateur large workpieces. NEWT1367 54 (1371mm) Each for hands-free use. 600mm. and model maker.Code Unit NEWT1369 66 (1676mm) Each Code Size Unit Code Size UnitSIL799226 Each NEWT13611 78 (1981mm) Each SIL675056 1270mm Each NEWTV75B 75mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 231'