b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE HAND TOOLSBIKE ACCESSORIES BODYWORKSilverline 581054 BicycleSilverline (382239) TrimSilverline (554603)Silverline 380102 Wing Multi Tool 13-Function Removal Set 11pce Windscreen Removal Kit 7pce Protector 875 x 562mmAUTOMOTIVEIncludes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex key set, 8, 10 and 15mm wrenches, 8,Reinforced composite handles with 9, 10mm sockets and socket drivers,heat-treated, chromed steel shafts 1 x 6mm slotted and 1 x 5mm Phillipsfor corrosion resistance. Removes aWipe-clean mat protects vehicle screwdrivers. Fabric carry. variety of bonded and rubber-sealedbodywork whilst in workshop Code Unit vehicle windscreens. Tool handleenvironment. PVC wipe-clean outer SIL581054 Each Strong POM construction forfeatures hanging eye for storage.surface and soft inner lining. Integral removal of upholstery, clips, trims,Compact 7pce kit stores away easily.magnetic strips secure the mat in mouldings and wheel hubs. SturdyIncludes wire feeder tool, cutting wire,position.Silverline 858804 One Touchdesign for maximum leverage.trim pad remover, screen moulding Ping Bicycle Bell 80 x 100mm Prevents scratches or damage toremoval tool, bonded screen removalCode Unitpanels. Supplied in a handy storagetool, 2 x wire handles and tool tray. SIL380102 Eachwallet. Includes wide wedge andCode Unithook, split-end cranked puller,Silverline 380625 Slide double-ended split lever, narrowSIL554603 Each Hammer Set 330mm 5pccranked blade, upholstery clip remover, angled clip panel remover,Silverline (837325) Suction flat clip panel remover, saw-toothPad Aluminium 100kg Tripleclip panel remover, knife-end panel Quick and easy lever-action withremover and spatula leaf-end panel loud ping. Easily attaches toremover.handlebars. Code UnitCode Unit SIL382239 EachSIL858804 EachSilverline (499236) Wiper Silverline 893867 Metal TyreArm & Battery Terminal Puller Lever Set 110mm 3pc 28mm Capacity Aluminium suction pads withVersatile, dual function slide hammer pulls out dents from vehicle suction release levers for carryingbodywork, equally good at removing heavy, awkward items such as glass,difficult to shift bearings from shafts doors, windows and sheet material.and hubs. Heavy duty, 1.3kg hammer Effective on most smooth surfaces. mounted on robust 330mm zinc Code Unit plated steel shaft.SIL837325 Each Code UnitStrong, durable metal set ideal forSIL380625 Eachtoolbox and workshop. Chisel tip forSilverline 427574 Single easy insertion beneath the bead. Ergonomic shape for easy handling.Suction Pad 115mm Silverline 398777 Body Filler 3 levers for smooth tyre change.Heavy duty, hardened steelApplication Set 4pcRound bar for extra strength. construction with locking feature Code Unit allowing the tool to be fastened securely to the wiper arm. SIL893867 Each Combination of swivel-mounted thrust bearing and tommy bar on Silverline 912132 5-LED Cyclethrust bolt allows even the most Lights stubborn wiper arms to be lifted off their shafts. Also suitable for batteryAluminium alloy suction cap forSpring steel blades with composite terminal and alternator bearingcarrying heavy, awkward items suchgrips.For applying body filler. Blade removal. Maximum opening: 28mm. as glass, doors,windows and sheetsizes 50, 80, 100 and 120mm.Code Unit metal. Pad size 115mm. Capacity 50kg. Code UnitSIL499236 Each Code Size Unit SIL398777 EachSilverline 196604 Car DoorSIL427574 50kg EachUpholstery Remover 240mm Silverline 427734 Stainless Front light: 5 ultra-bright LEDsSilverline 282610 Seal PullerSteel Body Application Set 4pcthat shine through a special lens,320mmlighting ahead and providing 360 degree visibilty to the side. On and flashing functions. Requires 4 x AAA batteries. Rear light: 5 ultra-bright LEDs with wide angle reflector for high visibility. On and 6 flashingEnables easy removal of car door functions. Special clip can alsopanel upholstery. Removes panel be attached to clothing. Requiresclips without damaging surroundUniversal seal puller for use onIdeal for applying car body filler. 2 x AAA batteries. Supplied withareas. Drop-forged and hardenedrubber O rings, oil and grease sealsStainless steel blades. Sizes 50, 80, adjustable mounting brackets. Pack-2. steel blade and shaft. and gaskets. 100 and 120mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL912132 Each SIL196604 Each SIL282610 Each SIL427734 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 207'