b'HAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESHAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESCOPING SAWS FLOORBOARD SAWS FRET SAWSEclipse 70-CP1R Coping Saw Stanley 0-15-061 Coping SawJack 3049 Veneer FloorboardEclipse Fret Saw BladesBlades Pack 4 SawSAWS & BLADESCoping saw for cutting and shapingCode Unitin wood. Blades can be positioned at Hardened tempered blade for longany angle to the frame. life NEW10503533 EachCode UnitSteel back prevents bending for strong, true, straight cuts Hilka 45700009 FloorboardA selection of small saw blades to NEI70-CP1R EachNew soft grip handle for comfortSaw 12 suit most applications. and supportEclipse 71-CP7R CopingCode Size UnitBlades Pack 10 Code Unit NEIFS22 5 x 22tpi Pk 10STA015061 Card NEIFS32 5 x 32tpi Pk 10Stanley 0-15-106 Coping Saw Silverline (453456) Fretsaw 300mmTwo component soft grip handle. Hardpoint twin cut.Code Size UnitA selection of small saw blades toHIL45700009 12 (300mm) Eachsuit most applications.Code Unit Silverline 598417 Floorboard Saw 300mm 14tpiNEI71-CP7R Pk 10 Hardened tempered blade for longHilka 45801705 Coping SawlifeSoft Grip Steel back prevents bending for strong, true, straight cuts Ideal for precision cutting on lightNew soft grip handle for comfort materials when fine cutting and a long and support reach is required. Wooden handle and Code Unit metal frame. Throat depth 300mm.STA015106 Each Hardened and tempered steel blade. Code UnitDroped forged steel frame with softSIL453456 Eachgrip handle. Supplied with 5 assortedStanley Fixed Blade KnifeCode Unitblades. Blades SIL598417 Each HACKSAW BLADESCode Unit Stanley 5-17-204 FatmaxEclipse All Hard HSS Hacksaw HIL45801705 Each Floorboard Saw 12 BladesSilverline 676571 Coping Saw Wood and metal cutting bladesBlades 170mm 24 tpi Pack-10 for use in restricted areas or for curved shapes Blades ideal for use with Stanley fixed blade knivesCode Unit 13 teeth per inch / 25.4mm.Extremely thin, fine-cutting blades0-15-276 ideal for woodwith minimal set. Code Size Unit Manufactured entirely from top Code Unit STA015276 Each STA517204 12 Each quality M2 High Speed Steel and 0-15-277 ideal for metal hardened throughout, these blades SIL676571 Pk 10 STA015277 Each are capable of cutting even the FRET SAWSmost difficult metals with great Silverline SW45 Coping Saw &FLUSH CUT SAWS Eclipse 70-FS1R Fret Saw accuracy and combine consistent Blades 170mm high performance with long life. This range also includes light power Silverline 633559 Flush Cutblades of 16mm (58) width.Saw 150mm 22 tpiCode Size UnitNEIAE203V 12 x 1 x 10tpi EachNEIAE223R 14 x 1 x 10tpi EachNEIAE224H 14 x 1 x 14tpi EachNEIAE342E 14 x 1.1/4 x 6tpi EachHeavy gauge frame, for use on wood,NEIAE343V 14 x 1.1/4 x 10tpi Eachplywood, hardboard, fibreboard,NEIAE352X 16 x 1.1/4 x 6tpi Eachplastics, laminates and fibreglass.Highly flexible, very thin blade with Allows for 360 adjustment of bladezero-set teeth that prevents markingFret Saw for fine cutting work inNEIAE353K 16 x 1.1/4 x 10tpi Eachfor cutting at any angle. Includes 5of workpiece. For trimming dowelsthin materials such as wood, bone,NEIAE372K 18 x 1.1/4 x 6tpi Eachassorted 170mm blades. and other flush-cutting jobs. plastics, etc - ideal for model makers. NEIAE472B 18 x 1.1/2 x 6tpi EachCode Unit Code Unit Code Unit NEIAE492X 21 x 1.1/2 x 6tpi EachSILSW45 Each SIL633559 Each NEI70-FS1R Each NEIAE542D 21 x 1.3/4 x 6tpi Each290 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'