b'DECORATINGSANDINGDECORATINGSANDINGFLAP DISCS FLAP WHEELSSilverline Aluminium OxideSilverline (225127) Hex BitSilverline Dome Sanding MopSilverline Goblet Sanding Mop Flap Disc 125mm Set 3/8 Drive 7pce Hex 3 -240 Grit 240 Grit10mmSANDINGHeavy duty aluminium oxide cloth bonded to fibreglass backing disc. Long-life self-renewing design lastsHard wearing nylon fibre mop. ForHardwearing nylon fibre mop for up to 28 times longer than fibresanding and cleaning wood andsanding and cleaning concave discs. For use with hand-held anglemetal. 6mm arbor, suitable for usesurfaces in wood and metal. 6mm grinders. Used for grinding, finishing,Hardened and tempered hexwith most power drills. arbor, suitable for use with most stock removal and weld dressing.bits with satin finish, mounted inpower drills. 240 Grit.Suitable for use on steel, cast iron,polished chrome vanadium squareCode Size Unitalloys and wood. drive sockets. Contents: hex 3, 4, 5,SIL262170 50mm Each Code Size UnitCode Grit Unit 6, 7, 8 and 10mm. SIL262163 75mm Each SIL262213 50mm Each125mm Code Unit SIL262154 100mm Each SIL262194 75mm EachSIL282587 80 Each SIL225127 EachSIL675271 60 Each Silverline Cylinder SandingSilverline Flap WheelsSIL868810 40 Each Silverline Mop Wheel 60 xMop 240 Grit30mmSilverline Zirconium Flap DiscFor sanding and finishing wood. Also Hardwearing nylon fibre mop forfor removal of rust and paint. 6mm Heavy duty zirconium flap discs.sanding and cleaning wood andarbor.For grinding welds, parting lines onAluminium oxide sheets reinforced casting and carbon steels. High grainwith layers of nylon fibre backing.metal. Use on interior curved andCode Size/Grit Unitadhesion for long life, outlastingUse for cleaning, sanding andirregular surfaces. 6mm arbor, conventional sanding discs by up toburnishing wood and metal. 6mmsuitable for use with most powerSIL918524 40mm/40 Each25 times. Fits directly to an anglearbor. Suitable for use with mostdrills. 240 Grit. SIL993031 40mm/80 Eachgrinder, no backing disc required. power drills. Code Size Unit SIL823535 50mm/80 EachCode Size/Grit Unit Code Grit Unit SIL262189 50mm Each SIL589669 80mm/40 EachSIL633890 115mm/40 Each SIL262141 80 Each SIL262181 75mm Each SIL394975 80mm/80 EachSIL868821 115mm/60 EachSIL675279 115mm/80 Each POWER SANDING SHEETSFLAP WHEELS Silverline Hook & Loop DetailSilverline Hook & Loop 1/3Silverline Hook & Loop Mesh Sander Sheets 140mm Sanding Sheets Punched 93 xTriangle Sheets 140 x 100mm Hilka Flap Wheel 50 x 20mm 190mm Pack of 1050 x 20mm Aluminium oxide wheels for coarse use. Suitable for wood,Silicon carbide-coated mesh for metal and plastic. Aluminium oxide. Suitable for allAluminium oxide. Fit most 1/3 sheetreduced clogging and improved dust 140mm detail sanders. sanding machines. extraction. Washable for re-use. Code Grit Unit Provides up to 4 times the life of 2 Flap Code Grit Unit Code Grit Unit standard sandpaper. Compatible with HIL51905040 40 Each SIL245094 60 Pk 10 SIL282540 60 Pk 10 all 140 x 100mmdetail hook and loop backing pads.HIL51905060 60 Each SIL457035 80 Pk 10 SIL675218 80 Pk 10HIL51905080 80 Each SIL598542 120 Pk 10 SIL868737 120 Pk 10 Code Grit Unit3 Flap SIL196588 240 Pk 10 SIL633768 240 Pk 10 140 x 100mmHIL51908060 60 Each SIL336046 Assorted Pk 10 SIL892499 Assorted Pk 10 SIL313803 120 Pk.1098 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'