b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESPLANER BLADES POWER SAW BLADESBosch 2607000096 TCTMakita HSS Planer BladeMakita 723076A3 Bi MetalMakita P-05044 TCT Reversible Planer 82mm for 1901, 1902, 1923BRecipro Blade 230mm 6tpi Abrasive Blade 150mm 6tpi& 1923BDRescue & Demolition. Code UnitCode Unit MAKP-05044 EackMAK723076A3 Pk 3Makita P-05088 Wood Makita B-03030 Wood CuttingCutting Blade 150mm 6tpiCode Unit BladeBOS2607000096 Pk 2POWER TOOL BLADESBosch 2607000129 Planer290mm 64tpi. Code UnitBlade Code Unit MAKP-05088 Pk 5Code Size UnitMAK793004-6 Pk 2 MAKB-03030 290mm Pk 5Makita Wood Cutting Blade Makita P-04282 TCT MiniMakita Bi-Metal Blade 14TPI Chrome Van 4tpiPlaner BladesCode UnitBOS2607000129 Pk 2 Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMAKP-04911 150mm Pk 5 MAKP-04999 150mm Pk 5Makita D-07945 HSS PlanerMAKP-04927 200mm Pk 5Blade 82mm for KP0810 &MAKP-05072 300mm Pk 51100 Pack of 2 Makita Bi-Metal Blade 18TPIMakita Wood Cutting Blade Chrome Van 6tpiCarbide Reversible Mini Blades (2 inCode Size Unitpack) Size: 82mm (3 1/4). MAKP-04880 150mm Pk 5 Code Size UnitCode Unit MAKP-04933 200mm Pk 5 MAKP-05016 300mm Pk 5MAKP-04282 Pk 2 MAKP-05022 150mm Pk 5Makita Bi-Metal Blade 24TPISilverline TCT Planer Blades Silverline 196500 Recipro Saw Blades Bi-Metal 240mm 5tpiCode UnitMAKD-07945 Pack Of 2Code Size UnitMakita D-07967 TCT PlanerMAKP-04905 150mm Pk 5Blades 82mm MAKP-04949 200mm Pk 52 x quality reversible solid carbide K20 planer blades for use on allMakita No.22 Metal Cutting makes of power planer. Will outlastBlade 160mm 18tpi Use for pruning green wood and conventional HSS blades by at leastroots. 5tpi with 4-6.5mm tooth pitch. 20 times and produce a smootherUniversal shank.cleaner finish.Code Size Unit Code UnitCode Unit SIL196500 Pk 5SIL273237 80mm Pk 2 MAK792147-1 Pk 5SIL125629 82mm Pk 2 Silverline 244966 Recipro Code Unit Makita P-04983 Bi MetalSabre Saw Blades Bi-Metal MAKP-04226 Pk 2 Triton 928758 TCT Blade280mm 10tpi 150mm 18tpi180mm Pack-3 TPL180PBMakita HSS Planer Blade 110mm for 1911BCode UnitMAKP-04983 Pk 5Makita P-05000 Wood Cutting Blade Chrome Van 150mm 10tpiPack of 3 x blades for the TritonUseful for demolition work. For Triple Blade Power Planer TPL180.cutting metal and wood with nails. 180mm / 7-3/32. 2.5mm tooth pitch. Universal shank.Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitMAK793008-8 110mm Pk 2 SIL928758 Pack MAKP-05000 Pk 5 SIL244966 Pk 5484 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'