b'DECORATINGSANDINGDECORATINGSANDING SCRAPERSSANDING SHEETS WET & DRY SHEETS Hilka 74008604 WindowRodo FLDT002 ShavehookScraperSilverline Hook & Loop DetailHilka 68902010 Wet & Dry Sander Sheets with 2 TipsSheets140mm Pack of 10SANDING & SCRAPERSCombination shavehook - a sharpened blade with a different shape on each side for stripping paint and varnish from flat and irregular surfaces including cove, quadrant, pipes and Contain 4 medium and fine and 2Easy to use. For scraping excessmouldings. Soft-grip handle for added coarse sheets. Display packed. paint from windows. comfort when in use.Code Grit Unit Code UnitHIL68902010 Assorted Pk 10 Code Unit RODFLDT002 EachHIL74008604 EachAluminium oxide sheets with hookSilverline Wet & Dry SheetsFit For Job LHWS Long Handled and loop backing for quick fitting.230 x 280mm Hilka Heavy Duty Scraper 4Wallscraper 100mm / 4Tear-off diamonds for detail pointwith 6 bladessanding. Suitable for all 140mm detail sanders, and for the Black & Decker mouse-type tools.Code Grit UnitSIL826292 40 Pk.10SIL536093 60 Pk.10 Heavy duty, long handled wall SIL766555 80 Pk.10 scraper pre-fitted with 4 scraper SIL330967 120 Pk.10 High quality self-lubricating siliconblade.carbide sheets with waterproof latexHeavy duty scraper with 100mmCode UnitSIL597635 Assorted Pk.10 backing. (4) blade. Comfortable handle with Code Grit Unit 5 replacement blades stored inside.RODLHWS EachSIL712247 120 Pk 10 Easy to change blades. Scraper head can be used with extension pole. Rodo T10C Budget Scraper SIL746486 180 Pk 10 75mm / 3Since 1930, H NewtonSIL959293 240 Pk 10 Code UnitHale & Sons LimitedSIL531361 320 Pk 10 HIL78304005 Eachhas established itself asSIL161667 400 Pk 10one of the UKs leadingSIL239112 600 Pk 10 Hilka 78306005 6 Wall independent suppliersSIL741343 1200 Pk 10 Scraper & 5 Bladesof quality hand and power tools, builders hardware and securitySCRAPERSproducts. With over 90 years experience of theHilka Heavy Duty FloorBudget 3 paint scraper.industry, the companyScraper Hardwood Handle Code Unitremains to this day, aRODT10C Eachthird generation, family owned business, offeringFit For Job Scraper Blades our customers an100mm / 4unrivalled service. For heavy duty jobs including cement plaster and ice. SturdyLong handled with easy to change hardwood handle. Size: 1645mmblades.overall length 170mm wide blade. Code Size UnitCode Unit HIL78306005 6 (150mm) EachHIL55990006 Each HIL78306010 Pk 10Silverline (873489) SealantRodo Soft Grip Scraper Pack of 2 blades for 4 wall scrapers.& Caulk Remover & Smoother Set 2pce Code UnitRODWSB2 Pk 2Rodo WSC Window ScraperPolypropylene sealant remover and smoother tools. For use when strippingDIY scraper with polished steel away and replacing sealant. Smootherblade.produces professional finish on most sealant and caulking materials. SuitableCode Size Unitfor use with silicone, latex and acrylic. RODFFJPS2 50mm Each Disposable window scraper.Code Unit RODFFJPS3 75mm Each Code UnitSIL873489 Each RODFFJPS4 100mm Each RODWSC Each102 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'