b'DECORATINGROLLERS & TRAYSDECORATINGROLLERS & TRAYS SANDINGSilverline 763564 Double ArmSilverline Roller Tray ABRASIVE ROLLS BACKING PADSRoller Frame 300mmSilverline Aluminium OxideDronco Rubber Backing Pad Roll 115mm 115mm / 4 1/2ROLLERS & TRAYS & SANDINGFrame for use with 300mmSuitable for all types of paint roller sleeves. The metal frame isincluding gloss, emulsion andAluminium oxide 115mm wide adjustable for a perfect fit on thewoodstain. industrial quality, long life abrasive. roller. Push-fit connection. Full resin open coat, heavyweightCode UnitCode Size Unit paper. For 1/2 sheet sanders, palm Code Unit sanders or hand. DRO6211105 EachSIL969732 230mm EachSIL763564 Each SIL793758 300mm Each Code Grit Unit Silverline 108624 Rubber Silverline Mini Roller Sleeves10m Backing Pad 125mm4/100mm Stanley 0-29-480 Mini RollerSIL986114 40 EachKit SIL415650 60 EachSIL542951 80 EachSIL297234 120 EachSIL306729 180 EachSIL127519 240 Each50mSIL691291 40 Each Use with fibre discs. Supplied with 6mm arbor to fit most power drills. SIL267362 60 Each Max 3,250rpm.Woven mini roller sleeves suitableSIL194866 80 Eachfor use with emulsion or gloss.Code UnitApplies smooth, even finish. IdealSIL686672 120 Each SIL108624 Eachfor small, detailed tasks. Fits mostCode Unit SIL799197 180 Each100mm roller frames. 5mSTASTRLGS00 Each Silverline 108636 ABS Code Type Unit SIL175300 60 Each Backing Pad 125mmSIL398771 Gloss Pk 10 Stanley 0-29-822 Paint RollerSIL771979 80 EachSIL797959 Emulsion Pk 10 & Tray 9 SIL708199 120 EachSilverline 947598 Mini RollerSilverline Sanding Mesh Roll & Tray Set 100mm 5m x 115mmRigid, ABS backing pad for polishing bonnets. Fits all 125mm sander/polishers with M14 x 2 locking nut. Max 12,200rpm.Code Unit Code UnitSTASTRSGS0Q Each SIL108636 EachIncludes mini paint roller frame, miniConstructed from double-sided roller tray, foam roller sleeveandsilicon carbide grain, this meshSilverlineHook & Loop SANDING pulls sanding residue away from the medium pile polyamide roller sleeve. workpiece, extending the serviceBacking Pad 180 x 10mmCode Unit ABRASIVE ROLLS life of the mesh, maintaining a clean SIL947598 Each sanding surface and producing an even professional end result to the Silverline Stearatedworkpiece. Suitable for plasterboard, Silverline 961679 ExtendableAluminium Oxide Roll 5m xrough timber, metal polishing and Paint Roller 1-1.5m 115mm rust removal.Code Grit UnitSIL634001 60 EachSIL634006 80 EachSIL868903 100 Each For use with hook and loop polishing sponge and sanding discs. M14 thread to fit angle grinders and sander/polishers. 125 x 10mm: max. speed 12,500rpm. 125 x 2mm: max. speed 12,200rpm. 180mm: max. Anti-clog decorators roll. Open coat.speed 8,500rpm.Paint roller with extending,For rubbing down paintwork.aluminium handle. Handle extendsCode Size Unitfrom 1000 to 1500mm. Push-fitCode Grit Unit SIL108628 125x2mm Eachconnection. Roller 230mm. A WIDE RANGE SIL571521 240 Each OF PRODUCTS TOSIL244965 125mm EachCode Unit SIL228554 320 Each SIL427547 125x10mm EachSIL961679 Each SIL993057 400 Each SUIT YOUR NEEDS SIL282398 180x10mm Each96 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'