b'IRONMONGERYSECURITY BOLTS & KEYSSECURITY BOLTS & KEYS IRONMONGERYERA 506-52 Security BoltERA Multi-Purpose Door Bolt Securit S1838 Deadbolt ForSterling PLW200 Multi Key For 838 5mm Spindle Nickel Plated Purpose Door Bolt WhiteLocking bolt for increased door securitySECURITY BOLTS & KEYS Suitable for metal or wood hinged Code Size Unit sliding doorsThe ERA Door Security Bolt offersMPSS1838 75mm EachOptional ventilation positionCan be fitted to aluminium and concealed security for all internalwooden sliding and hinged doors. Reversible boltand external doors. The separateSecurit Security Door BoltConcealed fixingssplined key locks and unlocks fromCode Colour Unit Surface mountedone side only. ERA80712 White CardSimple to use Code Finish Unit ERA80732 Brass Card Code UnitERA50652 Satin Chrome Card STEPLW200 EachSecurit 2 x Security Door Bolt ERA 805-12 White Universal& 2 x Thumbturn Sterling 2 x Rack Bolt & KeysPressboltCode Size UnitBrassMPSS1062 60mm CardNickel Plated Ideal for securing wooden doors top MPSS1068 55mm Card and bottom.White Code Colour UnitMPSS1063 60mm Card STESBW260 White EachSTESBB260 Brass EachSecurit Security Door BoltSTESBC260 Chrome EachKeyThe ERA Universal Pressbolt canCode Finish Unit Sterling SBK200 2 x be used on all external and internalMPSS1085 Chrome Each Universal Security Bolt Keysdoors, French windows and cupboards.MPSS1086 Polished Brass EachSimply press the spring-bolt to lock and use the key to unlock. The rotating hardened steel bolt resistsSecurit S1083 Security Bolt & hacksawing and the fixing screws areKey Nickel Platedconcealed when in the locked position. The lock is supplied with a steelCode Finish Unitreceiving plate and ferrule enablingMPSS1064 Brass/Black Cardfixing to all types of door jamb. MPSS1069 Nickel Plated CardCode Colour UnitERA80512 White Card Securit Security Doorbolt Thumbturn 34mmERA Door PressboltCode Colour UnitSTESBK200 Black EachYale 2PM444 Door Security Bolts Brass Pack-2Code UnitMPSS1083 Each Code Finish UnitSecurit S1084 Security Bolt &MPSS1056 Chrome CardKey Brass Plated MPSS1066 Brass CardSecurit Thumbturn Security Bolt 60mm Key operated Concealed Door Bolts Rotating hardened steel bolt resists Suitable for wooden doors hacksawingRecommended that 2 bolts are Fixing screws are concealed whenused per door in the locked position Key supplied Supplied with a steel receiving Door bolt is concealed within the doorplate and ferrule depending on Mortice fixing with bolt throwing inapplication used to the door frame Simply press the spring bolt to lockLock can only be operated fromKey required to unlock Key insideAdditional security, ideal for back Code Colour Unit Code Finish Unit doorsERA80612 White Card Code Unit MPSS1058 Chrome Each Code UnitERA80632 Brass Card MPSS1084 Each MPSS1067 Brass Card YALP2PM444PB EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 437'