b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESTROWELS & ACCESSORIES HAND TOOLSGAUGING TROWELS HARLING TROWELSHilka 66307007 GaugingSilverline (984376) GaugingRST RTR175 Harling TrowelSilverline 665325 Harling Trowel Soft Grip 7 Trowel Soft-Grip 180 x 80mm 162x162mm Soft Grip Handle Trowel 165mmTROWELS & ACCESSORIESDesigned to apply pebbles to external walls for a rough cast or pebble dashAngled steel blade Soft touch handle finish. Hardwood handle fastened to Fully hardened and tempered withHardened and tempered carbon steelFor gravel & pebble dash the blade by a riveted tang.the latest designed soft grip handle.blade. Comfortable, soft-grip handle With coloured display packaging. for prolonged use. Taper-groundCode Size Unit Code Unitfrom heel to toe for flexibility.RSTRTR175 162 x 162mm Each SIL665325 EachCode Size Unit Finger guard, thumb support and HIL66307007 7 (180mm) Each high lift for good knuckle clearance. For general cement applicationsHAWKSincluding brick laying, paving and Marshalltown M48D Gaugingroofing. Hilka 66133033 Poly FoamMarshalltown Plasterers Hawk Trowel 7 x 3.3/8 DurasoftPlastic Hawk 13 Durasoft HandleHandle Code UnitSIL984376 EachSpear & Jackson 10507G Gauging Trowel 7Forged from a single piece ofMade of heavy guage hard-rolled highest grade tool steel aluminumCarefully taper ground and Lightweight but durablepolishedEdges have been smoothed & Resilient DuraSoft handleroundedprovides a soft feel, reducesMade from Lightweight nonHandle & sponge callus preventer fatigue, and offers excellentabsorbent polyurethane foam. includeddurability Code Unit Used for holding plaster duringUsed for mixing or gauging small7(178mm) harden and temperedapplicationcarbon steel blade. WeatherproofedHIL66133033 EachDuraSoft handlequantities of quick setting plaster wooden handle. Metal Ferrule.Code Unit Hilka 66303000 AluminiumCode Size UnitMARM48D Each Code Unit Plasterers Hawk 12 x 12 MARM1D 13 x 13 EachNEI10507G Each MARM2 13.5 x 13.5 EachRST Gauging Trowel 7 MARM6D 14 x 14 EachSpear & Jackson Gauging Trowel 7 Soft Grip Handle RST Aluminium Hawk Plastic ferrule Heavy gauge rolled edge aluminium 175mm / 7 blade hawk with detachable plastic handle.Code Handle Unit Size 300 x 300mm. Grooved blade RSTRTR136 Wooden Each Code Size (mm) UnitPlastic handle RSTRTR136S Soft touch Each 7(178mm) harden and temperedHIL66303000 300 x 300 Each Code Size Unitcarbon steel blade. Ergonomic softRSTRTR401 12 x 12 EachSilverline CB47 Gaugingfeel handle. Integral finger guard. RST Polyurethane HawkTrowel 180mm RSTRTR404 14 x 14 EachCode UnitNEI11607GSF/14 Each Stadium BM82 Poly Hawk 13x13One piece construction, easy clean, polyurethane handle. Plastic handle. ORDER ONLINE 24Grooved blade.Plasterers HawkHardened tempered carbon steel blade with polished wooden handle. HOURS A DAY,330 x 330mm (13 x 13)7 DAYS A WEEK.Code Size UnitCode Unit RSTRTR95H 6 x 6 Each Code Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk STDBM82-1 EachSILCB47 Each RSTRTR96H 13 x 13 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 347'