b'PLUMBINGCOPPER END FEED FITTINGSPLUMBINGCOPPER END FEED FITTINGS COPPER SOLDER RING FITTINGSSecurplumb End Feed CouplingSecurplumb End Feed TapSecurplumb Solder Ring ElbowSecurplumb Solder Ring Stop Straight Pack of 10 WRAS Connector Straight Pack of 1090 Degree Pack of 10 WRAS End Pack of 10WRASCOPPER END FEED FITTINGS, COPPER FITTINGS, COPPER SOLDER RING FITTINGS & FILLING LOOPCode Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSSU9838 10mm Pk 10 MPSSU9860 15 x 1/2 Pk 10 Code Size Unit MPSSU9887 15mm Pk 10MPSSU9839 15mm Pk 10 MPSSU9862 22 x 3/4 Pk 10 MPSSU9875 15mm Pk 10 MPSSU9888 22mm Pk 10MPSSU9840 22mm Pk 10 MPSSU9876 22mm Pk 10Securplumb SU9864 End FeedFILLING LOOPSecurplumb End Feed CouplingTap Connector Bent Tap 15mmSecurplumb Solder Ring Equal Reduced Pack of 10 WRAS x 1/2 Pack of 10 WRAS Tee Pack of 5 WRAS Securplumb SU9770 Savafil Filling LoopCode Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSSU9842 15 x 8mm Pk 10 MPSSU9878 15mm Pk 5MPSSU9843 15 x 10mm Pk 10 Code Unit MPSSU9879 22mm Pk 5MPSSU9844 22 x 10mm Pk 10 MPSSU9864 EachSecurplumb SU9881 Solder Securplumb End Feed ElbowCOPPER FITTINGS Ring Reduced Tee 22 x 22 x 90 Degree Pack of 10 WRAS 15mm Pack of 5 WRASSecurplumb Copper OlivesCode UnitMPSSU9770 EachSecurplumb SU9771 Savafil Filling Loop Tee ValveCode Size UnitCode UnitMPSSU9775 10mm Pk 50 MPSSU9881 EachCode Size Unit MPSSU9776 22mm Pk 50MPSSU9848 10mm Pk 10 MPSSU9777 15mm Pk 100 Securplumb SU9883 Solder MPSSU9849 15mm Pk 10 Ring Tap Connector Straight MPSSU9850 22mm Pk 10 COPPER SOLDER RING15mm x1/2 Pack/5 WRASFITTINGSSecurplumb End Feed Equal Tee Pack of 10 WRAS Securplumb Solder Ring Coupling Straight Pack of 10 WRASCode UnitMPSSU9771 EachCode UnitMPSSU9883 Each Securplumb SU9772 R24 Filling LoopCode Size Unit Securplumb SU9885 Solder MPSSU9854 10mm Pk 10 Code Size Unit Ring Tap Connector Bent MPSSU9855 15mm Pk 10 MPSSU9868 15mm Pk 10 15mm x1/2 Pack/5 WRASMPSSU9856 22mm Pk 10 MPSSU9869 22mm Pk 10Securplumb SU9858 End FeedSecurplumb Solder Ring Stop End 22mm Pack of 10Coupling Reduced WRASWRASCode Size UnitCode UnitMPSSU9872 15 x 10mm Pk 5 Code Unit Code UnitMPSSU9858 EachMPSSU9873 22 x 15mm Pk 10 MPSSU9885 Each MPSSU9772 Each42 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'