b'GARDENING & OUTDOORWATERING & HOSESWATERING & HOSES GARDENING & OUTDOORHOSE FITTINGS HOSE REELS & CARTSSilverline 167269 4-Way TapSilverline 444072 2-Way TapHozelock 2412 30m Reel &Hozelock 2431 45m Hose Reel Connector Connector 3/4 BSP to 1/225m Hose & 25m HoseMaleWATERING & HOSESConverts a single tap into 4 outlets. Includes shut-off valve to eachConverts a single tap into 2 outlets. outlet. 3/4 BSP threaded inlet toIncludes shut-off valve to each fit most garden taps. 4 x 1/2 quickoutlet. 3/4 BSP threaded inlet to connect male outlets. 1/4 - 1/2. fit most garden taps. 2 x 1/2 quickFreestanding or wall mounted hose Code Unit connect male outlets. reelSupplied with 25m of 12.5mm Maxi Includes 25m of 12.5mm Maxi PlusSIL167269 Each Code Unit Plus hose hoseSIL444072 Each FreestandingIncludes 1 x nozzle, 2 x hoseSilverline 353266 Hose Includes 2 x hose end connectors,connectors, 1 x waterstop , 1 x 3/4Connection Set 1/2 Silverline 593420 Soft1 x threaded tap connector, and an/ 1/2 tap connectoradjustable nozzleWith wall fixings Grip Water Stop Hose Quick Connector 1/2 Code Size Unit Code Size UnitHOZ2412 30m Each HOZ2431 45m EachHozelock 2415 2 in 1 CompactHozelock 2435 60m Cart Reel Reel & 25m Hose & 50m HoseIncludes 1/2 waterstop and hose connector, 1m long hose. Connects any hose reel or cart to outside tapHigh quality ABS plastic with connector. rubber grip and soft-touch cap. Code Unit Quick connector socket with built-in SIL353266 Each water-stop valve which halts water flow when watering equipment is disconnected.Silverline 361216 Soft-Grip Hose Repair Connector 1/2 Code UnitSIL593420 EachSilverline 769045 Soft Grip Tap Connector 1/2 - 3/4A fully enclosed 2 n 1 reel for use Wheeled for mobility without lifting. free-standing or wall mounted. Includes 50m of 12.5mm Maxi Plus Perfect for medium sized gardens. High quality ABS plastic. EnablesSupplied with 25m of high-qualityhose Includes 1 x nozzle, 2 x hose repair of a damaged hose orhose and all necessary fittings and connects 2 lengths of hose. Fits 1/2accessories. connectors, 1 x waterstop, 1 x 1/ 3/4 / 1/2 tap connectorshose. Soft-grip. Code Size Unit FreestandingCode Unit HOZ2415 25m Each Code Size UnitSIL361216 Each High quality ABS plastic. EasyHOZ2435 60m Eachexchange universal hose fitting.Hozelock 2420 30m Wall Silverline 394989 HoseCompatible with 1/2 and 3/4 taps. Mounted Reel Hozelock Auto Reel with Hose Connector Set 4pc Code Unit and ConnectorsSIL769045 EachSilverline 864167 Soft Grip Hose Connector 1/2Garden hose connector set. IncludesAutomatic wall mounted hose reel. 1 x 1/2 quick connect with waterTake away the effort and let Auto Reel stop, 1 x 1/2 quick connect withoutautomatically rewind your hose with water stop, 3/4 BSP tap connectorno kinks, tangles or fuss. Includes and 100mm spray nozzle with infiniteLightweight, complete with hosehose, fittings and wall bracket.variable spray pattern. Quick connector socket to 1/2 hose. guide and all fixings. Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit HOZ2401 20m EachSIL394989 Each SIL864167 Each HOZ2420 30m Each HOZ2403 30m EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 189'