b'GARDENING & OUTDOORBITUMEN & ROOFINGBITUMEN & ROOFING GARDENING & OUTDOORBITUMEN PAINTEverbuild 901 Black BitumenEverbuild 902 Bitumen &Rose Roofing Black BitumenRose Roofing Bitumen PrimerPaint Flashing Primer PaintBlack Bitumen Paint is a solventSolvent based, general purposeBitumen Primer is a low viscosity, BITUMEN & ROOFINGbased, full bodied black bituminouswaterproofing method used forhigh penetration, cold applied paint. When dry, the product formsBitumen and Flashing Primer is awaterproofing steelwork, asphalt andbituminous solution designed an odourless and taint free blackthin black primer used to give a keywood, concrete and portable waterto prime and seal porous roof film suitable for metal protection,prior to applying bitumen paints,tanks. When dry it forms an odourlesssurfaces prior to the application of and overcoating wood and felt. roof coatings and flashing. and taint free bitumen film. bituminous materials.Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitEVE90101 1L Each Code Size Unit ROSBPAINT1 1L Each ROSBPRIMER1 1L EachEVE90102 2.5L Each EVE90201 1L Each ROSBPAINT2 2.5L Each ROSBPRIMER2 2.5L EachEVE90105 5L Each EVE90205 5L Each ROSBPAINT5 5L Each ROSBPRIMER5 5L EachFELT ADHESIVE FLASHBAND ROOF COATINGEverbuild 904 Felt Adhesive Evo-Stik Flashband PlusEverbuild Black Jack FlashingEverbuild 907 Solar Reflective Primer 3.75m Tape Paint 5L Grey finish self-adhesive flashing stripRoof Felt Adhesive is a cold applied, Ideal for emergencies Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashingoxidised bitumen based adhesive Instant waterproof seal with natural lead-look finish.used to bond roofing felt to most I ncludes primer for ease of application Code Size Unit Solar Reflective Paint is a thin surfaces. Specifically designedbituminous based aluminium for bonding all types of roofingCode Width Unit 3mprotective paint of brushable felt to metal, concrete and timber,BOS194601 75mm Each EVEFLDIY100 100mm Each consistency which dries to a silvery sealing felt laps and as a coldBOS194656 100mm Each EVEFLDIY150 150mm Each finish. The product is specifically gritting solution for bonding mineraldesigned for application over primed chippings. BOS194717 150mm Each EVEFLDIY225 225mm Each metal walls and roofs to reduce heat BOS194755 225mm Each 10m absorption.Code Size Unit EVEFLAS075 75mm EachEVE90401 1L Each Evo-Stik Flashband OriginalEVEFLAS100 100mm Each Code UnitEVE90402 2.5L Each Grey 10m EVE90705 5L EachEVEFLAS150 150mm EachEVE90405 5L Each EVEFLAS225 225mm Each Everbuild 908 Everproof EVE90425 25L Each EVEFLAS300 300mm Each D.P.M. 5LEVEFLAS450 450mm EachRose Roofing Felt AdhesiveRose Roofing Flashband 10mEvo-Stik Flashband Self Adhesive Flashing Tape Instant waterproof seal,even indamp conditionsQuick and easy to apply, no specialist tools required 4 layers of protection, lacquer, foil,DPM. is an odourless rubbermembrane and bitumen adhesive Rose Roofing self adhesiveenriched bitumen emulsion which Superior heat resistance fromflashband, provides a waterproofprovides a highly effective sandwich -10C to 100C flashing for use on roofs, porches,damp proof membrane for floors. Felt adhesive is a solvent based, cold Easily moulds to contours conservatories, which bondsAlso acts as a waterproofer for applied bituminous adhesive forsecurely to brick, concrete, wood,walls, above ground structures and bonding successive layers of roofingCode Size Unit roof tiles, slate, roofing felt andfoundations. DPM is also suitable felt. It is formulated for convenienceBOS200005 75mm Each glass. as an adhesive for wood block and and safety. BOS205000 100mm Each Code Width Unit mosaic panels, insulation boards, expanded polystyrene, cork and as Code Size Unit BOS210004 150mm Each ROSFLASH100 100mm Each a plaster bonding agent, even on ROSFELTADH1 1L Each BOS215009 225mm Each ROSFLASH150 150mm Each difficult surfaces.ROSFELTADH2 2.5L Each BOS220003 300mm Each ROSFLASH225 225mm Each Code UnitROSFELTADH5 5L Each BOS225008 450mm Each ROSFLASH300 300mm Each EVE90805 5L EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 159'