b'HAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESHAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESBLADESSilverline (589248) Single- Silverline 282409 HookSilverline Utility Knife Blades Stanley 0-11-300 Snap Off Edge Razor Blades 10pk 38 xUtility Knife Blades Pack-10 Blades 9mm19 x 0.25mmKNIVES & BLADESSpare blade dispenser with blade breaker and storage of used Heavy duty 0.6mm blades insegmentsdispenser. Integral storage for used 12 breakable blade segments Heavy duty hooked utility bladesblades. Code Size Unitin safety dispenser. Blades fit anyCode Unit STA011300 9mm Eachutility knife. SILCT09 Pk 10Heavy duty single-edge bladesCode Unit SILCT10 Box 100 Stanley 0-11-301 Snap Off with reinforced back for durability and strength. Precision-ground forSIL282409 Pk 10 Blades 18mmsharp cutting and effective scraping.Spear & Jackson Straight Inserts into a scraper or cutterSilverline 427668 DoubleUtility Blades Pack of 10and can be hand held. Ideal for theSided Scraper Bladesremoval of paint, adhesives, window scraping and cleaning hard surfaces. Spare blade dispenser with blade breaker and storage of used Code Unit segmentsSIL589248 Each7 breakable blade segments Code Size UnitSilverline (749930) PaintSTA011301 18mm EachRemoval Blades 100pk 40mm Strong steel, double-sided. Code UnitCode Unit NEI1702R Each Stanley 0-11-911 (1991) SIL427668 Pk 10 Trimming Knife Blades Pack-5STA028510 - Stanley 0-28-Silverline 427678 Snap Proof510 Razor Scraper Blades Utility Blades Pack-10 Pack-10Durable, multipurpose blades for removing paint, adhesives, silicone and other residue. Ideal for cleaningoven surfaces, windows and other Normal duty general purpose blade hard areas. Can be used to openideal for paper, card, leather and mobile phones and tablet housingsmost sheet materialsduring repair. Retractable rectangular blade to fit Blades fit all standard Stanley Razor Scraper 0-28-500. Ideal forknives (except 99E knife)Code Unit removing paint and glue.Snap-proof spring steel utility bladesCode UnitSIL749930 Each that will not break under normalCode Unitworking conditions. HSS cuttingSTA011911 PackSilverline (758148) SK5 Steeledge for longer service life. STA028510 Blades Pk 10Utility Blades 100pk Code Unit Stanley 0-10-129 Saw KnifeStanley 0-11-952 (5192) Concave Trimming Knife SIL427678 Pk 10 Set Blades Pack-5Silverline CB36 Scraper Blades 100mmHardened SK5 steel utility bladesConcave blade for precision cuts on provide a tough, long-lastingleather and marquetryperformance. Cuts carpet, vinyl,Zinc alloy body with a grooved Ideal where accuracy is paramount cardboard, canvas, leather and someCompatible with Silverline Heavysurface for comfortable, assured Ideal for all models except 10-550 softer plastics. Compatible with utility knives, including SilverlineDuty Scraper (CB35). holding. Over lapping nose bladeTitan Fixed blade Knife and 10-199 Retractable Knife. Strong plasticlocking system to block the blade199E Fixed Blade KnifeCode Unit laterally even during difficult dispenser. SILCB36 Pk 10 cuts. Knife supplied with 3 blades,Code UnitCode Unit hacksaw blade and saw blade. STA011952 PackSIL758148 Each Silverline Snap Off BladesCode UnitPack-10 Stanley Hooked Knife BladesSTA010129 EachSilverline 196587 Scraper Blades Pack-10 Stanley 0-11-221 (5901) Blades Pack 3 Sharpened hook blade with pointideal for penetrating cutting sheet High quality carbon steel snap-offmaterial, in particular floor, roof 0.4mm blades in dispenser. For useknife blades. Straight general purpose light dutyand plastic coveringswith utility knives and retractableCode Size Unit blade for modelling and craft work Blades fit all Stanley knivesscrapers. SIL589072 9mm Pk 10 For use with 10-590 Craft Knife Code UnitCode Unit SIL861764 18mm Pk 10 Code Unit STA011983 Pack 5SIL196587 Pk 10 SIL404434 25mm Pk 10 STA011221 Pack STA111983 Box 100250 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'