b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSPIPE CUTTERSDickie Dyer Rotary CopperDickie Dyer Spare Wheel forDickie Dyer (432848) PVCEclipse Copper Pipe Slicer 15mmPipe Cutter Inox Pipe Cutter 2pk Ratcheting Pipe Shears 42mm - 18.042PLUMBERS TOOLSHardened steel replacement wheel for rotary stainless steel pipe cutter. For cutting copper tubing. Single handed operation ideal for use in Zinc alloy with hardened steel cutterCode Size Unit confined areas, for example where wheel. For easy rotary cutting ofSIL387753 6-35mm Each Strong, sharp, stainless steel cuttingthere is limited space between the plumbing pipes. Wheel automaticallySIL398235 3-32mm Each blade and corrosion-resistant,wall and copper pipes.adjusts to pipe diameter. Compatiblepowder-coated handles. Ratchet-with copper pipes. assisted handles cut PVC pipeCode Size UnitDickie Dyer (496476) Spareprecisely with minimum effort. ForNEIECPS15 15mm EachCode Size Unit Cutter Wheels for Rotary Pipe SIL299438 15mm Each Cutters 2pk most types of plastic and multi-layerNEIECPS22 22mm Eachplastic pipe. Cutting capacity 42mm.SIL628230 22mm Each Code Unit Eclipse Mini Tube Cutter SIL793089 28mm Each SIL432848 Each 3-22mmDickie Dyer (411466) RotaryDickie Dyer (933607) PVC Copper Pipe Cutter Set 4pceRatcheting Pipe Shears Blade 4pce Set 15 & 22mm11.21 42mm BladeHardened steel replacement cutter wheel for rotary copper pipe cutter. Suitable for 15 and 22mm pipe cutters. For cutting 3-22mm (1/8 to 7/8 Code Unit o.d.) copper and aluminium tubing. SIL496476 Each Specifically suited to small bore tubing. The compact size makes Stainless steel blade. For PVCthe mini tube cutter ideal for use in Dickie Dyer Pipe Cutter Ratcheting Pipe Shears. Pipe cuttingconfined spaces. Quickly adjusts to capacity 42mm. the required cutting positionZinc alloy with hardened steel cutterCode Unitwheel. For easy rotary cutting ofCode Unitplumbing pipes. Wheel automaticallySIL933607 Each NEIECTC22 Eachadjusts to pipe diameter. Compatible with copper pipes 15 and 22mmDickie Dyer Plastic Hose &Eclipse Plastic Pipe Cutterdiameter. Includes 2 x spare cutting wheels. Pipe CutterCode UnitSIL411466 Each Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant powder-coated cast aluminium body Dickie Dyer (458986) Spareframe. Hardened steel cutting wheel Wheel for Rotary Pipe Cutterand pipe rollers for easy cutting.For cutting PVC, polythene, MDP and Fully adjustable cutter and built-inpolyethylene pipe, HEP 20, plastic Spare Wheel 28mm11.2 retractable pipe deburrer. For useoverflow pipe and rubber hoses etc. with copper, aluminium and lightHigh quality stainless steel blades duty steel pipes. ensure clean cuts without distortion Code Size Unit to the plastic tubing. Ratchet system Stainless steel blade with powder- ensures a fast, efficient cutSIL838586 6 - 35mm EachSIL859401 6 - 67mm Each coated, soft-grip aluminium handlesCode Size Unitfor easy cutting of plastic hose andNEIEPPC32 32mm EachHardened steel replacement wheelPVC pipes. Handle lock clip and for rotary copper pipe cutter. ForDickie Dyer (908540)removable blade for sharpening andNEIEPPC42 42mm Each28mm pipe cutters. Telescopic Pipe Cuttermaintenance. Compatible with water, 3-32mm - 18.005 aluminium, plastic, gas, electricalEclipse Telescopic Tube CutterCode Unit appliance pipes and more.SIL458986 Each Code Size UnitDickie Dyer Spare Wheel forSIL589389 36mm EachCopper Pipe Cutter 2pk SIL670741 42mm EachSIL681701 63mm Each For cutting copper, brass, aluminium and light gauge steel tube. Makes Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant zincclean, fast cuts, leaving little fash to alloy frame. Hardened steel cuttingclear away. The feed screw does not wheel and pipe rollers for easyexpand during use, so telescopic tube cutting. Adjustable cutter with built- cutters are ideal for use in confined Hardened steel replacement wheelspaces. Each cutter includes an integral for rotary copper pipe cutter. in pipe reamer and deburrer. For useWE HAVEdeburrer and a spare cutting wheelwith copper, aluminium and light duty steel pipes. EVERYTHING YOU Code Size Unit NEED AT LOWCode Size UnitSIL422484 3-32mm Each Code Unit NEIECTC32 3-32mm EachSIL679981 6-35mm Each SIL908540 Each TRADE PRICES NEIECTC50 5-50mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 279'