b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL & BIT SETSDRILL & BIT SETS DRILL BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESMASONRY DRILL SETS SDS PLUS DRILL SETS AUGER BITSRST 1005 Masonry Drill BitHeller 164900 SDS Plus DrillHilka 50400005 Auger BitSilverline 633483 SDS Plus Set 11pc Bit Set 4pc 5/6/8/10mm Set 5pc Auger Bit Set 10 - 25mm 5pcPrecision ground, hardened high DRILL & BIT SETS & DRILL BITSPrecision combination bits for usecarbon steel.11 piece masonry drill bit set. ComesFor all applications in wood andwith hand brace or power drill. Sizes in an easy to carry, lightweight, rigidwooden materials. Fast and precise10mm (3/8) 13mm (1/2) 19mmCode Unitand secure case. Twist lid to allowcutting thanks to specially hardened(3/4) 22mm (7/8) 25mm (1). In access to one size at a time. Lid canpre-cutters. Extremely accurateblister display packaging. SIL633483 Eachbe left in neutral position to stopcentring without tear-out at the drill bits from falling out. Sizes: 3mmedge of the hole. 1/4 hexagonalCode Unit Silverline 633685 Stubby x2, 4mm x2, 5mm x2, 6mm x2, 7mm,shaft prevents the drill bit fromHIL50400005 Each Auger Bit Set8mm and 10mm. slipping into the drill chuck. Extra long dimensions and extension Code Unit available. Heller QuickBIT system:Irwin Auger BitRSTRST1005 Each perfectly designed for use with cordless machines.Ideal for cordless drills.Suitable for Beams, Chipboard, RST 1006 Masonry Drill BitHardwood, Laminated Chipboard, Set 8pc Plywood, Softwood and Veneered Wood. Set included 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, all in a plastic case.Code UnitHEL164900 Each Precision ground, hardened high HEL177443 Each carbon steel auger bits.Coarse screw point for faster HEL177450 Each boring into all types of woodCode Unit Single spur design for smootherHilka SDS Drill Bits 450mmhole finish SIL633685 Each3pcCode Size Unit Silverline Auger BitNEW10502739 6mm EachNEW10502741 8mm Each8 piece Masonry Drill bit set.NEW10502744 10mm EachSuitable for masonry, brick, blockwork and stone. Includes mostNEW10502748 12mm Eachpopular sizes for plugs and fixings.NEW10502751 13mm EachSupplied in a sealed plastic case.Fits all SDS plus drills for use onNEW10502754 14mm EachSizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm,concrete masonry and blocks. 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. NEW10502757 16mm EachTungsten carbide tip sizes: 12, 16,NEW10502761 18mm EachCode Unit 24mm.RSTRST1006 Each Code Unit NEW10502764 19mm Each Precision ground, hardened high NEW10502766 20mm Each carbon steel hex shank auger bit.HIL49745003 EachSilverline (723650) TCTNEW10502769 22mm Each Code Size UnitMasonry Drill Bit Set 15 PceSilverline (628645) SDS PlusNEW10502772 24mm Each SIL633525 6 x 235mm Each3 - 10mm TCT Masonry Drill Bit SetNEW10502774 25mm Each SIL868545 8 x 235mm Each10pce 4 - 12mm NEW10502778 28mm Each SIL675063 10 x 235mm EachNEW10502782 32mm Each SIL228525 10 x 450mm EachNEW10502787 38mm Each SIL282401 12 x 235mm EachNEW10502788 40mm Each SIL427548 13 x 235mm EachSIL918519 13 x 450mm EachSilverline 298528 Auger BitSIL456923 16 x 235mm EachSet 10-25mm 5pcSIL583239 16 x 450mm EachSIL598436 18 x 235mm EachSIL196504 19 x 235mm EachTungsten carbide-tipped, sand- Tungsten carbide-tipped, sand- SIL277847 19 x 450mm Eachblasted masonry drill bits forblasted masonry drill bits forSIL783091 20 x 235mm Eachconcrete, masonry, brick, block andconcrete, masonry, brick, block andSIL793751 22 x 235mm Eachstone, supplied in a handy, soft-gripstone, supplied in a handy, soft-grip storage case. Compatible with allstorage case. Compatible with allSIL398996 22 x 450mm Each13mm 3-jaw chucks. Includes 3 x 3, 4,SDS Plus chucks. Includes 2 x 4, 2 xPrecision ground, hardened highSIL580423 25 x 235mm Each5mm, 2 x 6, 8 and 10mm bits. 5, 2 x 6, 2 x 8, 10 and 12mm bits. carbon steel auger bits. SIL969729 25 x 450mm EachCode Unit Code Unit Code Unit SIL719771 30 x 235mm EachSIL723650 Each SIL628645 Each SIL298528 Each SIL394971 32 x 235mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 459'