b'GARDENING & OUTDOOREDGING IRONSGARDENING & OUTDOOREDGING IRONSHilka Carbon Steel Edging Iron Spear & Jackson 4164NBSilverline 235757 PremiumSilverline 349762 Lawn Elements Edging Iron Lawn Edger Ash Handle 900mm Edging Knife 1000mmEdging iron with long hardwoodHeat treated (hardened) carbon steelHardened and tempered epoxy-shaft. Heat treated carbon steelhead for strength and durability.coated carbon steel head and head for increased strength andHammer finish epoxy coated head forweatherproofed premium ashEpoxy-coated with hammered finish. longevity. Powder coating providesimproved resistance to rust, scratches,T-handle. For cutting clean lawnTubular steel handle with T-shaped greater protection against rust andhumidity and alkalines in the soil.edges. Treaded blade for comfort.grip. Half-moon shape with turnover EDGING IRONS & FENCING scratches. Weatherproofed Ash wood shaft. Blade length x width: 80 x 200mm. heads for improved foot pressure.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHIL92066080 Each NEI4164NB Each SIL235757 Each SIL349762 EachFENCINGApollo Barbed Wire 1.7mm xKingfisher Plastic CoatedPowapost Drive-In Fence PostFixman Fence Repair Spike25m Garden Wire Spike Twin BoltCode Size UnitThe four fin spike is designed forSIL657188 75 x 75mm Eacheasy insertion with minimal twisting,SIL935341 100 x 100mm Eachand secure anchorage into the ground. Twin Bolt arrangementFixman Drive-in Post Anchor mechanically tightens around the750mmpost allowing easy removal of Multi purpose use. damaged or rotten posts.Code UnitAPO74985 Each Code Size Unit Code Size UnitBONGSW102 1mm x 30m Each BPCDPS/100/750 100 x 100 x 750mm EachApollo Fence Clip BONGSW102B 2mm x 20m Each BPCDPS/50/600 50 x 50 x 600mm EachBPCDPS/75/600 75 x 75 x 600mm EachKingfisher Galvanised GardenCode Size UnitWire Powapost Bolt Down Post SIL721020 75 x 75 x 750m EachShoe Twin BoltSIL764981 100 x 100 x 750m EachFixman 376663 Easy Grip Post Shoe 75 x 75mmCode Size UnitAPO76423 41mm EachBefore drilling, use the shoe as a APO76424 52mm Each template to mark drill hole positions. For general purpose use. Then secure the shoe to the surface Kingfisher GSW101 HeavyCode Size Unit using four bolts suitable for the job.Duty Fencing Wire 5m BONGSW103 1.2mm x 20m Each Code Size Unit Code UnitBONGSW103B 1.6mm x 15m Each BPCPS1100 100 x 100mm Each SIL376663 EachBONGSW103C 2mm x 10m Each BPCPS150 50 x 50mm EachBPCPS175 75 x 75mm Each Fixman Bolt Down Post ShoePowapost Repair SpikeFixman 602010 Easy Grip Post SpikeSturdy welded shoe which provides an easy solution to broken or rotted timber posts that have been 3mm plastic coated fence wire.previously set into concrete. Code Size UnitMulti-purpose use. Code Size Unit 75 x 75 x 750mm SIL926988 50 x 50mm EachCode Unit BPCRS100 100 x 100mm Each Code Unit SIL995311 75 x 75mm EachBONGSW101 Each BPCRS75 75 x 75mm Each SIL602010 Each SIL721033 100 x 100mm Each162 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'