b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESTROWELS & ACCESSORIES HAND TOOLSPLASTERERS TROWELSRagni 418S-11 Stainless SteelRST Finishing Trowel Silverline (373507) PlasteringSpear & Jackson Carbon Plasterers Trowel 11 Trowel Soft-Grip 280mm Plastering Trowel Soft GripTROWELS & ACCESSORIESLightweight strong diecast aluminium tang. Rivets for longer life and added 11 x 4 3/4 (28 x 12cm). HandleCode Size Unit strength.ABS plastic. Stainless Steel with Durasoft HandleCode Size UnitCode Unit RSTRTR11SSD 11 (280mm) Each High quality hardened and temperedNEI10611CSF/14 11 EachRAG418S Each RSTRTR13SSD 13 (330mm) Each carbon steel blade. Comfortable, soft-grip handle. Ideal for grabbingNEI10613CSF/14 13 EachRSTRTR14SSD 14 (350mm) Each and flipping plaster onto walls. Ragni Plasterering Trowel RSTRTR16SSD 16 (400mm) Each Smooth edges enable clean andSpear & Jackson Plastering Stainless Steel with Soft Grip Handle flat application of plaster. Size 120 xTrowel Stainless Steel Soft Grip280mm.RSTRTR124BS 11 (280mm) EachCode UnitRSTRTR13S 13 (330mm) EachRSTRTR14S 14 (350mm) Each SIL373507 EachStainless Steel with Wooden Handle Silverline 457009 Economy RSTRTR124SS 11 (280mm) Each Plastering Trowel 230 xLightweight strong diecast Carbon steel blade. High-tensileGrade B with Wooden Handle aluminium tang. Rivets for longer life strength. Very hard wearing. Blade100mmbonded to stem, guaranteed forRSTRTR124B 11 (280mm) Each and added strength.life. Original banana-shaped handle.Code Size UnitSwept back stem. Aluminium die- RST RTR6025 Finishing cast handle. Handle ABS plastic. Trowel 11x4.5 Blue PlasticNEI10611SF/14 11 EachCode Size Unit Handle NEI10613SF/14 13 EachRAGR318-11 11 Each POINTING TROWELSRAGR318-13 13 x 4.3/4 EachEconomy plastering trowel withCK 5060 Pointing Trowel 6Ragni R418-11 Plasteringplastic handle for small patching jobs Trowel with Easi-Grip Handlearound the home. 100 x 230mm.11 x 4.3/4Code UnitSIL457009 EachPlastic Handled Finishing Trowels, available for light DIY or heavier use.Silverline CB58 PlasteringCode Size Unit Shaped plastic handleTrowel 280mm Plastic tang CEK5060 6 (150mm) EachSpring steel blade For lightweight use Hilka Soft Grip Pointing TrowelCarbon steel blade. High tensileCode Unitstrength. Hard wearing. Easi-Grip 2-component handle provides betterRSTRTR6025 Eachgrip and comfort for all day use. Blade to rivet bonding system isRSTMXS73SS - Marshalltown guaranteed for life. Excellent knuckleMXS73SS Cement Trowel clearance between handle and blade.Stainless Steel 14 x 4.3/4 Fully hardened and tempered with 1 year guarantee. Shaped handle provides a firm gripthe latest designed soft grip handle.Code Unit and day-long comfort. 8-rivet fixingCode Size UnitRAGR418-11 Each ensures stability and flexibility, making this a vital addition to anyHIL66306004 4 (100mm) EachRSTMXS1SS - Marshalltownplasterers tool bag. HIL66306006 6 (150mm) EachMXS1SS Finishing TrowelCode UnitStainless Steel 11 x 4.5 SILCB58 Each Marshalltown M46114D London Pointing Trowel 4x2 Spear & Jackson 10611SFDurasoft HandleStainless Steel FinishingCurved Wood Handle Trowel Soft Grip 11 Highest Grade hardened andtempered blade, properly shapedCurved Wood HandleAluminium alloy Xtralite mounting,Highest grade hardened andlightweight and very strongDurasoft Handletempered blade, properly shaped Bevelled work edges preventForged from a single piece of highAluminium alloy Xtralite mounting,surface aggregate from popping carbon steel for unsurpassedlightweight and very strong Will rust if not taken care ofstrength Beveled work edges preventproperly but far superior to London Pattern - The heel has surface aggregate popping stainless in keeping a sharp edge rounded edgesCode Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitMARMXS1SS Each MARMXS73SS Each NEI10611SF 11 (280mm) Each MARM46114D EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 351'