b'DECORATINGSEAM ROLLERSDECORATINGSEAM ROLLERS SPECIALIST WOODWORK SURFACE PREPARATIONRodo FLPH002 WallpaperLiberon IP1L Iron Paste 1L Liberon TUP3PM 3 Part Smoother Touch-Up Pen Mahogany Everbuild Wonder WipesSEAM ROLLERS, SPECIALIST WOODWORK & SURFACE PREPARATIONBlack graphite paste used to protect and decorate cast and wrought Multi-sided product, developed toironwork. Producing a silver or ensure the smooth application of allblack look, it does not flake off, andIdeal for disguising superficial wallcoverings. Use for the removalis suitable for home decorating.scratches and small blemishes on of air bubbles, to achieve a smoothEspecially suited to ornamentalfinished wooden surfaces. Featuring finish. Including an angled edge toironwork, cast iron grates, and firea sculptured pen tip that works at allMulti-Use Wonder Wipes have allow coverage into corners. irons. angles. Helps to replace faded colourbecome the first choice wipe of the on small areas of wood. Pens includenations builders and tradesmen Code Unit Code Unit three colour tones per pack. .Specially formulated to clean hands, RODFLPH002 Each LIBIP1L Each tools and surfaces from wet and Code Unit semi-cured paint, sealant, adhesive, Liberon RINGR125 RingLIBTUP3PM Each bitumen, expanding foam, oil, grease Silverline 225816 WallpaperRemover 125ml and even silicone. Particularly useful Smoother 280mm SURFACEwhen there is no water on site.PREPARATION Code Desc. UnitEVEWIPE80 Tub 100Bartoline Sugar Soap EVEGIANTWIPE Giant Tub Tub 300EVEMONSTERW Monster Tub Tub 500Everbuild Glass Cleaner 1LFor removal of most white water marks and heat marks from highly Flexible polypropylene smoothingpolished surfaces, including French tool with ergonomic ribbed handlepolishes, lacquers, varnishes and for comfortable, controlled use.modern hard finishes. Revives and Contoured edges smooth outshines most finishes. Apply by cloth.bubbles and creases from wallpaper during hanging, and also reducesCode Unitvisible joins in paper. Can also beLIBRINGR125 Eachused as a paint splatter guard whenBartoline Sugar Soap Liquid painting ceilings and architrave.Liberon RSG250G Rabbit SkinConcentrate is specially formulated Length 280mm. for the cleaning and preparation of Glue 250g all paintwork prior to painting. Dilute Code Unit with water before use. Removes dirt SIL225816 Each and grease. It may also be used as a highly effective general purposeGlass Cleaner is a powerful glass household cleaner, simple to use and SPECIALISTnon-toxic. cleaning agent containing a high level of detergents and solvents for WOODWORK Code Desc. Unit rapid drying to a smear and static Liquid free finish. May also be used on Liberon BC500 BurnishingRabbit Skin Glue is a traditional,tiling, VDUs, TV screens, chrome etc.Cream 500ml natural animal skin glue that isBAR69404811 500ml Eachmainly used in gesso and sizeBAR69404670 1L Each Code Unitpreparations for gilding purposes. Powder EVEGLACL EachCode Unit BAR69400390 500g EachLIBRSG250G Each Spray Everbuild Graffiti Remover BAR69404820 500ml Each 400mlLiberon VDC500G Van Dyck Crystals 500g Bird Sugar Soap Spray 500mlBurnishing Cream is designed to clean, revive and rejuvenate highly polished interior surfaces such as French Polish, lacquers and varnishes. This cream can also be used to remove haze and bloomTraditional and natural water-based from most modern finishes, aswood dye made from walnut husks.Powerful non-drip gel formula, works well as cover superficial scratches.They produce a colour ranging fromon vertical and horizontal surfaces Suitable for antique and moderna very light brown to dark brownTraditional degreaser used toto remove paint, felt tip marker pen furniture, it will clean ivory, tortoisedepending upon the concentration, andprepare surfaces before painting andand most other forms of casual shell, mother of pearl, Papier-mch,are the traditional method used foras a household grease and grimegraffitti. Water washable, effective brass inlays and fittings. colouring oak, mahogany and walnut. remover (tiles etc). on all substrates.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitLIBBC500 Each LIBVDC500G Each BIR0563 Each EVEGRAFF Each104 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'