b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEJUGS & POURERS OIL CANS OIL FILTER TOOLS PARTS WASHERS & TRAYSHilka 2L Plastic MeasuringSilverline 380451 Oil SuctionSilverline (727575) OilHilka Stainless Steel Magnetic Jug with Lid & Spout Gun 500cc Suction Gun 500cc Metal Tray 6AUTOMOTIVEFor removing and refilling gear oil. Supplied with 280mm hose. OverallFor removing and refilling non-length 300mm. corrosive liquids in restricted areas such as gearboxes, crankcases, Code Unit axles, and transmissions. A notched-SIL380451 Each shaft T-bar plunger with moulded Versatile measuring jug for use atplastic handle and double-edged home, garage or workshop. CompleteSilverline MS82 Oil Canseal, and a 280mm flexible hosePowerful permanent magnets. Holds with flexible spout. Suitable for mostensures controlled suction. Overallheavy tools and small steel parts. 500cc length 300mm. Great for keeping small parts safe. liquids including oil and fuel. The stainless steel resists corrosion.Code Unit Code UnitSIL727575 Each Code Size UnitHIL84808602 Each HIL11901006 6 (150mm) EachSilverline Measuring Jug Silverline 675089 Oil DrainSilverline 250007 Magnetic Pan 6L Tray Set 95 x 65mm 4pcPump operated, pressed steel oil can with flexible spout.Code UnitSILMS82 EachProduced from polyethylene. MetricSmall, stainless steel trays with graduations. Max. temperature 120C. OIL FILTER TOOLS 6 litre oil drain pan with pouring lip. strong magnets that attach to any Code Size Unit Code Unit ferrous surface. Useful for retaining Silverline (712812) Oil Filtersmall metal fixings.SIL633908 250ml Each Pliers 250mm SIL675089 EachSIL868838 500ml Each Code UnitSIL675289 1000ml Each OILS SIL250007 EachSIL282598 2000ml EachSIL427703 5000ml Each Carplan CAB010 Adblue 10L Silverline 379878 Magnetic Parts Dish Set Hi-Vis 135mm Silverline Graduated Pourer 3pcDrop-forged alloy steel with PVC double-dipped handles for comfortable grip. Phosphate coated for corrosion resistance. Allows easy removal of filters. Jaw capacity 45 - 135mm.Code UnitSIL712812 EachSilverline (867613) Oil DrainAttach to any ferrous surface, such Plug Key Set 6pce as workbench, machinery or vehicle. Polyethylene pourer with metricCarlube AdBlue is a light, colourlessColour coding provides method of graduations. 32.5% Aqueous Urea Solution usedkeeping small parts separated and as a fluid in the latest generationsorted until needed. Magnetism Code Size Unit of diesel-powered Euro IV, Eurotransfers to inner surface to retain SIL380741 1L Each V & Euro VI trucks. AdBlue mustcontents. 135mm dia.SIL427716 5L Each comply with the DIN700070 and ISOCode Unit22241specifications and is known asSIL379878 Eachautomotive grade urea solution, AUS Silverline Measuring Jug 32 & AdBlue.Silverline 633950 Magnetic Code Unit Tool Rack Set 3pcDouble-ended steel key set inTETCAB010 Eachhardened and tempered steel with satin chrome finish. Fits most common vehicle oil drain plugsHAND TOOLSon engines, gearboxes and backSee pages 197-371axles. Double ended. Includes T-bar. Heavy duty jug with metric andIncludes 5 keys and ten sizes: 14 x 17mm hex, 10 x 12mm hex, 9mm xPowerful magnet that holds tools imperial graduations. 5/8 hex, 8 x 13mm square, and 3/8securely. Made from heavy duty Code Size Unit x 11mm square. carbon steel. Includes fixings.SIL380142 1.5L Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL380445 5L Each SIL867613 Each SIL633950 Each212 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'