b'DECORATINGPOLISHDECORATINGPOLISH ROLLERS & TRAYSRustins Button Polish Fit For Job 9PT Plastic TrayFit For Job FRRT001 MasonrySilverline Roller Sleeve9 Roller SetPOLISH & ROLLERS & TRAYSHigh-quality roller sleeves for fast, easy coverage of large areas. Short pile for smooth surfaces, medium Manufactured from refined shellac9 black plastic roller tray. pile for uneven surfaces and long dissolved in industrial alcohol.pile or sheepskin for rough surfaces.Suitable for French Polishing woodCode Unitwhere a more orange or goldenCode Type Unittone is required. Suitable for sealingROD9PT Each Masonry set consisting of 9 unifibre300mmwood before waxing. When applied18mm pile sleeve with 1.5 cageSIL196511 Medium Eachcorrectly this will produce a highFit For Job Roller Refills frame and 9 black tray.gloss finish. Alcohol evaporatesCode Unit Silverline Aluminium rapidly leaving a film of shellac on the surface of the timber. TraditionalRODFRRT001 Each Extension Polepolish, more orange than French PolishMade from refined shellac andFit For Job MRT Mini Roller industrial alcoholHigh gloss finish Tray 100mm / 4Code Size UnitRUSBUTP125 125ml EachRUSBUTP300 300ml EachRustins Finish Reviver 125ml Lightweight yet strong, ribbed aluminium extension pole with tapered end to fit paint roller and Triple pack polyester roller refills. squeegee handles. Twist and lock length adjustment. Rigid when Code Size Unit 4 black plastic roller tray. Fits up toextended. Universal screw thread RODFFJ157TP 7 x 1.5 Pk 3 4 rollers. and tapered push-fit adaptor (22RODFFJ159TP 9 x 1.5 Pk 3 Code Unit 28mm).RODMRT Each Code UnitFit For Job FRKT003 RollerSIL220164 3m EachIf the original finish has lost its lustreSet 100mm / 4 Fit For Job PSET Roller & Tray SIL633699 2m Eachor has fine surface scratches, the Finish Reviver will restore the gloss and remove minor surface defects.Silverline Extension PoleWater marks and heat marks can also be removed unless they have penetrated right through the finish to the wood. If unfortunately this has happened, the only remedy is to remove the old finish completely with Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper and re-finish.Code UnitRUSFINR125 Each Lightweight, strong steel extension pole with tapered end to fit paint 1 x emulsion & 1 x gloss roller refills. Budget polyester refill, frame androller and squeegee handles. Twist Rustins French Polish plastic tray.Code Unit and lock length adjustment. Rigid Code Size Unit when extended. Push-fit connection.RODFRKT003 EachRODPSET 9/228mm Each Code Size UnitFit For Job Roller Refills 4 RODPSET7 7/180mm Each SIL250175 1.1 - 2m EachSIL250182 1.6 - 3m EachFit For Job PSET159 Frame Only 9 x 1.5 Silverline 271515 Roller Frame & 10 rollers 254 x 40mmTraditional French Polish is made from shellac and industrial alcohol. Suitable for French Polishing all dark and light coloured woods, when a light to medium brown tone is required. Suitable for sealing wood before waxing. When applied correctly this will produce a high gloss finish. Alcohol evaporates rapidly leaving a film of shellac onIdeal for use on all smooth and semi- Zinc-faced metal roller frame with the surface of the timber. smooth surfaces. 5 wire, 8mm bar cage frame, withdurable plastic handle. Includes 10 Code Size Unit Code Type Unit plastic screw fit handle. acrylic rollers.RUSFREP125 125ml Each RODFRRE002 Foam Pk 10 Code Unit Code UnitRUSFREP300 300ml Each RODFRRE004 Emulsion Pk 10 RODPSET159 Each SIL271515 Each94 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'