b'DECORATINGWOOD TREATMENTWOOD TREATMENT DECORATINGWOOD PRESERVERBarrettine Nourish & ProtectEverbuild Wood Preserver Ronseal 5 Year Woodstain Ronseal Multi-Purpose Wood Wood Protective Treatment TreatmentWOOD TREATMENTA range of solvent based solutions of active fungicides specifically designed Barrettine Wood Protector is a woodto deeply penetrate all wood andMulti-Purpose Wood Treatment sealer for rough, sawn or smoothjoinery to give long lasting protection.protects all interior and exterior timber. It contains water repellentAn ideal pre-treatment which may bewood from rot and insect attacks. resins and a biocide film woodoverpainted, varnished or stained. It soaks deep into the wood so preserver to prevent the surfaceCode Colour Unit prevents future infestations from growth of mould/algae and together1L woodworm and other insects. It can this helps reduce decay, swelling,Ronseal 5 Year Woodstain isalso be sprayed so application is twisting of wood. EVELJCR01 Clear Each independently guaranteed by thequick and easy.Code Colour Unit 25L BBA to waterproof and protect yourCode Size UnitEVELJCR25 Clear Each exterior wood for a full 5 years. 1L The easy to apply woodstain hasRON37647 2.5L EachBARPTBL001 Black Each 5L been specially developed to giveRON37648 5L EachBARPTCL001 Clear Each EVELJCR05 Clear Each ultimate protection against all types EVELJDO05 Dark Oak Each of weather. Suitable for bare or BARPTDB001 Dark Brown Each previously stained wood, and idealRonseal Total Wood PreserverBARPTGB001 Gold Brown Each EVELJFG05 Fir Green Each for doors, window frames, cladding, BARPTHG001 Holly Green Each EVELJGC05 Golden Chestnut Each garden furniture and all smooth EVELJRC05 Red Cedar Each planed timber.BARPTLB001 Light Brown EachBARPTRC001 Red Cedar Each EVELJSB05 Silver Birch Each Code Colour Unit2.5L EVELJSG05 Slate Grey Each 2.5LBARPTBL2.5 Black Each Everbuild LumberjackRON30956 Mahogany EachBARPTCL2.5 Clear Each Woodworm Killer 5L RON30957 Dark Mahogany EachBARPTDB2.5 Dark Brown Each RON30958 Antique Pine EachBARPTGB2.5 Gold Brown Each RON30959 Dark Oak Each Ideal for sheds and fences, our Total Wood Preserver prevents rot, BARPTHG2.5 Holly Green Each RON30960 Teak Each decay and wood discolouring fungi. BARPTLB2.5 Light Brown Each RON30961 Walnut Each It also protects against woodworm BARPTRC2.5 Red Cedar Each RON34972 Natural pine Each infestation so your wood stays healthy.5L RON36594 Natural Oak EachBARPTBL005 Black Each RON36622 Black Ebony Each Code Colour UnitBARPTCL005 Clear Each RON36950 Oak Each 2.5LBARPTDB005 Dark Brown Each RON37460 Smoked Walnut Each RON37654 Clear EachReady to use treatment for theRON37655 Dark Brown EachBARPTGB005 Gold Brown Each eradication of all types and life250mlBARPTHG005 Holly Green Each stages of wood boring insects andRON30379 Walnut Each RON37656 Light Brown EachBARPTLB005 Light Brown Each their larvae, specifically woodworm.RON30380 Mahogany Each RON37657 Green EachThe added insecticide also aidsRON37663 Black EachBARPTRC005 Red Cedar Each to actively kill the woodworm andRON30381 Teak Eachprotect against re-infestation. LowRON30382 Antique Pine Each 5LBarrettine Wood PreserverSolvent. Low Odour. Low VOC. RON37658 Clear EachClear 5L Code Unit RON30383 Dark Mahogany Each RON37659 Dark Brown EachRON30384 Dark Oak EachEVELJWORM05 Each RON36592 Natural Oak Each RON37660 Light Brown EachRON36621 Ebony Each RON37661 Green EachEverbuild Wet Rot WoodRON37664 Black EachHardener 250ml RON36948 Oak EachRON37458 Smoked Walnut EachRON37538 Natural pine Each750mlRON30385 Walnut EachRON30386 Mahogany EachA high-quality low odour solventRON30387 Teak Eachbased, deep penetrating preserver which is used for the protectionRON30388 Antique Pine Eachagainst wood destroying fungi (wetWet Rot Wood Hardener is a highlyRON30389 Dark Mahogany Eachrot), wood discolouring fungi andpenetrative solution of selected resinsRON30390 Dark Oak Eachwood boring insects. Provides a semi- in solvent which soaks deep into the transparent matt/satin finish allowingfibres of decaying wood and dries toRON34571 Natural pine Eachthe natural wood texture to be visible. leave the wood hard and resistant toRON35956 Ebony Eachfurther moisture penetration. QUALITY Code Colour Unit RON36593 Natural Oak Each PRODUCTS AT A BARWOCL005 Clear Each Code Unit RON36949 Oak EachBARWORC005 Red Cedar Each EVEWOODHARD2 Each RON37459 Smoked Walnut Each GREAT PRICEOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 109'