b'GARDENING & OUTDOORSHOVELSGARDENING & OUTDOORSHOVELSDOUBLE SHOVEL DRAINING TOOL GRAFTING TOOL MINI SHOVELSCarter Double Shovel PostBulldog 5NDAM Draining ToolBulldog 5GTAM All SteelSilverline (877156) Fibreglass Holer 54 16 Grafting Tool Square Head Micro Shovel 705mm Scissor action Post holer used forThis solid forged Newcastle drainingSolid forged from one piece of steel SHOVELS clearing rubble and soil from postshovel is ideal for digging holes,to give maximum strength. The holes narrow blade design allows thisCompact shovel with heavy duty deep narrow trenches, cable, pipegrafting tool to dig out trenches andsteel head, fibreglass shaft and MYD Pointed tip for greater penetration and drain channels or post holes. Ithandle. Treaded for extra force. Ideal Tubular Steel has a solid forged blade, steel shaftmaterial in manageable amounts.for digging in confined areas such as and metal YD hilt with wooden crossThe slightly dished blade and round Carbon Steel dished blade for extracutting edge is designed for diggingdeep holes and ditches.strength piece for added comfort. clay and heavy ground work.Code Size Unit Code UnitCode Unit Code UnitBUL5NDAM 400mm Each SIL877156 EachCARPOSTTS Each BUL5GTAM EachHilka 55909100 DoubleNewcastle Drainer 16 AllSilverline (976334) Fibreglass Shovel Fibreglass 1200mm Steel MYD Handle Carter Solid Socket ClayRound Head Micro Shovel Grafter All Steel 705mmFor heavy duty professional use. Correctly hardened and temperedDesigned for digging deep andCompact shovel with heavy duty blades. Fibre glass shaft for strengthnarrow trenches, channels andWith a slightly dished blade andsteel head, fibreglass shaft and MYD and flexibility. 141mm x 285mm xpost holes. Product handle 28 /round cutting edge, designed forhandle. Treaded for extra force. Ideal 385mm head. 711mm. All steel MYD. Blade 7 wide.clay digging and heavy groundfor digging in confined areas such as Tapering to 4 by 16 long. breaking. Handle 28 / 711mm. Bladedeep holes and ditches.Code Unit 6 Wide x 12 Long. Weight 2.3kg.Code UnitHIL55909100 Each Code Unit Code UnitCAR16SSMY EachCARCGSSMY Each SIL976334 EachSilverline GT41 Post HoleSpear & Jackson 2153AE All Digger 1560mm Steel Draining Tool Spear & Jackson 2131GZ AllSilverline 282518 Mini Square Steel Grafting Tool Nose Shovel 700mmHardened steel blade with hardwood handle. For digging fence post holes.A solid forged heavy duty shovel Quick and easy removal of soil.specifically for extending narrow Produces deep narrow vertical sidetrenches, drainage channels, plusA solid forged heavy duty spade forIdeal for digging in confined areas holes, requiring less concrete to fill. laying pipes and cables. digging heavy clay or stony soil. such as deep holes and ditches.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSILGT41 Each NEI2153AE Each NEI2131GZ Each SIL282518 EachOPEN SOCKETBulldog 2007 Alloy GrainCarter Open Socket T-HandleSilverline 157544 AluminiumSilverline 868763 Square Shovel T Handle Shovel Shovel 1020mm Mouth Shovel 680mm2007 - Used mostly in the food and farming industry. Round blade, whichOpen Socket Square Mouth shovels. Aluminium, square-mouthed shovel is specifically designed for shovellingwith durable wooden shaft andSquare mouth shovel with grain. Light rustproof and easy toCode Size Unit D handle. Dual-riveted head andpolypropylene shaft and PD handle.sterilise. Ash shaft. CAR04OSET Size 4 Each handle. Weight 1kg.Code Unit CAR06OSET Size 6 Each Code Unit Code UnitBUL2007 Each CAR10OSET Size 10 Each SIL157544 Each SIL868763 Each180 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'