b'STRIKING TOOLSCLEANING & HOUSEWARESSTRIKING TOOLS PLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERSDekton DT10110 Stubby ClawDekton Rubber MalletDekton DT10590 13" Multi Hammer 8oz Fibreglass Purpose Hatchet Dekton Long Nose PliersMallet with Durable Rubber Head. Durable carbon steel with polishedFibreglass handle for shock4 in 1 multi tool features a hatchet, finish. Comfortable groove cushionabsorption. Ergonomic anti-slip grip.hammer, pry bar & nail puller. handle. Magnetic nail starter.Ideal for DIY and camping. Perfect for both construction andTwo-component handle with slip guard. Heat treated fully polished PLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERS & STRIKING TOOLS Fibreglass core for shock absorption. Code Size Unit dismantling. Ergonomic anti slip gripsteel. Anti-slip, ergonomic handles.handle. Ideal for DIY and camping.Code Unit DEKDT10220 16oz Each Code Size UnitDEKDT10110 Each DEKDT10224 32oz Each Code UnitDEKDT10590 Each DEKDT20141 6" EachDekton Fibreglass ClawDekton DT10320 Cross PeinDEKDT20144 8" EachHammer Hammer Wooden Handle 20mm Dekton Pro BolsterDekton Diagonal PliersPro Bolster with shock absorbing Fibreglass core for shock absorption.hand guard.Cushioned anti-slip handles. DurableIdeal for engineers and general use.Code Size Unitcarbon steel. 16oz/453g. Claw for pryingSuitable for sheet metalwork, shapingTwo-component handle with slip and nail removal. Ideal for industrialmetal, starting panel pins & tacks.DEKDT10710 2" (50mm) Each guard. Heat treated fully polished settings, at home, or for trade. Wooden handle with steel head. DEKDT10715 4" (100mm) Each steel. Anti-slip, ergonomic handles.Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitDEKDT10320 Each Dekton Pry Bar - Oval ShankDEKDT20142 6" EachDEKDT10128 8oz Each with GrooveDEKDT10119 16oz Each DEKDT20145 8" EachDekton DT10340 Ball Pein DEKDT10132 20oz Each Hammer Wooden Handle 8oz Dekton Combination PliersDekton Claw Hammer Carbon SteelHeavy Duty Pry Bar. Ultra strong carbon steel. Square section blades minimise springing and bending.Ideal for engineers and generalCode Size Unituse.Wooden handle with steelDEKDT10810 14" Each Two-component handle with slip Drop forged. Durable carbon steel. head. Suitable for sheet metalwork,DEKDT10812 18" Each guard. Heat treated fully polished striking punches, shaping metal andsteel. Anti-slip, ergonomic handles.Code Size Unit closing rivets. DEKDT10814 24" EachDEKDT10129 8oz Each Code Size UnitDEKDT10121 16oz Each Code Unit Dekton DT10830 Pry Bar SetDEKDT20143 6" EachDEKDT10340 Each 4pc DEKDT20146 8" EachDekton Rubber MalletDekton DT10550 1.5lb AxeDekton DT20210 Mini Side Wood Handle Cutting PliersMallet with Durable Rubber Head. Ergonomic anti-slip grip. Ideal for DIY and camping. Hardened steel handles. Square section blades minimise springing Code Size Unit Heavy duty axe with hardwoodand bending. Black parkerized finishHeavy duty with anti slip grips. Spring DEKDT10210 8oz Each handle. Carbon steel. Heat treated. helps to prevent corrosion. release. Heat treated carbon steel.DEKDT10214 16oz Each Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT10216 32oz Each DEKDT10550 Each DEKDT10830 Each DEKDT20210 Each6 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'