b'HAND TOOLSELECTRICIANS TOOLSFEATHER EDGES &FILES HAND TOOLSDARBYSHilka Engineer File Set 8 3pc RST Wooden File Handle Silverline 633735 File Set Silverline Feather Edge Second Cut 3pcHardwood handle with ferrule. ELECTRICIANS TOOLS, FEATHER EDGES & DARBYS & FILESHigh quality steel for professionalHandle length 3 (75mm).cutting with ergonomic twoTough, hardened and tempered steel For final surface finishing. Light andcomponent soft grip handles. DoubleCode Size Unit files. Second cut. Includes 150mm maneuvrable. Also used as straightsided with integral storage hangingRSTRFH03 3 Each flat file, 150mm round file, 175mm edge for ruling and cutting. hole. Contents: flat, half round, andRSTRFH04 4 Each three-square file. Plastic handles round files. with hanging hole.Code Size Unit RSTRFH05 5 EachCode Unit RSTRFH06 6 Each Code UnitSIL633660 1200mm Each SIL633735 EachSILSL40 1800mm Each HIL69800003 EachSilverline 244953 Square FileSilverline 656572 Flat File Silverline SL42 PlasteringHilka Engineers File SetSecond Cut 250mm Second Cut 250mmDarby 1200mm 250mm 5pc250mm engineers flat file. Second 250mm engineers square file.cut approx 36 teeth per inch. Soft-Second cut approx 36 teeth per inch.grip handle with hanging hole.Soft-grip handle with hanging hole.Cross-section profile includesCode Unitstrengthening spine for rigidity. 2High quality files with 2 componentCode Unit SIL656572 Eachwooden handles can be positionedsoft grip handles. Files are producedSIL244953 Eachto suit the user and are fitted withto British standard. The set is tieSilverline 675035 Half Round callus prevention stops. card packed and contains 250mmSilverline 282376 Round FileFile Second Cut 250mmCode Unit (10) triangle flat half round squareSecond Cut 250mmand round files.Aluminium Code UnitSILSL42 Each HIL69800005 Each250mm engineers half-round file. FILES Hilka Flat File 8 Second cut approx 36 teeth per inch. 250mm engineers round file. SecondSoft-grip handle with hanging hole.Hilka 69790010 Needle Filecut approx 36 teeth per inch. Soft- Code UnitSet 10pc grip handle with hanging hole. SIL675035 EachCode UnitSIL282376 Each Silverline MS100 Needle File Two component soft grip handledSet 140mm 10pcfile. Produced to British standards. InSilverline 427528 Tri Square blister packaging. File Second Cut 250mmCode UnitHIL69668408 EachHilka Half Round File 8250mm engineers tri-square file. Second cut approx 36 teeth per inch. Contains assorted 140x3mm filesSoft-grip handle with hanging hole.with dipped handle includes storage1 x half-round with tapered end, 1 x wallet and display packed. Code Unit round, 1 x crossing, 1 x barrette, 1 x SIL427528 Each three square, 1 x square with tapered Code Unit Two component soft grip handledend, 1 x flat warding file, 2 x tapered HIL69790010 Each file. Produced to British standards. InSilverline 633509 Diamondflat files, 1 x round edge pillar with blister packaging. Needle File Set 140mm 10pc tapered end.Hilka Diamond File Set 5pc Code Unit Code UnitHIL69668608 Each SILMS100 EachHilka Warding File Set 6pcSilverline MS102 Warding File Soft Grip Set 100mm 6pcAssorted 140 x 3mm diamond needle Suitable for glass, ceramics,files with high-grip vinyl handles. tungsten carbide and hardened steel.Includes flat parallel, flat taper, 5mm flat, half round, 2.5mm square,Contains 6 x 100mm files with softround, knife, half-round, three- 100mm warding files, all with impact-round, 4mm triangular files. Storagegrip 2 component handle includessquare and square files. Supplied inresistant plastic handles and hanging pouch included for safe keeping. storage wallet and display packed. storage wallet. hole. Includes storage wallet.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHIL69760005 Each HIL69780006 Each SIL633509 Each SILMS102 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 235'