b'HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLS HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING CHISELSSilverline 282403 CornerSilverline Expert Wood Chisel Stanley 0-16-130 6 PieceStanley 2-16-885 Chisel 70mm 5002 Chisel Set with Oil &Dynagrip Chisel Set 5pc Sharpening Stone (6/12/18/25/32mm)WOOD WORKING TOOLSStrong, hardened steel, bevel-edged blade with 2-piece handle. Steel cap can be struck by mallet or hammer. High quality tungsten steel chisel heldSupplied with blade guard.in a spring-loaded, steel-bodied jig.Code Size UnitCode Unit SIL868526 6mm EachSIL282403 Each SIL675048 13mm EachSIL282386 19mm Each Solid Polypropylene Handle for Silverline 633495 ExpertSIL427535 25mm Each durability. High carbon steel blade.Wood Chisel Set 4pc (6, 13, 19SIL244961 32mm Each Code Unit& 25mm) SIL456912 38mm Each STA016130 Each 6, 12, 18, 25, 32mmCode UnitSilverline Wood Chisel Stanley 0-47-314 Black ChiselSTA216885 EachMarkerStanley Bevel Edge ChiselHardened steel, bevel-edged blades. Forged in one piece for strength. Includes 6, 13, 19 and 25mm chisels.Polypropylene handle. Supplied with Supplied with blade guards. protective cover.Code Unit Code Size Unit Fully heat treated forged steel blade SIL633495 Each SILCB21 6mm Each for longer life. 6mm.SILCB22 13mm Each Code Size UnitSilverline 633682SILCB23 19mm EachDurable chisel tip allows for 2STA016535 6mm Each Electricians Flooring ChiselSILCB24 25mm Each distinct lines (broad and fine) STA016540 12mm Each450mm SILCB25 32mm EachQuick drying water and oil resistantSTA016545 18mm Each SILCB26 38mm Each ink marks on almost any surface STA016551 25mm Each Easy to hook on beltStanley 0-16-128 3 PieceCode Unit Stanley Dynagrip Chisel5002 Chisel Set STA047314 Pk 2Blade for cutting floorboard tongue, bend in the shaft is used as a pivotStanley 2-16-269 Fatmax to apply leverage. Chisel Set 5pcCode UnitSIL633682 Each Blade Lacquered for corrosion protectionDIY / Beginners Wood Chisel Range.Ergonomic soft grip CAB handle for Silverline CB19 Wood ChiselSet 5pcDelivered with blade guard forcomfort and controlsafetyF orged high Chrome-Carbon steelF ully heat treated forged steelBlades for edge retentionblade for longer life Longer handle design for shock/ High Carbon Steel Blade shatter resistance in useLacquered blade for rustIncludes the following Thru Tang Manufactured in Sheffield, England prevention Chisels 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 12mm, Pre-sharpened bladeready for 6mm.Shock-proof collar between sleeveimmediate useand blade Code UnitSpecifically made for intensive use Solid Polypropylene Handle forSTA216269 Each Steel strike cap, can be used with durability hammer for increased striking Sizes 6, 13, 19, 25 and 32mm.Code Unit Stanley 2-16-883 DynagripefficiencySupplied with protective covers.STA016128 Each Chisel Set 3pc (12/18/25mm) Code Size UnitCode Unit STA016870 6mm EachSILCB19 Each Stanley 2-16-268 FatmaxSTA016871 8mm EachChisel Set 3pc STA016872 10mm EachWORKWEAR & PPE STA016873 12mm EachSee pages 559-576 STA016876 16mm EachSTA016877 18mm EachSTA016878 20mm EachSTA016879 22mm Each12, 18, 25mm STA016880 25mm EachCode Unit Code Unit STA016881 32mm EachSTA216268 Each STA216883 Each STA016882 38mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 365'