b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSSECURPAKFIXINGS & FASTENERSSECURPAK SHIELDS THROUGH BOLTSSecurPak Penny Washers ZP SecurPak Bell Wire Cable ClipsAnchor Bolt Shield Only M8 Through BoltRound WhiteCode Size (mm) UnitFOR10TB655 M6 x 55 10Masonry Anchor, Shield Only, Boxed FOR10TB875 M8 x 75 10Sold in outer of 10 bags. FOR10TB895 M8 x 95 10Code UnitSECURPAK, SHIELDS, SLEEVE ANCHORS, THREADED ROD, THROUGH BOLTS & WALL PLUGS Code Size Unit FORSHIELD8 Box 25 FOR10TB8115 M8 x 115 10MPSSP10520 M6 x 25mm Bag 18 Sold in outer of 10 bags. FOR10TB8130 M8 x 130 10MPSSP10522 M6 x 32mm Bag 10 Code Unit SLEEVE ANCHORS FOR10TB1060 M10 x 60 10MPSSP10526 M8 x 25mm Bag 18 MPSSP10632 Bag 40 FOR10TB1080 M10 x 80 10MPSSP10528 M8 x 38mm Bag 6 Sleeve Anchor Hex Nuts &FOR10TB10100 M10 x 100 10MPSSP10532 M10 x 25mm Bag 18 SecurPak Cable Clips Round Bolts FOR10TB10120 M10 x 120 10MPSSP10534 M10 x 38mm Bag 6 FOR5TB1280 M12 x 80 5FOR5TB12100 M12 x 100 5SecurPak Fold Over Screw Caps FOR5TB12120 M12 x 120 5FOR5TB12140 M12 x 140 5FOR5TB12180 M12 x 180 5Code Size Unit FOR5TB1690 M16 x 90 5Hex Bolt Bag FOR5TB16105 M16 x 105 5FOR10SX840 M8 x 40 10 FOR5TB16125 M16 x 125 5Sold in outer of 10 bags. FOR10SX865 M8 x 65 10 FOR5TB16150 M16 x 150 5FOR10SX885 M8 x 85 10 FOR5TB16180 M16 x 180 5Code Desc. Unit FOR10SX1050 M10 x 50 10MPSSP10633 White 3.5mm Bag 40 FOR5TB20160 M20 x 160 5Sold in outer of 10 bags. FOR10SX1077 M10 x 77 10 FOR5TB20220 M20 x 220 5Code Colour Unit MPSSP10634 White 4.0mm Bag 40 FOR10SX1097 M10 x 97 10 FORTB640 M6 x 40 100MPSSP10540 White Bag 30 MPSSP10635 White 5.0mm Bag 40 FOR5SX1260 M12 x 60 5MPSSP10541 Black Bag 40 MPSSP10636 White 6.0mm Bag 40 FOR5SX1299 M12 x 99 5 WALL PLUGSMPSSP10542 Beige Bag 40 MPSSP10637 White 7.0mm Bag 20 FOR5SX12129 M12 x 129 5MPSSP10543 Brown Bag 40 MPSSP10638 White 8.0mm Bag 20 FORSX840 M8 x 40 100 Expansion Plug RimlessMPSSP10639 White 10.0mm Bag 15 Hex Nut BagSecurPak Domehead RivetsMPSSP10642 Brown 7.0mm Bag 20 FOR10SA840 M8 x 40 10Alum Steel MPSSP10643 Black 7.0mm Bag 20 FOR10SA865 M8 x 65 10FOR10SA1050 M10 x 50 10SHIELDS Code Size UnitFOR10SA1077 M10 x 77 10FOR10SA1097 M10 x 97 10 FOR100RIM525 M5 x25 100Timco Shield Anchor - Hook FOR100RIM630 M6 x30 100FOR5SA1260 M12 x 60 5FOR5SA1275 M12 x 75 5 FOR100RIM840 M8 x 40 100FOR5SA1299 M12 x 99 5 FOR50RIM1050 M10 x 50 50FOR5SA12129 M12 x 129 5 FOR25RIM1260 M12 x 60 25FOR5SA16111 M16 x 111 5 FOR25RIM1475 M14 x 75 25Sold in outer of 10 bags. FOR5SA16147 M16 x 147 5 Expansion Plug RimmedCode Size Unit FORSA6518 6.5 x 18 100MPSSP10550 3.2 x 14mm Bag 15 Hook bolt complete with three MPSSP10552 4.0 x 14mm Bag 12 segment shield anchor. Zinc andTHREADED RODyellow passivated.MPSSP10554 4.0 x 18mm Bag 10Code Size Unit Threaded Rod Zinc Plated Code Size UnitSecurPak Cable Clips T&ETIM06HOOKP M6 Bag2 FOR100RMD630 M6 x 30 100Grey TIM08HOOKP M8 Bag2 FOR100RMD840 M8 x 40 100FOR50RMD1050 M10 x 50 50Timco Shield Anchor - EyeFOR25RMD1260 M12 x 60 25FOR25RMD1475 M14 x 75 25Aircrete Block Anchor 6-10sCode Size UnitSold in outer of 10 bags. FORROD6 M6 x 1m EachCode Size Unit Eye bolt complete with threeFORROD8 M8 x 1m Each A specially designed fixing for MPSSP10622 1.0mm Bag 20 segment shield anchors. Zinc andFORROD10 M10 x 1m Each aercrete block. Hammer in fixing, no MPSSP10623 1.5mm Bag 20 yellow passivated. FORROD12 M12 x 1m Each specialist tools required.MPSSP10624 2.5mm Bag 20 Code Size Unit FORROD16 M16 x 1m Each Code UnitMPSSP10626 6.0mm Bag 15 TIM08EYEP M8 Bag2 FORROD20 M20 x 1m Each FOR10ABA650 Bag 10152 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'