b'HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLS HAND TOOLSRASPS SHARPENING STONESHilka Wood Rasp File Set 8Silverline 208312 File & RaspHilka 51508021 CombiSilverline 374894 Diamond 3pc Soft Grip Set 9pc Sharpening Stone 8 Sharpening Block 160 x 55mmWOOD WORKING TOOLSHigh quality steel for professional cutting with ergonomic two component soft grip handles. DoubleFeatures 4 different grades: 200 grit sided with integral storage hanging(extra coarse), 300 grit (coarse), 400 hole. Contents: flat, half round, andgrit (medium) and 600 grit (fine). round files. 200mm x 50mm x 28mm aluminiumSturdy plastic base with non-slip Code Unit 8 rasps (flat, half-round and round)oxide stone. With coarse and smoothfeet. For most hand and garden and 8 files (flat, half-round, round,faces. With plastic case holder.tools.HIL69800113 Each triangle and square) with file cleaningBlister card packaging.brush. Includes nylon wallet. Code UnitMarshalltown Drywall RaspCode Size Unit SIL374894 EachDurasoft Handle Code Unit HIL51508021 200mm EachSIL208312 Each Silverline 427537 Diamond Silverline 228560 AluminiumSharpening Pen 80mmSilverline 245095 CarbideOxide Combi Sharpening Stone Grit File Half-Round 150mm 200x50x25mmRemoves 45% more material perAluminium oxide combinationPuts a razor-sharp edge on difficult stroke than other popular raspsFiles made from tungsten carbidesharpening stone with medium andto sharpen tools. V-shaped groove Will not clog or collect dustwelded to mild steel blanks. Unlikecoarse faces. for a precision point. 80mm 320 Works in both directionsconventional files they cut in anydiamond grit sharpening blade. Has guide rails to keep rasp ondirection and remove material muchCode Unit Pocket sized.drywall edgefaster. For use on many materialsSIL228560 Each Code UnitLong-lasting premium stainless steelincluding wood, chipboard, tiles andSIL427537 Eachbladeplaster. Silverline 263215 Diamond Contoured DuraSoft handleCode Unit Wheel Dresser 40 x 10mm ensures a good gripSilverline CB14 Combination Ends of blade get into tight spacesSIL245095 Each Head Sharpening Stone200 x 50 Sharp blade can be used on otherx 25mmmaterials such as backer board andSilverline 327567 Rotary vinyl tile Rasp Set 5pcCode Desc. UnitMARMDR389 With Rails EachMARMDR390 Without Rails Each Heavy duty diamond coated head with knurled handle. Dresses across Silverline (884616) 4-Waythe width of grinding wheel to Shoe Rasp 200mm givea flatter surface. Restores and prolongs the life of grinding wheels.Code Unit Combination silicone carbide sharpening stone with fine and SIL263215 Each medium grades. Supplied in plastic For shaping wood, plastics and lightbox.4-sided rasp for shaping of woodsalloys. 6mm shank for use in powerSilverline 349756 Diamond and plastics. Precision machineddrills. File Card Set 3pc 50 x 150mm Code Unitcutting teeth. Code Unit SILCB14 EachCode Unit SIL327567 Each Silverline Folding Diamond SIL884616 Each SharpenersSilverline MS104 Rasp Set 200mm 3pcColour-coded diamond sharpening files for sharpening pocket knives,Double-sided diamond sharpening chisels, router cutters and smallstones for sharpening and honing hand tools. Includes Coarse (blue),chisels, router cutters, plane blades Flat, half-round and round rasps withMedium (yellow) and Fine (red).and most hand tools. L x W: 100 x polypropylene soft-grip handles andUse dry or with a little water for20mm.hardened blades. ORDER ONLINElubrication.24HRS A DAYCode Grit UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL103512 325/600 Eachwww.newtonhale.co.ukSILMS104 Each SIL349756 Each SIL103516 600/1200 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 363'