b'DECORATINGOILS & KNOTTINGOILS & KNOTTING PAINT & VARNISHPAINT BRUSHES DECORATINGSTRIPPERRustins Tung Oil 500ml Creosote Paint BrushFit For Job Paint BrushEverbuild Wallpaper Stripper4/100mm500mlOILS & KNOTTING, PAINT & VARNISH STRIPPER & PAINT BRUSHESAll purpose brush offering a balance between price and quality. Made with pure black bristle and SRT Code Unit for improved performance, on an Rustins Pure Tung Oil is a pureHNHCR3 Each American maroon handle. Stainless natural non-toxic oil and issteel ferrule.completely free from solvent. It hasFit For Job Paint Brush Set Code Size Unitgood penetration into all types of timber without leaving a film andRODFFJ5 12mm Eachits special properties make it highlyRODFFJ7 19mm Eachresistant to water, alcohol and foodRODFFJ1 25mm Eachstuffs. It is additive free and safe forWallpaper Stripper is a highly use in contact with food. It forms aRODFFJ15 38mm Eachhard wearing finish making it suitableconcentrated solution of surfactantsRODFFJ2 50mm Eachfor kitchen work surfaces, choppingdesigned to strip wallpaper fast. boards and interior wood work. Dilute to make 4 gallons. RODFFJ25 63mm EachRODFFJ3 75mm EachCode Unit Code Unit All purpose brush set offering aRODFFJ4 100mm EachRUSTUNO500 Each EVEWALLSTP Each balance between price and quality. Made with pure black bristle and SRTFit For Job FFJ7RP Paper Rustins Worktop Oil 500ml Rustins Strypit for improved performance, on anHanging Brush 7/180mmAmerican maroon handle. Stainless steel ferrule.Code Size UnitRODCPBS3I 3 Pc EachRODFBPT001 5 Pc EachFit For Job No Bristle Loss Paint Brush Set A budget paper hanging brush mounted on a black textured plastic Worktop Oil is a unique water-bornestock. 7.blend of natural plant oils and otherCode Unitspecial ingredients which nourishes and protects all types of timber. It isRODFFJ7RP Eacha quick-drying wooden work surfaceCode Size Unittreatment, leaving a durable andRUSSTNF250 250ml Each Rodo FFJSFB Shed & Fence water-resistant seal which is notRUSSTNF500 500ml Each Brush 100mm / 4vulnerable to scratching or chipping.RUSSTNF1000 1L EachPlant oils used in its formulation originate from sustainable sources.No bristle loss paint brush set One litre will cover around 13 squareFENCE TREATMENT contains 1, 1.5 and 2 brushes.metres per coat depending on the absorbency of the wood. Code Size UnitCode Unit Ronseal Fence Life Plus 5L RODFBPT003 3 Pc EachRUSWOIL500 Each RODFBPT010 5 Pc EachA mixture of polyester and pure Fit For Job No Bristle Lossbristle for durability, on a green PAINT & VARNISHPaint Brush beaver tail handle, ideal for most STRIPPER wood and timber treatments.Code UnitBartoline TX10 Paint/VarnishRODFFJSFB EachStripperFit For Job NC1 Nook & Cranny BrushToughest and most versatile fenceA brush specifically developed to and shed treatment yet. It protectsdeliver a super smooth finish, with against rain, frost, snow and it wontno bristle loss guaranteed. Featuring grey in the sun. It can be used ona blue soft-grip handle for added rough sawn and smooth planedcomfort.sheds and fences and it lasts for up to five years. Completely dry in 4Code Size Unit Long plastic handle with an angled hours. pure bristle head, to allow access Provides a quick and effectiveRODFBPT004 1 Each to difficult areas for painting and method of removing paint andCode Colour Unit RODFBPT005 1.5 Each cleaning.varnishes (including polyurethane). RONFENPLUS-DOAK Dark Oak Each RODFBPT006 2 Each Code Size UnitCode Size Unit RONFENPLUS-GREY Grey Each RODFBPT007 2.5 Each RODNC1 25mm EachBAR55878754 500ml Each RONFENPLUS-SAGE Sage Each RODFBPT008 3 Each RODNC15 38mm EachBAR55878776 1L Each RONFENPLUS-SLATE Slate Each RODFBPT009 4 Each RODNC2 50mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 79'