b'GARDENING & OUTDOORWATERING & HOSESWATERING & HOSES WEED CONTROL WEEDERS GARDENING & OUTDOORWATERING CANS Kingfisher WG1 Weed GuardHilka 2 pc Extending BlockS/L 427615 Weed Slasher Control Fabric 8m x 1.5m Paving Wire Brush with800mm2 Gallon Galvanised WateringScraperCan & RoseEffective tool for clearing weeds and long grass.Code UnitSIL427615 EachWeed guard control fabric. Helps WATERING & HOSES, WEED CONTROL & WEEDERSprevent weed growth in borders,Silverline 617586 Decking paving, paths, decking and underWeed Brush 0.8 - 1.4mCode Unit bark mulch. 8m x 1.5m roll. 50gsm.HNHGALV Each Code UnitBONWG1 Each Two sets with 3 rows of 10 Green Watering Can 10L converging copper coated steel wire WEEDERS brushes with heavy duty scraper. Extending tubular steel handle 800-1400mm is easily adjusted. SecondFor clearing weeds and moss from Bulldog 1041 Weed Fork head ensures long working life. decking and patio areas, avoiding need for use of harmful chemicals. 3 Code Unit x 10 rows anodised and oil-tempered HIL55801902 Each high carbon steel wire. Heavy duty point scraper to clear the gaps Hilka Stainless Steel Handbetween boards. Hardwood head. Weeder Telescopic handle adjustable from 0.8-1.4m.The Bulldog Premier Hand Fork isCode UnitCode Unit ideal for working the top 6 of theSIL617586 Eachflower bed, easily removing any HNH10L Each perennial weeds by the roots. It has a 6 shaped wood handle which fitsSilverline 968815 Patio Kingfisher (B609CP) Metalnicely in your hand and makes forWeeder 350mmWatering Can Rose comfortable use.Code UnitBUL1041 EachBulldog 7111 Evergreen Weed Fork Hand weeder with a hardwoodQuality steel construction for handle and leather strap. Mirrorweeding in between paving slabs or polished stainless steel head forpatio blocks. Soft plastic handle for increased strength, durability, rustuser comfort.resistance and minimal soil adhesion.Code UnitSuitable for levering short rootedSIL968815 EachUniversal fitting for most wateringweeds from the roots.cans. Packed on a full colour card. This hand tool is made with the bestCode Unit Silverline GT55 Weed Hook Code Unit quality carbon steel. The heavy dutyHIL92088060 Each 500mmBONB609CP Each tang that is welded to the blade makes the tool incredibly durable.Hilka Stainless Steel Hand Watering Can A soft touch handle is fitted forWeeding Knifecomfort when gardening.Key features - Soft grip handle, Carbon steel blade, Strong Ferrule, Blade width 3 (75mm).Code UnitBUL7111 EachKingfisher PHW Patio Weeder Set 2pc Serrated steel blade with hardwood handle. For use on tough weeds.Code UnitCode Size Unit SILGT55 EachWeeding knife with a hardwood Green handle and leather strap. Mirror HNH2L 2L Each polished stainless steel head for increased strength, durability, Red rust resistance and minimal soil HNH5L 5L Each adhesion. Suitable for the removal Robust construction ideal forof weeds and moss from patios and weeding between patio slabs. pavements. QUALITY PRODUCTS AT A Code Unit Code UnitBONPHW Each HIL92088080 Each GREAT PRICEOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 193'