b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSDRILL BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESSDS PLUS DRILL BITSHeller Bionic Pro SDS+ Drill BitCode Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitHEL172981 5.5 x 160mm Each HEL156301 10.0 x 260mm Each HEL198851 16.0 x 1000mm EachHEL241588 5.5 x 210mm Each HEL159678 10.0 x 450mm Each HEL156448 18.0 x 200mm EachHEL156226 6.0 x 110mm Each HEL164658 10.0 x 110mm Each HEL159746 18.0 x 600mm EachHEL156233 6.0 x 160mm Each HEL178822 10.0 x 600mm Each HEL167093 18.0 x 450mm EachHEL156585 6.0 x 260mm Each HEL186872 10.0 x 310mm Each HEL176569 18.0 x 250mm EachThe most successful Heller hammerHEL168137 6.0 x 210mm Each HEL156318 12.0 x 160mm Each HEL186896 18.0 x 300mm Eachdrill bit of all time! The Bionic ProHEL277877 6.0 x 310mm Each HEL156325 12.0 x 210mm Each HEL198863 18.0 x 1000mm EachSDS-plus dual cutter is extremelyHEL163040 6.5 x 210mm Each HEL156332 12.0 x 260mm Each HEL156479 20.0 x 200mm Eachrobust and very powerful. TheHEL183086 6.5 x 110mm Each HEL159692 12.0 x 450mm Each HEL156486 20.0 x 450mm Eachpatented carbide drill tip guarantees DRILL BITSa long service life and, in combinationHEL193504 6.5 x 160mm Each HEL159708 12.0 x 600mm Each HEL156608 20.0 x 600mm Eachwith the optimized carbide cuttingHEL236454 6.5 x 260mm Each HEL159739 12.0 x 300mm Each HEL186902 20.0 x 300mm Eachedge, ensures especially fast drilling.HEL280853 6.5 x 360mm Each HEL198837 12.0 x 1000mm Each HEL198875 20.0 x 1000mm EachAnother advantage is the Twinmax 3D helix, which very effectively transportsHEL156257 7.0 x 160mm Each HEL156363 14.0 x 150mm Each HEL156493 22.0 x 250mm Eachdrilling dust away, and thus minimizesHEL198745 7.0 x 110mm Each HEL156370 14.0 x 200mm Each HEL156509 22.0 x 450mm Eachthe risk of dust blow back. Can be used on: Aerated Concrete, Brickwork,HEL216876 7.0 x 210mm Each HEL156387 14.0 x 250mm Each HEL236478 22.0 x 600mm EachBrick, Concrete, Aerated and PorousHEL284868 7.0 x 360mm Each HEL159715 14.0 x 600mm Each HEL236485 22.0 x 1000mm EachConcrete, Reinforced Concrete, SandHEL156264 8.0 x 160mm Each HEL163163 14.0 x 300mm Each HEL277983 22.0 x 300mm EachLime Brick.HEL156271 8.0 x 210mm Each HEL163170 14.0 x 450mm Each HEL156516 24.0 x 250mm EachCode Size Unit HEL156592 8.0 x 250mm Each HEL198844 14.0 x 1000mm Each HEL172479 24.0 x 450mm EachHEL163064 4.0 x 110mm Each HEL156615 8.0 x 450mm Each HEL156417 16.0 x 150mm Each HEL156523 25.0 x 250mm EachHEL220163 4.0 x 160mm Each HEL159661 8.0 x 110mm Each HEL156424 16.0 x 200mm Each HEL156530 25.0 x 450mm EachHEL156202 5.0 x 110mm Each HEL169349 8.0 x 310mm Each HEL156431 16.0 x 450mm Each HEL223409 25.0 x 300mm EachHEL176507 5.0 x 160mm Each HEL156288 10.0 x 160mm Each HEL159722 16.0 x 600mm Each HEL236492 25.0 x 1000mm EachHEL236429 5.0 x 210mm Each HEL156295 10.0 x 210mm Each HEL169301 16.0 x 250mm Each HEL156547 26.0 x 450mm EachHEL159654 5.5 x 110mm Each HEL186889 16.0 x 300mm Each HEL219358 26.0 x 250mm EachHeller 168113 SDS Plus TileHeller 196215 SDS Plus FlatMakita P-66070 SDS PlusSilverline 675141 SDS Plus Chisel 75 x 165mm Chisel 20 x 250mm Drill Bit Set 10pc CrossheadTungsten carbide cutting tips for smoother, faster cut and prolonged life. 4 cutting edges penetrate hard Code Unit masonry materials rapidly. Double HEL196215 Each fluted shank for efficient waste SDS Plus 75 x 165mm chisel fromCode Unit removal. Heller is ideal for removing tiles. Heller 196222 SDS PlusCode Size UnitCode Unit Spade Chisel 40 x 250mm MAKP-66070 EachSIL675141 6 x 160mm EachHEL168113 Each Makita SDS+ Drill Bit SIL245022 8 x 160mm EachHeller 196208 SDS PlusSIL598483 10 x 160mm EachHexagonal Pointed ChiselSIL196543 10 x 210mm Each250mm SIL793784 12 x 210mm EachSIL580452 14 x 210mm EachSIL719789 16 x 210mm EachCode Unit Code Size Unit SIL571510 18 x 460mm EachHEL196222 Each MAKP-29284 6.5 x 110mm Each SIL228544 20 x 460mm EachMAKB-47391 6.5 x 160mm Each SIL583256 25 x 460mm EachMakita D-14093 SDS PlusMAKB-46573 12.0 x 160mm Each SIL277861 28 x 460mm EachAdaptor MAKP-29555 14.0 x 160mm Each SIL794328 30 x 460mm EachThis 14mm SDS-plus pointed chiselMakita SDS+ Drill Bitfrom Heller is ideal for installing cables and for selective breaking jobs. Suitable for concrete, masonry and natural stone. Four-sided. Easy to sharpen. For all SDS Plus hammer drills with rotation stop. Length 250mm FIND US ON Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit FACEBOOK HEL196208 Each MAKD-14093 Each 400mmMAKP-30601 8.0mm Each @newtonhaleandsonsOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 467'