b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLPEST CONTROL CLEANING & HOUSEWARESANT & INSECT CONTROLRentokil FPW44 Pest ControlRentokil PSA137 Ant KillerRentokil PSI29 InsectrolRentokil PSO50 Spider & Hand & Surface Wipes Tub-50 Spray 300ml Insect KIller Powder 150g Crawling Insect Killer Spray Antibacterial formulation. KillsPEST CONTROL99.99% of harmful bacteria such as E.ColiAlso for use on surfaces and trapsKills ants and most household Spray directly onto spiders and Kills fleas, ants, wasps, carpet in the home and garden. Poison free insects, such as woodlice, beetles,beetles, carpet moths, woodlice,crawling insects to kill them quicklyfleas and cockroaches. The productcockroaches and other insects.Suitable for use in kitchens and Code Size Unit can be used upside down, which ishomesRENFPW44 Tub of 50 Each ideal for treating under thresholds.Effective and easy to use.Rentokil Ant Killer Spray is a fastCode Unit Code Unitacting spray designed to be safe toRENPSO50 EachRentokil FS33 Slug & Snailuse in and around the home. RENPSI29 EachTrapCode Unit Rentokil Insectrol Spray Rentokil PSO51 Bedbug Killer RENPSA137 Each SprayRentokil PSA147 Ant & Crawling Insect Spray 1LKills slugs and snails in and around the garden. Poison free. Strong, Discreet, Easy to fill and clean.Code UnitRENFS33 EachRentokil FS34 Slug & Snail Barrier Tape This insecticidal spray kills fleas,Spray directly onto bed bugs to kill ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bedbugsthem quickly.Suitable for use on and most other insects. Always readbedding, floors and surfaces.the label and product information A ready to use highly effectivebefore use. Use biocides safely. ThisCode Unitinsect killer spray which kills ants,product is intended for indoor use. RENPSO51 Eachfleas, earwigs, cockroaches and many other crawling insects. ForCode Size Unit Rentokil PSS120 Slug & Snail use indoor and outdoor. ContainsRENPSI36 250ml Each Killer Pelletscypermethrin.Adhesive copper tape. Stops slugsCode Unit Rentokil PSM73 Multi-Surface and snails in their tracks. Ideal forInsect Killer Pen 30gpots, tubs and troughs. Each packRENPSA147 Eachcontains 4 metres of tape.Code Unit Rentokil Ant & Crawling Insect PowderRENFS34 EachRentokil FS58 Spider/Crawling Insect TrapThe pellets are ideal for gardens, allotments, plant pots and tubs. Suitable for organic gardening and can be used safely around fruits and vegetables.Rainproof pellets. Contains Ferric Phosphate.A General Purpose Insect PowderKills flies and ants. Use like aCode Unitthat kills ants, cockroaches, woodlicepen - apply to most hard surfaces,RENPSS120 EachThe simple fold-together glue trapand other crawling insects. Easywindows, floors and tiles etc. Kills is easy to use and discreet. Itsto use and suitable for home andwith a single application - long also suitable for catching woodlice,garden use. lasting. This insecticidal product cockroaches, ants, carpet beetleskills fast on contact. It is clear and and other bugs that may wander intoCode Size Unit odourless. Non-sticky and easy to and around the house. RENPSA202 150g Each use. Contains Cypermethrin.Code Unit RENPSA201 300g Each Code UnitRENFS58 Pk 3 RENPSA143P 500g Each RENPSM73 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 59'