b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSFLAT BITS FORSTNER BITS & HINGE BORING BITSSilverline Flat Bit Extra Long Forgefix Tripoint Flat WoodCK 297/2 Hole Sinker/CutterSilverline 273203 Forstner Bits 35mm Bit Set 7pc 12-35mmHardened high carbon steel. Precision ground point with angled cutting edges for faster, cleanerCode Unitcutting. For hardwood, softwood,CEKT02972 Eachend grain, cross grain and laminated panels. Hex drive for use with handHilka 49900005 Wood Boring or power drills.DRILL BITS Bit 5pc Guided by the circular rim, bores any Code Size Unit Walleted 152mm arc of a circle, any direction.SIL269127 6 x 400mm Each Features a specially designed SIL771419 8 x 400mm Each hexagon shank and forged tri-pointCode Unitcutting head SIL273203 EachSIL766478 10 x 400mm Each Particularly suitable for drilling SIL501791 13 x 400mm Each hard and soft wood, plywood andSilverline 918520 TCT Hinge SIL593430 16 x 400mm Each particle boards including MDF and chipboard Boring BitSIL178043 19 x 400mm EachT win spurs reduce the lifting ofHigh quality wood boring bits made SIL790837 20 x 400mm Each wood fibres leaving a cleaner hole from special carbon steel correctly SIL243803 22 x 400mm Each 300mm extension piece to be usedhardened and tempered. Sizes 4, 5, with sizes 13mm and above 6, 8 & 10mm.SIL677275 25 x 400mm EachCode Size Unit Code UnitSilverline Flat Bit Titanium FORFMFLAT6 6mm Each HIL49900005 EachFORFMFLAT8 8mm EachRockler (502366) Long-ShankTungsten carbide tips designed for FORFMFLAT10 10mm Each Carbide-Tipped Forstner Bituse on man-made timber that blunts FORFMFLAT12 12mm Each 35mm ordinary Forstner bits quickly. Two FORFMFLAT13 13mm Each most popular sizes to fit concealed hinges in kitchens/bedrooms etc. FORFMFLAT14 14mm Each Suitable for hard and soft woods, Titanium-coated precision groundFORFMFLAT15 15mm Each veneered and laminated boards. point and angled cutting edges.FORFMFLAT16 16mm Each 26mm.Extended service life. For drilling timber and laminated panels. HexFORFMFLAT17 17mm Each Code Size Unitshank. FORFMFLAT18 18mm Each Professional quality 35mm bitSIL918520 35mm EachCode Size Unit FORFMFLAT19 19mm Each featuring durable and hard-wearing SIL508815 12mm Each FORFMFLAT20 20mm Each carbide tips, ideal for drilling flat- Silverline Forstner Bit bottomed holes. Specially designedTitaniumSIL465984 13mm Each FORFMFLAT22 22mm Each for use with the Concealed Hinge SIL238096 16mm Each FORFMFLAT24 24mm Each Jig for drilling the 35mm cup holes SIL991858 18mm Each FORFMFLAT25 25mm Each with a hand-held drill. Spiral flute construction allows for fast chip SIL117657 20mm Each FORFMFLAT26 26mm Each removal. For use with a drill press, SIL743913 22mm Each FORFMFLAT28 28mm Each hand drill and exclusive Rockler SIL316749 24mm Each FORFMFLAT30 30mm Each JIG IT Drill Guide (sold separately). Carbide tipped for long lasting SIL983751 25mm Each FORFMFLAT32 32mm Each performance and clean 35mm holes.Guided by the circular rim, bores SIL832744 28mm Each FORFMFLAT35 35mm Each 9.5mm (3/8) diameter shank. any arc of a circle, any direction. SIL955426 32mm Each FORFMFLAT38 38mm Each Code Unit Radial cutting edges, titanium-coated for extended life. Bores a true SIL673431 38mm Each FORFMFLAT40 40mm Each SIL502366 Each flat-bottomed hole. Rapid removal of waste.Code Size UnitSIL394972 35mm EachSIL589666 40mm EachPERFORMANCE SIL571492 45mm EachSIL228526 50mm EachDRILL BITS Spear & Jackson 1235 Boring Bit HSS 35mmWe are now stocking a wide range of Performance SDS+ Drill Bits , Performance Masonry Bits and Performance Flat Bits, available in a large variety of sizes.Search Performance Drill online atCode Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk NEI1235 Each462 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'