b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVE TOOLSSilverline (588812) WheelSilverline (681090) HeavySilverline (913899) ImpactSilverline (966209) Hydraulic Bearing Removal Kit 22pceDuty Tyre Lever 290mm Extension Bar Set 1/2 3pceBrake Hose Clamp 10 - 20mm 22pce 75150 & 250mm Jaw CapacityAUTOMOTIVESpecifically forged for use onHardened and tempered steel clamp Quality, drop-forged and temperedpowered impact tools. Precisionwith one-handed action for clamping chrome molybdenum steel for highcold-forged, hardened and temperedhydraulic pipes such as break hoses. strength. Wide handle relieves handchrome vanadium steel. Clear,Vinyl-dipped handles for comfort. pressure under high force. Largelaser-etched sizes and industrialElectroplated finish.shovel tip holds tyre bead securely.phosphate-coated for tough Extra long for high leverage. Suitablecorrosion resistance. Side wall holeCode Unitfor use with motorcycle, smallfor ball or pin locking to the tool.SIL966209 EachHeavy duty steel drifts withagricultural or tubeless MTB tyres. Contents: 75, 150 and 250mm.phosphate coating to prevent corrosion. Fast, effective removalCode Unit Silverline (984748) Hose Clip and installation of bearings on frontCode Unit SIL913899 Each Removal Tool Set 9pce 18 - wheel-drive cars. Removes front hubSIL681090 Each 54mmbearings without dismantling theSilverline (907265) Impact strut assembly, reducing chancesSilverline (708247) DiscExtension Bar Set 3/8 3pce of damage to hub and bearings. Heavyweight drive screw for useBrake Piston Spreader Tool75150 & 250mmwith impact tools. Includes 4 xUniversalexternal sleeves, 2 x sleeve caps, 2 x washers, thrust bolt, 14 x drift rings and workshop press adaptor in a tough storage case. Drift sizes: 50, 55, 59, 63, 66.5, 70, 71.5, 73, 73, 75,Specifically forged for use on 77.5, 81.5, 83 and 88mm. powered impact tools. Precision Code Unit cold-forged, hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel. Clear, SIL588812 Each laser-etched sizes and industrial phosphate-coated for toughHeavy duty carbon steel Silverline (676260) Foldingcorrosion resistance. Side wall holeconstruction with vinyl-dipped Axle Stand Set 2pce 2 Tonne for ball or pin locking to the tool.ergonomic handles. Removes hose Includes 75, 150 and 250mm. clips on different vehicle systems. Ratchet locking mechanism on Code Unit pliers keeps hands free, making Essential tool for retracting brakeSIL907265 Each jobs easier and faster. Diameters: piston to allow insertion of new18 - 54mm (11/16 to 2-1/2). Includes brake pads. For use on opposed-fixedremote action hose clip tool, swivel Silverline (740139) CV Jointjaw spring wire clip pliers, swivel jaw and single-piston sliding calipers.Banding Tool 230mm band clip pliers, angled band clip Ensures parallel piston retraction,pliers, flat band clip pliers, clicker avoiding damage to piston seals.type pliers, hose removal pliers, hose Also suitable for most ATE, Bendix,pick, double-ended screwdriver and Delco and Girling calipers. Jawtough storage case.capacity 88mm. Can be used with a 21mm spanner or 1/2 square drive. Code UnitStrong and rust-resistant, powder- Carbon steel banding tool forSIL984748 Eachcoated carbon steel. ProvidesCode Unit installation and tightening of band-additional support on vehicles raisedSIL708247 Each style clamps on CV joint boots and off their wheels. Pin-type post for 2power steering rack and pinionSilverline (990253) Impact height adjustment. Folding design forsteering gear boots. Built-in cutterAlloy Wheel Nut Socket Set easy storage. Maximum capacity perSilverline Impact Extensioncuts the band by flipping the tool lever3pce 1/2 / 1719 & 21mmstand: 2000kg (must be used in pairs). Bar 1/2 forward. Large, comfortable handle.Code Unit Code UnitSIL676260 Each SIL740139 EachSilverline (680264) Tie RodSilverline (909485) Ball Joint End Remover 19mm Puller 20mm Jaw CapacitySpecifically forged for use on powered impact tools. Precision cold-forged, hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel. Clear,Chrome molybdenum sockets, laser-etched sizes and industrialhardened, tempered and anodised Drop-forged, zinc-plated body andphosphate-coated for toughDrop-forged alloy steel.for corrosion resistance. Nylon phosphated thrust bolt for corrosioncorrosion resistance. Side wall holeSeparates ball joints on steeringsleeves and inserts protect wheels resistance. Removes most types offor ball or pin locking to the tool. and suspension systems. Dualand nuts. Colour-coded sockets for Pitman arms, tie rods and ball joints. adjustment screws for wide range.easy size selection. Suitable for use Capacity (W x D): 19 x 50mm. JawCode Size Unit For use on cars and light commercialwith impact tools. Includes sizes 17, 19mm. SIL929523 75mm Each vehicles. 20mm throat depth. 19 and 21mm in tough storage case.Code Unit SIL734735 150mm Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL680264 Each SIL858582 250mm Each SIL909485 Each SIL990253 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 203'