b'GARDENING & OUTDOORBITUMEN & ROOFINGGARDENING & OUTDOORBITUMEN & ROOFING CAMPING CHICKEN WIREROOF COATING ROOF MEMBRANE Kingfisher (OLGAS) 4 PackKingfisher Chicken Wire of Butane Camping GasGalvanisedAquaseal Liquid Roof SlateDamp Proof Course 30m CanistersGrey 21kgBITUMEN & ROOFING, CAMPING, CHICKEN WIRE & CROW BARS & DIGGING BARS Aquaseal Liquid Roof is an easy toDamp proof course made from 100% use, all weather roofing system idealrecycled polythene, conforms toButane camping gas canister 227g. BS 6515 (1984) and is CE markedSuitable for the OLSTOVE portableGalvanised tough woven mesh.for waterproofing any flat or pitchedto EN14909 2012.For use in brick,gas stove and OLHEATER2 gas roofs. Creating a solid waterproofstone and concrete walls Damplasheater. Compliant with EN417. H20Code Mesh Unitmembrane covering the entire surfaceDPC provides a robust damp proofx W6.7 x D6.7cm. Shrink wrapped.4m x 0.9marea without any seams, Liquid Roofbarrier to prevent the rise of dampPack of 4. BONWNETTC1 13mm Eachis a polyurethane based, cold applied,in structure walls. It is flexible and ready to use product ideal for use onhas a bold embossing to both sidesCode Unit 6m x 0.9mroof areas for new projects, extensionsto promote improved adhesion toBONOLGAS Each BONWNETTC2 25mm Eachor to refurbish an existing, leaky roofmortar.with excellent adhesion to both porous and non-porous substrates. Kingfisher OLPS Tent PegsKingfisher Square Mesh Wire Code Size Unit Pack 10 Netting GalvanisedCode Unit NDCDPC100 100mm x 30m EachEVEAQLIQRFGY21 Each NDCDPC112 112.5mm x 30m EachNDCDPC150 150mm x 30m EachStrotex Breather MembraneNDCDPC225 225mm x 30m Each1m x 50m NDCDPC300 300mm x 30m Each 10 pack galvanised steel tent ground pegs. Each 7 x 4mm .NDCDPC450 450mm x 30m EachNDCDPC600 600mm x 30m Each Code UnitBONOLPS EachDamp Proof Membrane Handipak Black Kingfisher OLSTOVE Portable Camping Gas StoveCode Mesh Unit4m x 0.9mBONWNETTW1 13mm EachCode Unit 5m x 0.9mROOMEMBRANE Each BONWNETTW2 25mm EachROOF FELT CROW BARS & DIGGING BARSShed Felt Made from 100% recycled polythene material our PIFA standard and BBAPortable gas camping stove. IncludesHeel & Point Crowbar Blackaccredited damp proof membranes.tough ABS carry case. Electronic Damp Proof Membranes provide aPiezo ignition.barrier for moisture, usually used within building foundations it canCode Unitalso be used for a range of otherBONOLSTOVE Eachdamp proofing applications. 1200 gauge (300 Micron). Silverline 917055 Paint Can & Heeled Chisel and Point crowbars,Code Size Unit Bottle Opener 125mm made from high quality steel with hardened tipsNDCDPM43 4 x 3m Each1. 1/8NDCDPM45 4 x 5m EachCode Size Unit Fine mineral roofing felt for use onCARSP48CBHP 4 x 48 EachCAMPINGsheds, kennels, hutches, and otherCARSP60CBHP 5 x 60 Eachportable buildings Code UnitEasily fixed with clout nails Silverline 226306 EmergencySIL917055 Each CARSP72CBHP 6 x 72 Each F or use on sheds, hutches, kennelsFoil Blankets 1 x 2m Pack-2and other portable buildings Silverline 973878 Butane GasSilverline 633869 Digging Bar Regulator 29mbar Campingaz- 1700mmCode Size Unit typeGreen Mineral Finish 10mROSSFELTGREEN10 20kg EachGreen Mineral Finish 5mROSSFELTGREEN5 10kg Each Hardened steel 1.7m overall length. Sand Finish 10m 60mm wide mushroom tamper head. ROSSFELTSAND10 14kg Each 60mm wide digging blade.Sand Finish 5m Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitROSSFELTSAND5 7kg Each SIL226306 Each SIL973878 Each SIL633869 Each160 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'