b'HAND TOOLSFILESHAND TOOLSFILES FINISHING FLOOR SCRAPERSSilverline MS98 File SetStanley 0-22-500 Needle FileAPPLICATORS Silverline Floor Scraper250mm 3pc Set 6pcRockler (718478) Silicone Glue Brush 178mm (7)FILES, FINISHING, FLOOR SCRAPERS & GLASS CUTTERS Sprung steel resharpenable blade, flexible and strong, fibreglass handle Includes flat, round and half-roundLength 178mm (7), tapered tip W xlength 1400mm.second cut files. Soft-grip handles High carbon steel for sharpnessD: 25 x 13mm (1 x 1/2). Code Size Unit with hanging hole. retention Code Unit Scraper Ergonomic, slip resistant design forCode Unit increased comfort SIL718478 Each SIL459735 8 (200mm) EachSILMS98 Each Bi-Material handle reducesSIL995874 12 (300mm) Eachvibrations Rockler (992080) Glue BottleSIL773254 16 (400mm) EachSilverline MS99 Riffler File Hang hole in handle for ease of with Standard Spout 8oz Scraper BladeSet 140mm 10pc storageSIL459786 8 (200mm) EachCode Unit SIL995886 12 (300mm) EachSTA022500 Each SIL773265 16 (400mm) EachFINISHING Silverline GT43 Floor Scraper 180mmAPPLICATORSRockler (326846) Silicone Double-ended with rasp teeth forProject Mat 381 x 762 x 3mm cleaning awkward spots. Excellent(15 x 30 x 1/8) Easy-to-clean plastic glue bottle and for detail carving. Includes storagespout. Nozzle can be cut to set flow wallet. rate, while sealing cap prevents tip clogging up. Tall, narrow profile isHeavy duty floor scraper with long Code Unit ideal for all hand sizes. Bottle acceptswooden handle. Ideal for cleaning SILMS99 Each Rocklers line of gluing accessories,floors prior to fitting floor coverings. including Glue Line CentringOverall length 1300mm.Stanley 0-22-464 8 File SetAttachment, Glue Roller Applicator, 3pc Protective project mat made fromMortising Glue Applicator and Funnel. Code Unitheat-resistant, easy-to-clean silicone.SILGT43 EachDimensions H x L x W: 381 x 762 xCode Unit3mm (15 x 30 x 1/8). SIL992080 Each GLASS CUTTERSCode UnitSIL326846 Each FLOOR SCRAPERS Silverline 101228 Circular Glass Cutter 65 - 300mm Rockler (458708) GlueBulldog Premium Heavy DutydiameterApplication Set 8pce Metal Floor Scraper High carbon steel for sharpnessretention Ergonomic, slip resistant design forincreased comfortBi-Material handle reduces vibrations Hang hole in handle for ease ofThis Bulldog Floor Scraper has astorage flexible blade made from hardenedCuts clean holes in glass. Dia spring steel, and tubular steelrange 65mm min to 300mm max. Code Unit Includes standard glue spout, siliconehandle. It is perfect for cleaning the55mm rubber suction pad ensures STA022464 Each brush for wider boards, roller forfloors of barns, garges and patios,glass cutter stays fixed in place. 6 very wide boards, andmortise tip forand will clear debris and rubbishtungsten carbide cutting wheels Stanley 0-22-477 8 File Settraditional mortises, domino mortiseswith ease. It is ideal for removing oilfitted to a turret. Clear metric and biscuit slots. Centring attachmentor compacted material, such as mud. graduations etched on a brass-plated 3pc steel rod.maximum thickness 29mm (1-1/8). Code Description UnitCode Unit BUL1190 Scraper Each Code UnitSIL458708 Each BUL1191 Spare blade Each SIL101228 EachRockler (701221) Glue PaddleHilka Floor Scraper SilverlineDiamond-Tipped Set 3pce Glass Cutter High carbon steel for sharpnessretentionErgonomic, slip resistant design for increased comfort Includes 2 x paddles with tip sizesDiamond-tipped cutter that offers Bi-Material handle reduces3mm (1/8), 6mm (1/4), 10mm (3/8),All steel heavy duty constructionsuperior performance to traditional vibrations 13mm (1/2), and 1 x paddle with 13mmwith 14 professional flexible scrapercutters. Durable chrome-plated headHang hole in handle for ease of(1/2) ends with one offset spatulablade. 52 long handle tubular steelwith brass breaking teeth. Overallstorage shaped end and one angled end. shaft with soft grips. length 175mm. Cutter 2 - 4mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSTA022477 Each SIL701221 Each HIL55990900 Each SIL101218 2-4mm Each236 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'