b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESCUTTING DISCSCUTTING DISCS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDIAMOND DISCSDronco U3 Universal DiamondSilverline (950392) MarbleSilverline Concrete & StoneSilverline Turbo Wave Diamond Disc 300mm x 20mm Cutting Diamond Blade 110 xCutting Diamond Blade Cutting Disc20mm Castellated ContiCUTTING DISCSGood quality. For roof tiles, highCuts quicker and cleaner than Sintered, segmented diamondCastellated rim for fast, cleandensity concrete, kerb stones, patiostandard diamond discs. For roof cutting blade designed to cutcutting. Ideal for cutting marble andslabs, pipes, bricks, reinforcedtiles, high density concrete kerb construction site materials withslate and suitable for hard wall andconcrete and lintels. stones, patio slabs, pipes, bricks, a good price-performance ratio.floor tiles. Can be used wet or dry.reinforced concrete and lintels.Suitable for: concrete, brick,Code Size Unitconcrete roofing tiles, lime stone,Compatible with the GMC 1250W WetSIL394979 115mm x 22.2mm Each Code Size Unitsand stone. Dimensions - 12 x 7/64Stone Cutter (263288).x 1 Speed - 6400 rpm. 22 Segments. SIL633624 125 x 22.2mm Each SIL868588 115mm x 22.2mm EachCode Unit SIL589673 230mm x 22.2mm Each SIL633588 230mm x 22.2mm EachCode Unit SIL950392 Each SIL868619 150 x 22.2mm Each SIL675104 300mm x 20mm EachDRO4303805100 EachSilverline 103672 Heavy DutySilverline Laser Welded Duro Base Diamond Disc Multi Triton (311283) Diamond Diamond Blade Segment Saw Blade 85mmA blade with key hole gullet designPremium quality. For precise cuts inHigh quality, segmented. ExcellentUniversal open-backed design for less chipping and reducedstone, metals, tiles and aluminium.results when dry cutting generalfor cutting of wall and floor tiles. vibration. Good speed of cut andSuitable for all types of anglebuilding materials including asphalt,Compatible with tool-free, quick-life. Hard bricks / Lightly reinforcedgrinder. MPA approved. Purposegreen concrete and brick.concrete / Concrete kerbs, beams,Slitting Disc Flat 115 x 1 x 22.2m. change and standard multi-tool lintels & flags / Facing bricks /Code Size Unit machines. Also compatible with General purpose. Code Unit SIL675215 450 x 25.4mm Each Triton, GMC and Silverline Oscillating SIL103672 Each Multi-Tools, and with most leading Code Size Unit brands.DUR115DSBM 115mm Each Silverline Tile Cutting Silverline 633831 Cutting &Diamond Disc Code UnitDUR125DSBM 125mm Each Grinding Discs Kit 12pc SIL311283 EachDUR230DSBM 230mm EachDUR300DSBM 300mm Each Vitrex 103409 General Hilka Diamond Tile Disc 4.5 Purpose Diamond Blade 110mmGood quality continuous rim Starter pack. Includes: 2 x metaldiamond cutting disc for angle cutting and 2 x metal grinding discs,grinders and static tile cutting 2 x stone cutting and 1 x stonemachines. Use for prolonged cutting grinding disc, 1 x diamond concrete/ of all types of tile.stone cutting disc, 1 x tile cuttingSuitable for cutting ceramic, Suitable for angle grinders. Staticdiamond disc, 1 crimp bevel brush,Code Size Unit terracotta and quarry tiles, slate, tile cutting machines. High quality1 steel 65mm crimp cup and 1 flapSIL571499 110mm x 22.2mm Each marble, masonry, concrete and long lasting discs. disc. SIL868730 115mm x 22.2mm Each stone.Code Unit Code Unit SIL993035 180mm x 22.2mm Each Code UnitHIL51302115 Each SIL633831 Each SIL918528 200mm x 25.4mm Each VIT103409 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 453'