b'PLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERSDEKTONPLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERSDekton DT20610 4 Head RivetDekton DT20910 RevolvingDekton DT20940 WireDekton Bolt CutterGun Punch Pliers Stripping PliersPLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERSHeavy duty CR-MO steel. Fitted anti-slip rubber grips. Adjustment Ideal for making holes in belts,screw for edge alignment. Shock leather, soft plastic and rubber. 6absorbers.Heavy duty hand riveter ideal fordifferent punches. Ergonomic antiIdeal for the professional, workshop, slip grips. Spring loaded handles. home, garage and general use.Code Size Unitsheet metal, work, automotiveFor all wire from 10AWG to 22AWGDEKDT20951 14" Eachworkshops, crafts and hobbies. 4Code Unit gauge 0.6-2.6mm. Alloy steel jawsDEKDT20952 18" Eachhead sizes with 60 rivets includesDEKDT20910 Each for durability. High quality blade for sizes 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm anda precision cut. DEKDT20954 24" Each4.8mm. Ergonomically designedDekton DT20915 7 in 1 spring loaded handle for comfortFencing Pliers Code Unit Dekton DT30110 Mini Tube and ease of use with safety lock.DEKDT20940 Each CutterHeavy duty steel with chrome plated jaws. Fitment spanner stored in theDekton DT20941 Automatic handle to easily change rivet heads.Wire Stripper & CutterManufactured from heavy duty steel. Spring loaded handle.Code UnitDEKDT20610 EachTough striking face. Staple removing Dekton DT20710 9" Crimpinghook pincer. Clamp on top jaw.Adjustable opening. For DIY and Tool Pincer on top jaw. Wire grips. 2 shearprofessional use. 3mm to 22mm. type wire cutters. Ideal for cutting copper tube.Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT20915 Each DEKDT30110 EachDekton DT20928 10" AviationDekton DT30112 Large Tube Tin Snip 2 in 1 wire stripper and cutter.CutterLightweight and easy to use. Suitable for wire up to 3.2mm thick and for wire up to 25mm in length. Includes wire cutting blade. One handed operation for ease of use.Code UnitIdeal for electrical use. Perfect forDEKDT20941 Eachcrimping, cutting and stripping wire. Colour coded for terminals. Dekton DT20945 Automatic Durable carbon steel tin snip. Code Unit Maximum cutting power. Durable,Wire Stripper & CrimperDEKDT20710 Each drop forged and hardened. Protective latch for safe storage. Ergonomic anti-slip grips. RecommendedAdjustable opening. For DIY and Dekton DT20810 Circlip Pliersmaximum capacity 18 gauge on lowprofessional use. 3mm to 22mm. Set 5pc carbon cold rolled steel. Ideal for cutting copper tube. Code Unit Includes spare cutting wheel. DEKDT20928 Each Includes reamer for cleaning internal burrs.Dekton DT20929 Eyelet Pliers Code UnitDEKDT30112 EachIdeal for professional, workshop, home garage, and general use. Alloy steel jaws for durability. Strips 10 AWG to 24 AWG gauge (0.2 - 6.0HAND TOOLS, mm) wire. high quality blade for 4 interchangeable jaws for internalpercision cut. Suitable for insulatedPOWER TOOLS, and external rings. Includes 45,Manufactured from heavy duty steel.terminals 22-10. AWG (0.5 0 6.0mm).LIGHTING & 90 and 180 degree tip heads. SelfIncludes brass plated eyelets. IdealSuitable for non-insulated terminals opening spring loaded handle with22-8 AWG (0.5 - 8.0mm). For autoDIY FOR THE for inserting eyelets into tarpaulins, anti-slip coating. leather, soft plastics and textiles. ignition terminals 7-8mm. TRADE. OVER 600 PRODUCTS TO Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT20810 Each DEKDT20929 Each DEKDT20945 Each CHOOSE FROM.8 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'