b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSHSS DRILL BITSHeller HSS Ground Drill Bit HSS Metric Drills Walleted Silverline HSS Drill Bit Code Size Unit Titanium-CoatedHEL212069 9.5mm Box-10HEL212113 10.0mm Box-10HEL212137 10.5mm Box-5HEL212144 11.0mm Box-5HEL212168 11.5mm Box-5HEL212175 12.0mm Box-5 Roll forged true metric sizes. HEL212199 12.5mm Box-5 DIN338, type N, 118 degree cuttingGround twist high speed steel. For HEL212205 13.0mm Box-5 angle. Suitable for driling most typesaluminium, steel, plastic, wood of steel, iron, wood and hard plastics. and non-ferrous metals. Titanium-DRILL BITS Pack-2 Walleted Code Size Unit coated for extended life and fast bit The HSS-G steel drill from Heller is theHEL177603 1.0mm Each penetration.right choice for alloyed and unalloyedWalleted Pack 2steels. It works very precisely andHEL177610 1.5mm Each Code Size UnitTIMHSSRR1 1.0mm Eachis durable. Dimensional accuracy isHEL177627 2.0mm Each TIMHSSRR15 1.5mm Each SIL589660 1mm Pk 2guaranteed by the precision groundHEL177634 2.5mm Eachtip according to DIN 338 RN. SplitTIMHSSRR2 2.0mm Each SIL571486 1.5mm Pk 2point and 135 angle enable optimalHEL177641 3.0mm Each SIL993023 2mm Pk 2TIMHSSRR25 2.5mm Eachcentring when positioning the drill bit.HEL177665 3.3mm Each TIMHSSRR3 3.0mm Each SIL918514 2.5mm Pk 2A high concentricity according to DINHEL177672 3.5mm Each1414 characterizes this drill bit. TIMHSSRR33 3.3mm Each SIL583234 3mm Pk 2Pack-1 Walleted TIMHSSRR35 3.5mm Each SIL794314 3.5mm Pk 2Code Size Unit HEL177689 4.0mm EachHEL211215 1.0mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR4 4.0mm Each SIL398994 4mm Pk 2HEL177702 4.5mm Each TIMHSSRR45 4.5mm Each SIL733229 5mm Pk 2HEL211260 1.5mm Box-10 HEL177726 5.0mm EachHEL211314 2.0mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR5 5.0mm Each SIL509102 6mm Pk 2HEL177733 5.5mm Each TIMHSSRR55 5.5mm Each SIL398768 6.5mm EachHEL211369 2.5mm Box-10 HEL177740 6.0mm EachHEL211413 3.0mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR6 6.0mm Each SIL585474 8mm EachHEL177757 6.5mm Each Each - Walleted SIL821164 10mm EachHEL211444 3.3mm Box-10 HEL177764 7.0mm EachHEL211468 3.5mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR65 6.5mm Each SIL718103 12mm EachHEL177771 7.5mm Each TIMHSSRR7 7.0mm Each SIL508816 13mm EachHEL211512 4.0mm Box-10 HEL177788 8.0mm EachHEL211567 4.5mm Box-10 HEL177795 8.5mm Each TIMHSSRR8 8.0mm Each Silverline HSS Jobber Drill HEL211611 5.0mm Box-10 HEL177801 9.0mm Each TIMHSSRR85 8.5mm Each Bits MetricHEL211660 5.5mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR9 9.0mm EachHEL177818 9.5mm EachHEL211710 6.0mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR100 10.0mm EachHEL177825 10.0mm EachHEL211766 6.5mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR110 11.0mm EachHEL177832 10.5mm EachHEL211819 7.0mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR120 12.0mm EachHEL177849 11.0mm EachHEL211864 7.5mm Box-10 TIMHSSRR130 13.0mm EachHEL177856 11.5mm EachHEL211918 8.0mm Box-10 HEL177863 12.0mm Each Silverline HSS Drill Bit Long HEL211963 8.5mm Box-10 HEL177870 12.5mm Each Series MetricHEL212014 9.0mm Box-10 HEL177887 13.0mm EachHeller HSS Rolled Drill BitCode Size Unit High speed steel. Use on aluminium, HEL184700 3.0mm Box-10 steel, plastic, wood and non-ferrous HEL184755 3.5mm Box-10 metals.HEL184809 4.0mm Box-10 Code Size UnitHEL184854 4.5mm Box-10 SIL892542 10mm Pk 5HEL184908 5.0mm Box-10 High speed steel. Use on aluminium,SIL803632 12mm Pk 5HEL184953 5.5mm Box-10 steel, plastic, wood and non-ferrousSIL464908 13mm Pk 5HEL185004 6.0mm Box-10 metals. SIL224513 1mm Pk 10HEL185059 6.5mm Box-10 Code Size Unit SIL349753 2mm Pk 10Proven steel drill bits with HellerHEL185103 7.0mm Box-10 SIL598425 6 x 139mm Pk 5 SIL186809 2.5mm Pk 10quality. The classic choice forHEL185158 7.5mm Box-10 SIL196496 6.5 x 148mm Pk 5 SIL823531 3mm Pk 10daily solutions in metal. Ideal forHEL185202 8.0mm Box-10 SIL763551 8 x 165mm Pk 5 SIL792087 3.5mm Pk 10unalloyed steels. Reliable, rolledSIL633490 2.5 x 95mm Pk 10 SIL380649 4mm Pk 10HSS drill bit with continuous helixHEL185257 8.5mm Box-10hardness. Wire edge at the outsideHEL185301 9.0mm Box-10 SIL675042 3 x 100mm Pk 10 SIL819716 4.5mm Pk 10of the taper removed with a pointHEL185356 9.5mm Box-10 SIL868519 3.5 x 110mm Pk 10 SIL292705 5mm Pk 10angle of 118 degrees to enable a long service life. Precision tool as per DINHEL185400 10.0mm Box-10 SIL282382 4 x 119mm Pk 10 SIL436748 5.5mm Pk 10338 RN. HEL185424 10.5mm Box-5 SIL427533 4.5 x 126mm Pk 10 SIL934109 6mm Pk 10Code Size Unit HEL185448 11.0mm Box-5 SIL244958 5 x 132mm Pk 10 SIL801287 7mm Pk 10HEL184502 1.0mm Box-10 HEL185462 11.5mm Box-5 SIL456910 5.5 x 139mm Pk 10 SIL590586 8mm Pk 10HEL184557 1.5mm Box-10 HEL185486 12.0mm Box-5HEL184601 2.0mm Box-10 HEL185509 12.5mm Box-5HEL184656 2.5mm Box-10 HEL185523 13.0mm Box-5464 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'