b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSDRILL BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESTILE & GLASS DRILLS WOOD BITSSilverline 224760 Hex DriveSilverline 868804 TileVitrex 102789 Mini Hard TileHeller Brad Point Wood BitTile & Glass Drill Bit Set 3pc Drilling Jig 120mm Drill Bit GuideProven classic for drilling solutions in any type of wood. Precision centring and neat drill holes thanks to ground centring tips and two shoulder cutters. Extra robust thanks to wear-Heavy duty suction plate. 4-holeresistant steel. Fast progress and chip drilling template for 6, 8, 10, andremoval in hardwood and softwood. 12mm drills. Also suitable for use in cordless drills. Ideally suited for use in combination Quick change hex drive. TungstenCode Unit with 90degree countersink.carbide tipped. For drilling tiles,SIL868804 Eachglass and mirrors. Low drill pressureCode Size UnitDRILL BITS & DRILL PUMPSand frequent lubrication optimisesSilverline 930166 TCT Circle 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm HEL132428 3mm Eachresults. Sizes 5, 6 and 8mm. Tile Cutter 20 - 94mmIdeal solution for drilling hard tiles HEL119108 4mm Each Code UnitRubber suction cup for instantHEL119122 5mm Each SIL224760 Each positioning HEL119139 6mm Each Individual slots for the mostHEL119153 7mm Each Silverline Tile & Glass Drill Bit popular fixing sizes HEL119177 8mm Each Use in conjunction with Vitrex HardHEL119191 9mm Each Tile Drill Bits 102790 Vitrex WaterHEL119207 10mm EachCooling System HEL119214 11mm EachCode Unit HEL119221 12mm EachVIT102789 Each HEL119238 13mm EachTough, tungsten carbide blade and safety cage. Cuts quick, accurateHEL168724 5pc 4,5,6,8,10mm EachTungsten carbide tipped. For drillingcircles in ceramic tiles from 20 toVitrex 102791 Hard Drill Bit ceramic tiles, glass and mirrors. 94mm. Use with variable speed drill. 6mm DRILL PUMPSCode Size Unit Code UnitSIL228550 6mm Each SIL930166 Each Silverline 633764 Drill Stand SIL993052 8mm Each 500mmTile Max Drill Set 7PcSilverline 217584 Tile & Glass Drill Bit Set 3pcDiamond grit edged bit, ideal for drilling hard tiles Slotted bit design for easy waste Tile Max Drill Set contains 7 x Drill Tungsten carbide tipped. For drillingBits in sizes: 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm,removalceramic tiles, glass and mirrors.6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm.Suitable for use with most powerFor use with hand-held electric drills Sizes: 5, 6 and 8mm. drills with collar diameter of 43mm (or Code Unit 38mm with supplied reducing bush). Code Unit 7pc Set Cuts porcelain, granite, quarry,Drilling depth up to 60mm. Cast iron SIL217584 Each stone, marble, terracotta andbase with fixing points. Features FORTM7SET Each ceramic tiles depth adjustment scale and stop.Silverline 263520 AdjustableTile Max Drill Code Size Unit Code UnitTile Drill & Holesaw GuideVIT102791 6mm Each SIL633764 Each120mmVitrex Tile & Glass Drill Silverline 868760 Drill Powered Pump 3/4 BSPTileMax Tile DrillRobust and versatile jig with 2 easy- Compatible with most standard power to-adjust sliding vee plates that lockCode Size Unit drills. Pumps up to 1,500 Ltr/hour, up into position for safe and effectiveFORFMTM585T 5.0 x 85mm Each to 10m horizontally. Strong nylon body. drilling. Powerful 120mm suction cupFORFMTM55100T 5.5 x 100mm Each Tungsten carbide tipped Accepts 3/4 BSP connectors (not holds the guide in place to reduceFORFMTM6100T 6.0 x 100mm EachPrecision spear-head designincluded). Pump performance depends drill bit and holesaw movement.on drill rpm (min. recommended Minimum capacity 1mm, maximumFORFMTM65100T 6.5 x 100mm Each prevents chipping or breaking 1,500rpm). Only suitable for non-acidic 55mm. FORFMTM7100T 7.0 x 100mm Each Code Size Unit and non-flammable liquids.Code Unit FORFMTM8120T 8.0 x 120mm Each VIT102756 6mm Each Code UnitSIL263520 Each FORFMTM10120T 10.0 x 120mm Each VIT102760 10mm Each SIL868760 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 469'