b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSNAILSFIXINGS & FASTENERSNAILSMASONRY NAILS NETTING STAPLES OVAL HEAD NAILSFixman (875781) MasonryNetting Staples Galvanised Oval Head Nail Timco Oval Nails BrightNails Pack of 200Oval Head Nails, Bright, 500gCode Size UnitBagged 1kg BagCode Size Unit TIMBON40B 40mm EachNAILS Bright 10kg Box TIMBON50B 50mm EachMultipurpose nail for use with bothFOR10NLOH25 25mm 10kg Box TIMBON65B 65mm Eachsoft and hard wood. FOR10NLOH40 40mm 10kg Box TIMBON75B 75mm EachCode Size Unit FOR10NLOH50 50mm 10kg Box TIMBON100B 100mm EachZinc-plated hardened steel. Round10kg Box FOR10NLOH65 65mm 10kg Box 2.5kg Tubshank. For fixing wood to brick,FOR10NLNS15G 15mm Each FOR10NLOH75 75mm 10kg Box TIMBON40T 40mm Eachbreeze block and most types ofFOR10NLNS20G 20mm Each FOR10NLOH100 100mm 10kg Box TIMBON50T 50mm Eachmasonry. Includes assorted sizes 20FOR10NLOH125 125mm 10kg Box TIMBON65T 65mm Eachto 40mm. Handy storage case withFOR10NLNS25G 25mm Eachcompartments. FOR10NLNS30G 30mm Each Bright 1kg Bag TIMBON75T 75mm EachCode Unit FOR10NLNS40G 40mm Each FOR1NLOH25B 25mm Each TIMBON100T 100mm EachSIL875781 Each 1kg Bag FOR1NLOH30B 30mm Each 500g BagFOR1NLNS15GB 15mm Each FOR1NLOH40B 40mm Each TIMBON40MB 40mm EachMICKEY PINS FOR1NLNS25GB 25mm Each FOR1NLOH50B 50mm Each TIMBON50MB 50mm EachFOR1NLNS30GB 30mm Each FOR1NLOH65B 65mm Each TIMBON65MB 65mm EachFixman (249505) Lynch PinsFOR1NLNS20GB 20mm Each FOR1NLOH75B 75mm Each TIMBON75MB 75mm EachPack 50pce FOR1NLOH100B 100mm Each TIMBON100MB 100mm EachFOR1NLNS40GB 40mm Each2.5kg Bag Bright 2.5kg BagFOR212NLNS25GB 25mm Each FOR212NLOH25B 25mm Each PANEL PINSFOR212NLNS30GB 30mm Each FOR212NLOH40B 40mm EachFOR212NLOH50B 50mm Each Panel Pins BrightFOR212NLNS40GB 40mm EachFOR212NLNS15GB 15mm Each FOR212NLOH65B 65mm EachFOR212NLNS20GB 20mm Each FOR212NLOH75B 75mm Each250g Bag FOR212NLOH100B 100mm EachFOR250NLNS15GB 15mm Each Bright 250g BagYellow zinc passivated for corrosionFOR250NLNS20GB 20mm Each FOR250NLOH30B 30mm 250G BAG Code Size (mm) Unitresistance. Self-locking large ringFOR250NLNS25GB 25mm Each FOR250NLOH40B 40mm 250G BAG 10kg Boxholds pin securely in place but isFOR250NLNS30GB 30mm Each FOR250NLOH50B 50mm 250G BAG FOR10NLPP20 1.60 x 20 Eacheasily removed. Use in farm, garden, trailer hitch receivers, axles & other500g Bag FOR250NLOH75B 75mm 250G BAG FOR10NLPP25 1.60 x 25 Eachapplications. Assorted sizes 4.5mm,FOR500NLNS15GB 15mm Each Bright 500g Bag FOR10NLPP30 1.60 x 30 Each6mm, 9mm and 10mm pins. HandyFOR500NLNS20GB 20mm Each FOR500NLOH25B 25mm Each FOR10NLPP40 1.60 x 40 Eachstorage case with compartments.FOR500NLNS25GB 25mm Each FOR500NLOH40B 40mm Each FOR10NLPP50 2.00 x 50 EachCode Unit FOR500NLNS30GB 30mm Each FOR500NLOH50B 50mm Each 1kg BagSIL249505 Each FOR500NLNS40GB 40mm Each FOR500NLOH65B 65mm Each FOR1NLPP20B 1.60 x 20 EachFOR500NLOH75B 75mm Each FOR1NLPP25B 1.60 x 25 EachSecurit Netting Staples ZincFOR500NLOH100B 100mm Each 250g BagPlated 80g Galvanised 500g BagFOR250NLPP20B 1.60 x 20 EachFOR500NLOH40GB 40mm Each FOR250NLPP25B 1.60 x 25 EachFOR500NLOH50GB 50mm Each FOR250NLPP30B 1.60 x 30 EachSecurit Oval Nails Bright FOR250NLPP40B 1.60 x 40 EachFOR250NLPP50B 2.00 x 50 Each500g BagFOR500NLPP20B 1.60 x 20 EachFOR500NLPP25B 1.60 x 25 EachSecurit Netting staples bright zinc plated FOR500NLPP30B 1.60 x 30 EachFOR500NLPP40B 1.60 x 40 EachCode Size (mm) Unit FOR500NLPP50B 2.00 x 50 EachMPSS8345 2.00 x 20 Pack Securit Oval nails brightEXTENSIVE RANGEMPSS8346 2.65 x 25 Pack Code Size UnitOF HAMMERSMPSS8347 3.55 x 30 Pack MPSS8311 25mm 140gAVAILABLE FOR AMPSS8312 40mm 150gWIDE RANGE OFMPSS8313 50mm 160gAPPLICATIONSMPSS8314 65mm 170g NEED HELP? MPSS8315 75mm 180gSee pages 239-245 MPSS8316 100mm 190g Call 0151 647 4255136 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'