b'HAND TOOLSWRENCHESWRENCHES HAND TOOLSSilverline Self Locking LongStanley 0-85-610 AdjustableVise-Grip 10CR Curved JawHilka Stillson Pipe WrenchNose Pliers Locking Wrench Wrench 250mmWRENCHESNickel-plated steel, self-locking longFully forged from chrome vanadium nose, self-grip pliers for accessingsteel for optimum performance. Self-energizing lower jaw provides restricted areas. Serrated jaws,3X more gripping power than adjustable opening and quick-releaseCode Size Unit traditional locking pliers, with no levers. STA085610 10 Each slipping or stripping.Code Size Unit Code Size UnitSIL633637 125mm Each Stanley Adjustable Wrench Heavy duty drop forged steel. NEW10508017 10 (250mm) Each Adjustable jaw with screw nut. SIL675134 250mm Each Hardened for strength and durability. Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Wrench Epoxy coating to prevent against Silverline Self Locking Pliers corrosion.Code Size UnitHIL20850012 12 EachHIL20850014 14 EachFully forged from chrome vanadium steel for optimum performance. Knurled jaw adjustment screw. Hilka Strap Wrench Set of 2Nickel-plated steel, self-lockingCode Size Unitpliers. Easy screw adjustment for controlled grip. Quick release screwSTA087368 8 Each Self-energizing lower jaw provides and lever adjustment. STA087470 10 Each 3X more gripping power than STA087472 12 Each traditional locking pliers, with no Code Size Unit slipping or stripping.CurvedSILPL105 180mm Each Stanley Adjustable Wrench Code Size UnitSILPL100 220mm Each NEW10508018 175mm EachStraightSILPL101 220mm Each Vise-Grip Long Nose Locking PliersSilverline Stillson Pipe WrenchFlexible strap fits any shape to loosen or tighten objects. Quick & Polished chrome finish for anti- easy to use with soft grip handle corrosion protection. 5 dimensions:to ensure a firm grip. High quality 150 mm / 6200 mm / 8250non-marking rubber strap to avoid mm / 10300 mm / 12 - 375 mmsurface damage. Ideal for use on oil Forged steel. Deeply serrated and/ 15. filters, PVC pipes, opening jars and hardened jaws. Easily and quicklyLong, straight nose provides easyhose fittings. Includes two sizes for adjustable. Code Size Unit access in narrow, hard-to-reachdiameters 10-100mm and 38-150mm.places. Ideal for precision work and STA090947 6 Each hobbies, includes convenient wireCode UnitCode Size UnitSILWR88 250mm, Jaw 30mm Each STA090948 8 Each cutter. HIL12630002 EachSILWR89 300mm, Jaw 60mm Each STA090949 10 EachSTA090950 12 Each Code Size UnitSILWR90 350mm, Jaw 70mm Each NEWT1402EL4 6 (150mm) EachSILWR91 450mm, Jaw 65mm Each NEWT1502EL4 9 (230mm) EachSILWR93 600mm, Jaw 60mm Each Stanley Molegrip WrenchSILWR95 900mm, Jaw 130mm Each Vise-Grip Straight Jaw WrenchSilverline WR03 Adjustable Wrench Set 3pc 150mm, 200mm & 250mmForged and machined jaws for maximum durability. Built in wire cutter on the curved jaw models for convenience. Straight jaws provide maximum contact on flat, square, or hex work. WE HAVE A HUGE Length/jaw capacity: 150mm/22mm,Code Size Unit200mm/25mm and 250mm/32mm. CHOICE OF FIXINGS Straight Jaw Code Size Unit & FASTENERS FOR Code Unit STA084810 7.5 Each NEWT0102EL4 250mm Each ALL APPLICATIONSSILWR03 Each STA084811 9 Each NEWT0302EL4 175mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 371'