b'HAND TOOLSHAMMERSHAND TOOLSHAMMERSCOPPER & HIDE HAMMERS LUMP HAMMERSThor Copper Insert Thor Dead Blow / NylonEstwing Club Hammer Silverline Fibreglass Lump Hammer HammerHAMMERSReplacement round copper face.Bonded and molded Shock Code Size Unit Reduction Grip Heavy duty hardened steel head Coated die cast aluminium alloy F orged in one piece with precision ground striking faces. THO308C 25mm Each head, rubber grip and nylon faces.Both faces are fully polished Shock absorbing fibreglass shaft THO310C 32mm Each with nylon surround and hi-grip THO312C 38mm Each Code Size Unit Code Size Unit rubber handle.THO1010 1lb Each ESTEB3/4LBL 4lb (16 Length) EachTHO314C 44mm Each Code Size UnitTHO1212 1.1/2lb EachTHO316C 50mm Each Hilka Fibreglass Club Hammer SILHA37 2lb EachTHO1414 2lb EachSILHA38 4lb EachThor Rawhide Hammer THO1616 2.3/4lb EachTHO2020 4.1/4lb Each Silverline Hickory Lump HammerDRYWALL HAMMERSEstwing E3/11 Drywall Hammer Vinyl Handle 14oz Fibre glass shafted club hammers with polished faces.Malleable Iron head fitted withCode Size Unitcylindrical faces of compressedHIL54500025 1kg EachRawhide.HIL54500040 2kg Each Hardened forged steel head. For light Code Size Unit demolition work, driving masonry THO8 3/4lb Each Lump Hammer 2.5lbnails and using with metal chisel for THO10 1.1/2lb Each Fibreglass Handle splitting masonry.Cushioned vinyl grip and solid one THO12 2lb Each piece forged construction. Code Size UnitTHO14 2.7/8lb EachCushioned vinyl grip and solid oneSILHA60 2.5lb EachTHO16 4.1/2lb Each piece forged construction SILHA62 4lb EachTHO22 7.1/4lb Each Code UnitESTE3/11 Each Stanley 1-56-001 Antivibe Thor Rawhide Insert Polyfibre shafted Lump / ClubLump Hammerhammers made with a double injected LUMP HAMMERS rubberised grip for superior feel and overstrike protection. The fibreglass Bulldog Lump Hammershaft will not rot, shrink or become Fibreglass Handle loose through periods of inactivity.Code Size UnitCAR25LUFG 2.5lb EachClub hammer for use in confinedReplacement round rawhide face. CAR40LUFG 4lb Each spaces with little room for full arc Code Size Unit swingLump Hammer Hickory Handle Patented Anti-Vibe technology THO08R 25mm Each reduces vibration transmitted toShaped fibreglass shaftTHO10R 32mm Each wrist and elbowTHO12R 38mm EachSoft touch gripOne-piece forged construction for Resin bonded head strength and durabilityTHO14R 44mm EachTHO16R 50mm Each Code Size Unit Wide face for striking chisels and punchesTHO22R 70mm Each BULBLHSFG 2.5lb EachBULBLHMFG 3lb Each Fine Grain Carbon Steel Head.Code Size UnitDouble Lacquered First GradeSTA156001 1.3kg EachDEADBLOW HAMMERS BULBLHLFG 4lb Each Hickory. Hardened Striking Face.Silverline Dead Blow Hammer Estwing Club Hammer Code Size Unit MALLETSCAR25LU10 2.5lb EachCAR40LU10 4lb Each Hilka 60600045 45mm Rubber & Plastic MalletSilverline Lump HammerDead blow hammer with steel, Bonded and molded Shock shot-filled head, controlled strikingReduction Gripwithout rebound. Corrosion-resistantForged in one piececoating and easy-grip handle. Both faces are fully polished Forged steel head with polished Code Size Unit Code Size Unit striking face and hardwood shaft.SIL456895 16oz Each ESTEB3/2LB 2lb Each Code Weight Unit Tubular steel shaft with rubber grip.SILHA63 24oz Each ESTEB3/3LB 3lb Each SIL245033 2lb Each Code UnitSIL456887 40oz Each ESTEB3/4LB 4lb Each SIL783136 4lb Each HIL60600045 Each242 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'