b'HAND TOOLSTILING TOOLSHAND TOOLSTILING TOOLS TONGSTILE SAWS & BLADES TILE SPACERS Marshalltown M88 Brick Tongs (Code 16510)Silverline TCT Tile Saw Blade Vitrex 102660 Tile CuttingSilverline (625901) Tile Saw Levelling Straps Pack of 100TILING TOOLS & TONGSTungsten carbide grit-coated blades for use with any tile or hacksaw. IdealHeavy duty tongs designed and for cutting and shaping ceramic tiles. built for long wear. Can be quickly Code Size Unit Aids creation of a flat surface.adjusted to carry from six to ten SIL282447 6 (150mm) EachExtra deep reinforced plastic frameSpeeds installation time and reducesbricks.lippage. Ideal for tiling on uneven SIL675061 12 (300mm) Each for improved cutting access surfaces. For use with floor and wallCode UnitBuilt in quick-release lever fortiles from 3mm to 20mm thick. MARM88 EachVitrex 101905 TCT Tile Sawfast, easy blade replacement Code UnitBlade 12150mm Tungsten Carbide blade -SIL625901 Each Silverline (448214) Paving Slab Lifter 300 - 500mmcuts in any direction Outlasts conventional hacksawSilverline Tile Spacers blades by up to 10 times Cutting depth of 150mm i.e. to the Tungsten Carbide blade - cuts incentre of a 300mm tileany direction 102203 Replacement Blade Outlasts conventional hacksawblades by up to 10 times Ensures uniform gaps between tiles.Fits most standard 300mmCode Unit Can be grouted over. Pack-1000. Durable galvanised steel slab lifterhacksaw frames VIT102660 Each provides a quick, safe solution Code Size Unit for moving heavy paving stones. Code Size Unit SIL327569 1.5mm Pk 1000 Transports slabs, bricks and tiles of VIT101905 12 Each Vitrex 103407 Diamond Blade300 - 500mm length. Adjustable 180mm SIL291406 2mm Pk 1000 at 30, 35, 40, 45, 48 and 50mm Vitrex 102203 TCT Tile SawSIL217586 3mm Pk 1000 graduations.Blade 6 Vitrex Tile Spacers Code UnitSIL448214 EachSilverline 186821 Brick Tongs 400 - 670mm T ungsten Carbide blade - cuts in any direction Suitable for cutting ceramic, terracotta and quarry tiles, slate,Outlasts conventional hacksaw blades by up to 10 times marble, masonry, concrete andFits most standard 150mmstone. Hacksaw frames F or use with: Code Size Unit 102207 Deep Frame Tile SawVIT103407 7 Each 102660 Tile Saw Quality metal construction, paintedCode Size UnitThe easy way to achieve a moreand maintenance-free. Fully professional tiling finish. Foradjustable. Jaws automatically VIT102203 6 Each constant & even spacing of tiles close when clamp is lifted. CarriesSpace wall/floor tiles evenly between 6-10 bricks. Vitrex 102207 Deep Frame Ensures an even grout lineCode Unit Tile Saw throughout Supplied in a resealable bag or tubSIL186821 Eachfor easy and convenient storageSilverline 427540 Kerb Tongs A MASSIVE RANGECode Size Unit 700mmTO CHOOSE FROM VIT102151 1.5mm Pk 250VIT102152 1.5mm Pk 500VIT102153 1.5mm Pk 1000VIT102155 1.5mm Pk 5000 Soft Grip handle for extra VIT102251 2.5mm Pk 250comfort Extra deep steel frame forVIT102252 2.5mm Pk 500 improved cutting access VIT102023 2.5mm Pk 1000 Cutting depth of 150mm i.e. to theVIT102040 4mm Pk 100centre of a 300mm tile VIT102041 4mm Pk 250 150mm Tungsten Carbide blade - VIT102042 4mm Pk 500cuts in any direction Outlasts conventional hacksawVIT102050 5mm Pk 100 For easy handling of kerbs, edgingblades by up to 10 times VIT102051 5mm Pk 250 stones, paving and guttering. Overall102203 Replacement Blade length 700mm.VIT102052 5mm Pk 500Code Unit VIT102056 5mm Pk 1500 Code UnitVIT102207 Each VIT102070 7mm Pk 100 SIL427540 Each334 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'