b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSPLIERS & SNIPS PLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSWIRE STRIPPERS Silverline (482913) Mains Water Pressure Test Gauge Hilka Automatic Wire StripperSilverline 282477 VDE ExpertSilverline 868823 Coaxial0-11bar (0-160psi)& Crimper Wire Stripping Pliers 160mm Cable Stripper RG6/58/59/62PLIERS & SNIPS & PLUMBERS TOOLSBraided stainless steel 300mm hose Double bladed, cuts both innerand corrosion-resistant pressure and outer core simultaneously.gauge. 9mm bore dia and 3/4 High-quality drop-forged chromeAdjustable blade depth. Overallconnector. For accurately measuring vanadium. 2-tone soft-grip handleslength 100mm. mains water pressure. Aids in with slip guards. Individually testedlocating and diagnosing plumbing to 10,000V. Conforms to DINCode Unit problems. Compatible with most Heavy duty construction withEN60900 (VDE4000 9659). SIL868823 Each standard domestic, garden and hardened steel blades and singlewashing-machine taps.motion action for stripping of flatCode Unitor round cable & wire. AdjustableSilverline 934113 Auto WireCode Unitstopper (6-18mm) and strength nutSIL282477 Each Strippers 170mmfor smaller cables to allow preciseSIL482913 Eachcontrol. Integrated wire cutter andSilverline 282479 Wire crimping jaws with bi-material softStripping Pliers 160mm Silverline (788077) Tank grip handle. Stripping capacity:Connector Fitting Tool 15 and 0.2-6mm? wire/insulation. Cutting22mmcapacity: 0-10mm. Crimping capacity: insulated terminals 0.5-6mm?, non-insulated terminals 0.5-8mm? & auto ignition terminals 7-8mm?. Strong, durable die-cast frame and adjustable stripping length guide. Code Unit Stripping blades show clear AWG HIL23555026 Each Hardened and tempered steelmarking for wire sizes. Strips 0.5, 1.2, cutting edges. V-groove spring- 1.5, 2.0, 2.6 and 3.2mm wire. Solid steel tank connector Silverline (674995) Steel Wireaction jaws. Brass adjusting screwCode Unit installation tool with corrosion-for stripping wires up to 5mm dia.resistant nickel plating. Removable Cutter 200mm Moulded plastic handles with slipSIL934113 Each tommy bar with plastic end caps. guards. Allows easy fitment of 15mm PLUMBERS TOOLS and 22mm tank connectors for Code Unit convenient installation of loft tanks.SIL282479 Each Dickie Dyer (652001) OliveCode UnitSplitter 15-45mm - 18.200 SIL788077 EachSilverline 296135 2-in-1 Auto Wire Stripper Silverline (852454) Temporary Continuity Bond 1.2mHardened and tempered steel blades and corrosion-resistant polished head. Comfortable, non-slip, cushioned handles. Suitable for most wires. Max cutting capacity 6mm.Code Unit Strong, steel construction with vinyl-tipped winding T-handle. Cuts olive SIL674995 Each without damaging pipe. For brassFlexible, multi-strand 10mm copper Lightweight, handy stripperand copper olives. Fits all pipe sizescable and 2 x strong, spring-loaded featuring 2-in-1 wire stripper andcrocodile clamps provide temporary Silverline 259952 Heavy Dutycutter suitable for cutting wirefrom 15-45mm. Patented design,earth continuity while disconnecting Wire Stripper & Crimping Toolfrom 0.2 to 0.6mm2. Self-adjusting100% manufactured in the UK. and reconnecting metal gas pipes. 0.2 - 6mm mechanism and adjustable stop.Code Unit Enables compliance with gas safe Includes wire-cutting blade. SIL652001 Each regulations.Code Unit Code UnitSIL296135 Each Dickie Dyer (943419) BailingSIL852454 EachBowl 180mmSilverline 793766 Expert WireSilverline (864777) Radiator Stripping Pliers 150mm Bleed Keys Clock Type 2pkHeavy-duty self-adjusting stripper for constant wire length. Cuts and strips solid or standard copperDurable, corrosion-resistant metal bowl and aluminium wire 0.2-6mm2 (10- with flat bottom and wooden handle. 24awg). Crimps insulated terminalsSuitable for bailing out waterlogged 1.5, 2.5 and 6mm (10-22awg), non- manholes, sumps and access areas.Solid brass clock-type with easy-grip insulated terminals 0.64-5.19mmHeavy duty chrome vanadiumCan also be used as a scoop for plaster,butterfly wing handle. Bleeds excess (4-22awg), and ignition terminalssteel. Hardened and tempered withsand, jointing compounds and scoopingair from radiators.Helps improve (7-8mm). Ideal for home wiring,adjustment screw. 2-tone soft-gripgrain. Steel hook for hanging on theefficiency ofcentral heating system.electronics and automotive work. handles with slip guards. side of a bucket. 180mm diameter. Fits most modern domestic radiators.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL259952 Each SIL793766 Each SIL943419 Each SIL864777 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 269'