b'HAND TOOLSCLAMPS & VICESCLAMPS & VICES HAND TOOLSBENCH VICE CORNER CLAMPS DRILL PRESS VICE F CLAMPSSilverline 633792 EconomyStanley 0-83-121 Light DutySilverline 380956 QuickSilverline Heavy Duty F-ClampEngineers Vice 100mm Bailey Corner Clamp Release Drill Vice 100mmCLAMPS & VICESCast-iron jaws and high impact soft-grip handles. Soft plastic jaw guardsI ndependently adjustable jaws canhelp prevent damage to surfaces.Large capacity jaws open to 120mm.hold material of equal or varyingCode Size Unit100mm (4) jaw width. Cast iron frame. thickness at right anglesStrong, cast aluminium, 100mm jawSIL675027 6 (150mm) EachCode UnitMounting holes allow clamp to be opening. SIL633820 12 (300mm) EachSIL633792 Each securely attached to work surfaceCast-aluminium construction forCode Unit SIL868771 18 (450mm) EachSilverline 938601 Engineerslong lasting durability SIL380956 Each SIL675243 24 (600mm) EachVice 100mm / 4 Code Unit SIL427676 36 (900mm) EachSTA083121 Each F CLAMPSSilverline Heavy Duty F-Clamp Stanley 0-83-122 Heavy DutySilverline (829976)DeepBailey Corner Clamp Replacement Clamp Pads Set 4pceLarge capacity jaws open to 97mm. 100mm (4) jaw width. Cast iron frame. Chrome-plated handle andHeavy duty DIN standard clamps lead screw. with cast jaws and high impact, soft-grip handles. Soft plastic jaw guards Code Unit Articulating design allows for workhelp prevent damage to surfaces.SIL938601 Each pieces of equal or varying thickness to be joined at right angles Durable construction. Snaps onCode Size Unit Patent-pending reversible headclamp quickly. Fits heavy dutySIL282369 200x100mm EachStanley Heavy Duty Bench Vice design allows for use as a parallelF-clamps.SIL427522 300x120mm Eachclamp. Code UnitComfort and maximum torqueSIL244946 500x120mm Eachachieved with bimaterial, tri-lobularSIL829976 Each SIL456898 800x120mm Eachhandle Silverline Euro F-Clamp SIL598414 1000x120mm EachMounting holes allow clamp to be securely attached to work surface FLOORING CRAMPSHeavy-duty, cast-zinc construction for durability Marples MFC153 FlooringCast iron construction for strength and durability Code Unit Cramp Base bolts directly to work benchSTA083122 Eachsurface for stability Base swivels and locks for versatility DRILL PRESS VICE Roll-formed screw threads ensuresmooth operation and durability Silverline 292674 Drill PressCast-iron jaws with soft plasticChrome-plated to resist corrosion covers to prevent surface damage.Vice 100mmCode Size Unit Code Size UnitSTA183066 4 Each SIL868809 150 x 80mm EachSTA183067 5 Each SIL675269 300 x 120mm Each Code UnitSTA183068 6 Each SIL282581 500 x 120mm Each NEWTMFC153 EachSIL427689 1000 x 120mm EachCORNER CLAMPS Silverline 633773 Laminate Cast iron with hardened jaws,Silverline 590588 F-ClampFloor Clamp 130mm100mm jaw opening.Task (987817) Corner ClampSet 150 x 50mm 2pc75mm Code UnitSIL292674 EachSilverline 380677 Drill Press Vice 65mmDurable aluminium and steelFor installation of planked wooden construction. Holds joints at 90and laminated flooring. Extra-large degree angle. Clamping surface130mm wide, heavy gauge angled 13mm. Ideal for building framesplates for firm grip. Precision ratchet for pictures, windows, doors andQuality F-clamps with cast-iron jaws,mechanism. 5m stretch-resistant mirrors. Jaw capacity 75mm. Cast aluminium, 65mm jaw opening,soft plastic cover prevents damagepolypropylene strap and 100kg notched for use with round objects. to surfaces. Soft-grip handles. clamping pressure.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL987817 Each SIL380677 Each SIL590588 Each SIL633773 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 227'