b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESTROWELS & ACCESSORIES WIRE & CABLEHAND TOOLSCUTTERSTILE SETTER TROWEL SETS TUCK POINTERSSilverline (323094) Wire Rope RST RTR107 Tile SettersSilverline 395016 Soft GripRST Tuck Pointer / Spring Cutter 152mm / 6Trowel 4.5 Trade Trowel Set 5pcTROWELS & ACCESSORIES & WIRE & CABLE CUTTERSWooden handle Carbon steel blade 7 High-quality, hardened and temperedSteel, spring-loaded cutters withMetal tangMetal tang polished finish and PVC handles. carbon steel blades and soft-grip Code Unit comfortable handles. Includes Carbon steel blade Cuts up to 5mm wire rope, 3mm 150mm pointing trowel, 180mmBlade 6 long fencing wire and 1.5mm spring RSTRTR107 Each gauging trowel, 280mm plastering(piano) wire. Safety lock. Jaw trowel, 280mm brick trowel andCode Size Unit capacity 12mm.TROWEL SETS brick jointer. Wood HandleCode UnitCode Unit RSTRTR104A 3/8 Each SIL323094 EachHilka 66403003 MarginSIL395016 Each RSTRTR104B 1/2 EachTrowel Set 3pcRSTRTR104C 5/8 Each Silverline Steel Wire CutterSilverline CB60 TradesmansSoft Grip HandleTrowel Set 5pc RSTRTR104AS 3/8 EachRSTRTR104BS 1/2 EachRSTRTR104CS 5/8 EachWIRE & CABLE CUTTERSCarbon steel blade fully hardenedHardened and tempered steel and tempered with soft grip handleblades for cutting cable up to 6mm. for user comfort. Lacquered finishHigh quality, tempered carbon steelEclipse Wire & Rope CutterCorrosion-resistant polished head. for protection. Sizes: 13, 38, 51mmblades and comfortable woodenPliers 8 Comfortable, non-slip, cushioned for all edging requirements. handles. Includes 150mm pointinghandles.trowel, 180mm gauging trowel, Code Unit 280mm plastering trowel, 280mmCode Size UnitHIL66403003 Each brick trowel and brick jointer.SIL282516 6 (150mm) EachCode Unit SIL427640 10 (250mm) EachHilka Plasterers Trowel SetSILCB60 Each3pc Soft Grip Stanley 0-89-873 Fatmax TUCK POINTERS Wire StripperMarshalltown Tuck Pointer Durasoft Handle Suitable for a multitude of agricultural, garden, automotive and marine cutting tasks. Angled and hardened blades ensure a clean cut, Comprehensive kit suitable for mostwhilst the spring loaded head gives a plastering tasks and alloy steelfast, smooth cutting action. Includes blades fully hardened and tempered.non-slip rubber handles.Polished with natural lacquer for protection with ergonomic bi- Code Unitmaterial soft grip handles. Contents:NEIEWC8 Each Bi-material handle with secure grip 12 x 12 plasterers hawk, 11 Pronounced taper for sturdiness & finishing trowel, 7 bucket trowel. flexibility in confined spaces Hilka 26800006 WiregroovingCode Unit Solid forged blade Stripper Plier 6Heat treated high chrome steel Durasoft handle forging for long life and durability HIL66420330 EachCode Size UnitHand ground, induction hardenedHilka Trowel Set 6pc Soft Grip MARM503D 6.3/4 x 1/4 Each blade for long life and high quality accuracyMARM505D 6.3/4 x 3/8 EachInterlocking joint assembly forMARM506D 6.3/4 x 1/2 Each smooth cuttingMARM507D 6.3/4 x 5/8 EachDIN / ASO / ANSI compliant MARM508D 6.3/4 x 3/4 Each Code Size UnitMARM510D 6.3/4 x 1 Each STA089873 160mm EachComprehensive kit suitable for most building tasks. Alloy steel blades fully hardened and tempered.High quality pliers finished in Polished with natural lacquermicro (nickel chrome) platingPOWER TOOLSfor protection and ergonomic bi- for corrosion protection. The 2See pages 503-531material soft grip handles. Contents:Component comfort grips are 11 brick trowel, 11 plastering trowel,excellent for continuous working. 7 gauging trowel, 6 pointingInduction hardened cutting edges trowel, double ended brick jointergive continuous performance. Open trowel, pair of line pins with string. blister card packaging.A MASSIVE RANGE Code Unit Code Size UnitHIL66416006 Each TO CHOOSE FROM HIL26800006 6 (150mm) EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 353'