b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSBUILDERS METALWORKBUILDERS METALWORK FIXINGS & FASTENERSACCESSORIES ANGLE BRACKETS JOIST HANGERSStandard Angle Bead Box 50 Stop Bead Box 50 Adjustable Angle BracketLight Duty Joist Hanger 30mm Pack 10 Standard Leg Timber To Timber Box 100Aligns, reinforces and protects BUILDERS METALWORKEconomy corner reinforcement formeshing lines, openings andSuitable for joist depths of 150 to two coat plastering. Expanded meshexpansion joints. Expanded section250mm. Produced from galvanising wings to ensure a positive bond andensures positive location with orAdjustable Angle Bracketssteel BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D maximum resistance to crackingwithout nailing. Galvanised 90 degree connector.+ G275 as standard. Galvanised with perfect alignment. Code Size Unit Available in a range of sizes withhangers must be fixed using 30 x Code Size Unit two slots and multi-hole pattern3.75mm sheradised square twisted 10mm Depth designed for easy adjustment. nails in all pre-punched holes.BPCSAB/2.4 2.4m Box 50 BPCSTB/10/2.4 2.4m Box 50BPCSAB/3.0 3.0m Box 50 Code Size Unit Code Size UnitBPCSTB/10/3.0 3.0m Box 50 BPCAAB/100/10PK 100 x 55mm Pack of 1013mm Depth BPCA270/44 44 x 273mm Box 100Square Plate Washers 50 xBPCAAB/120/10PK 120 x 55mm Pack of 10 BPCA270/47 47 x 272mm Box 10050mm BPCSTB/13/2.4 2.4m Box 50 BPCAAB/50/10PK 50 x 55mm Pack of 10BPCSTB/13/3.0 3.0m Box 50 BPCA270/50 50 x 270mm Box 100BPCAAB/70/10PK 70 x 55mm Pack of 10BPCA270/75 75 x 258mm Box 100Thincoat Stop Bead Box 50 Angle Bracket 60mm Wide BPCA270/91 91 x 245mm Box 100BPCA270/100 100 x 245mm Box 100Medium Duty Joist Hanger Square plate washers with a largeStandard Leg Timber To surface area suitable for heavy dutyTimber Box 50fastening. Aligns, reinforces and protects Code Size Unit meshing lines, openings and BPCSPW/50/M10 M10 Pack/50 expansion joints. Expanded section ensures positive location with or BPCSPW/50/M12 M12 Box 100 without nailing.BPCSPW/50/M16 M16 Box 100 Code Size UnitBPCSPW/50/M20 M20 Box 100 3mm DepthWall Housing Tie Type 4 BoxBPCSTB/3/2.4 2.4m Box 50of 250 BPCSTB/3/3.0 3.0m Box 50 Manufactured from 1.2mm thick A versatile reinforced bracket for usegalvanised steel. Suitable for joist Thincoat Angle Bead Box of 50 in 90 degree connections allowingdepths of up to 250mm. Design for use of nails, screws and/or boltsfeatures a location tab on the hanger and coach screws. Manufacturedbase, designed to allow quick and from 2.5mm thick galvanised steel toaccurate alignment of the hanger.BS EN 10346:2009 + G275HT4 light duty housing wall ties areCode Size Unitsuitable for dwellings up to 10m high.Code Size Unit BPCB340/150 150 x 340mm Box 50Tested as Type A (sound) and Type 4BPCAB/60X40 60 x 40mm Box 100(strength) to BS EN 845-1. BPCAB/90X90 90 x 90mm Box 100 Medium Duty Joist Hanger Code Size Unit A rigid bead suitable for skim coatBPCAB/150X90 150 x 90mm Box 100 Long Leg Timber To Timber BPCSS/HT4/200 200mm Box 250 plastering on either plasterboard orBPCAB/150X150 150 x 150mm Box 50 Box 50BPCSS/HT4/225 225mm Box 250 smooth block. Perforated wings with nail location holes.BPCSS/HT4/250 250mm Box 250 Angle PlateBPCSS/HT4/275 275mm Box 250 Code Size UnitBPCTAB/2.4 2.4m Box 50SS/UWS/Trade Wall StarterBPCTAB/3.0 3.0m Box 50Kit Stainless Steel Box of 20TC/50 Truss Clips 50mm Galv Box 100Produced from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D + G275 as standard. Galvanised hangers must be fixed using 30 x 3.75mm sheradised square twisted nails in all The BPC wall starter kit is a fullypre-punched holes.adjustable sliding wall tie system,2.5mm thick galvanised angle plates.Code Size Unitdesigned to suit masonry wallsManufactured from 0.9mm thickSuitable for nail or screw fixing, usedBPCB460/44 44 x 460mm Box 5060-250mm wide, providing restraintgalvanised steel. Fix using 30 xto strengthen timber joints.in extension and conversion3.75mm sheradised square twistBPCB460/50 50 x 460mm Box 50applications. nails in all pre-punched holes. Code Size Unit BPCB460/75 75 x 460mm Box 50Code Unit Code Unit BPCAP/442/25PK 40 x 40 x 20mm Pack 25 BPCB460/100 100 x 460mm Box 50BPCSS/UWS/TRADE Box 20 BPCTC/50 Box 100 BPCAP664 60 x 60 x 40mm Box 100 BPCB460/150 150 x 460mm Box 50Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 129'